a big week

  • Despite not being interested at all in months of TV coverage speculating what Catherine Middleton would wear and what the cake would look like and what music would be played, I was very excited to actually watch today’s royal wedding. I love a wedding and love the romance, tradition, and personal touches. And there was just something very special about watching a humble girl be so genuinely and outwardly grateful for the day and for those who came to watch.

    It was also nice to not hear anymore speculation and to just watch the wedding without people playing a guessing game for the sake of TV ratings. I really, really enjoyed it.

    I didn’t wake up early to watch it, but got up at my normal time and began watching. I have to say that, just as I said I would be, I was fascinated by the pomp and circumstance and all of the tradition. I love that the couple respected the traditions while still throwing in a lot of themselves to the ceremony.

    Kate’s dress was absolutely stunning. I love the lace and the sleeves. I love all of the pleats in the skirt. I was a bride with a heavily pleated dress, too, after all! I loved that she wore her hair down and that her makeup was very natural-looking. I know that she (and the rest of us) will look back at this dress in 20 years and still think that it was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a princess. Timeless and stunning.

    And Kate’s sister, Pippa, looked absolutely beautiful, too. And I am obsessed with her name. Pippa Carroll may be my new imaginary baby name. So cute! Those Middleton girls have fantastic figures and can wear anything.

    And Prince Harry is pretty much just dashing and splendid and any of those other fun English adjectives. He’s just adorable and clearly has a fantastic personality.

    • On a much more somber and humbling note, I have been deeply affected and saddened by the tragedies in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and throughout the South and East. The tornado damage is absolutely startling and terrifying. I hope that everyone can find a way to give in some way to help the victims. Some people lost their loved ones and some lost all of their possessions. Go to the Red Cross and donate your time, money, or blood.

    I have heard that baby items such as diapers, formula, and blankets are in high demand, so we’re gathering up some of those items this weekend to send to Tuscaloosa.

    Kelly posted today about a few different ways you can help and give. We need to remember that despite such an eventful day in the life of another country, our country is still struggling to pick up the pieces for our friends and loved ones in these states.

    These people and these communities need our prayers and whatever we can do to help.

    good thing no one had a camera!

    I have been sitting at my computer, responding to emails, reading the news, reading blogs, and chatting with friends while eating a chocolate Easter Bunny.

    But that’s not the worst part.

    I put Bio Oil on my belly about thirty minutes ago and had to leave my shirt up so the oil can dry. So I’m sitting at my computer with my oversized belly exposed and greased up and eating almost an entire chocolate Easter bunny.

    Just one for the pregnancy memory log.

    are you ready?

    I’ve been asked that question a lot in the past couple of weeks. I’m not really sure what the answer is.

    I think I’m ready. For the most part, the nursery is ready. We still have to put the swing in the living room and adjust the pack ‘n play to the bassinet setting and set up the video monitor. But those things won’t take much time at all.

    I think the question, “are you ready?” is referring more to my mental and emotional state. I know I’m ready to have Hayes in my arms instead of in my belly. And I’m ready to see his sweet face.

    Am I ready for the sleepless nights? Not really, but they’re coming.

    The truth is, I feel like I can only be so prepared. I know from experience with Hudson that the first couple of nights are the scariest and loneliest. I have my chart and my clock and my swaddle blankets all ready to go. I have my bottles ready to go just in case I need them.

    But I don’t know what kind of baby he’ll be. He may have his days and nights confused. I may not sleep again for months. Hudson may decide he’s totally mad at me for disrupting his life and completely ignore me for a month. Or he may take to streaking and making huge messes all over the house.

    I really just have no idea. Just like it was before I had my first child, I just have no idea what to really expect. And not even Rosie Pope can prepare me for what to expect. Every toddler is different and every baby is different. I’ve refreshed myself on Baby Wise, The Baby Whisperer, and the Happiest Baby on the Block soothing methods. But those books can only tell me so much about my child.

    I am, however, prepared. I have help in the form of my giving and wonderful mother who is dropping everything to live with us for a few weeks while we get settled and adjusted. Hopefully we’ve gotten Hudson well-adjusted to his new room so that he’s not going to freak out when a new baby is sleeping in his old room. I just don’t know.

    So when I’m asked the “are you ready?” question, I just smile and say that I think so. Because I honestly have no idea. I’ve heard all about how going from one child to two children is really hard, but going from two to three is a piece of cake. So maybe I’m expecting things to be really challenging and preparing myself in that way.

    I’m prepared for challenges, tears (happy and sad), laughs, and lots of cooing and cuddling while balancing and managing the expectations of my super sweet toddler who has come to be the best part of my day. And now I’ll have two little guys to look at and wonder how on earth they could both be mine? Oh yeah, there will be lots of crying. Because, really, that overwhelming love is all I need to be ready. The second he is placed in my arms, I won’t have any doubt in my mind about whether or not I’m ready.

    stumped, but not censored

    Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a blogging rut. I have posted quite a few times this month and I will continue to post because I feel like in order to get out of my ruts, I just have to write through them.

    But why the rut? I don’t really know. Some days I feel like I write too much about pregnancy. Some days I feel like I write too much about motherhood. Some days I feel like I write too honestly and candidly about each of those things and sound ungrateful. Other days I worry that I sound like I think my life is perfect, when I know it isn’t. (And all of you should know it isn’t.)

    I try with every post to be honest and to write what I want to write. It is my blog, after all. This is for me to look back on and to keep a record of what is on my heart and in my mind on that particular day. But with every little piece of criticism and every passive aggressive comment, I stop and question myself.

    I don’t like for this blog to play a role in my real life in any way other than bringing me closer to the friends that I’ve found as a result. I don’t want to sit around and dwell on what someone said that hurt me.

    Why shouldn’t I talk about pregnancy? I’m pregnant. Why shouldn’t I talk about motherhood? I’m a mother. That is my life right now. It may be “boring” and my day may be filled with running errands, changing diapers, and maintaining a home. And I’m sure to some that sounds super boring. But it is my life and that’s what my blog will be about.

    So on a day like today when I couldn’t think of what could be a decent blog post, I just need to try to remind myself that it doesn’t matter. Some days are boring and some days are far from boring. And most days are completely centered around Hudson. But that’s just my reality.

    I still have lots of other interests, hobbies, and things that get me really excited and inspire me. I still love cooking, organizing, home decor magazines, movies, and television. But most days are just going to be about my kids. Because that’s the stage of life that I’m in.

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