newborn favorites

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newborn favorites


So with our third baby, I feel like I know a thing or two about what I really need to get through the day. And, shocker! It’s not that much.

My little munchkin loves to be held and loves to be swaddled. We have a good bit of baby gear that we’re not even really using right now because he just doesn’t love it or he’s not old enough for it. Things change month-to-month (or day-to-day really) with a baby, so the things we’re loving will change, too. I thought I’d do a post every couple of months with the favorites and then see how things have changed.

We have a Mamaroo for the first time that my mom gave us. I love that it doesn’t take up much space and kind of blends in with the wall, but unless James Walker is practically asleep, he doesn’t love it. I’m thinking this will change over time. Or at least I hope it does!

We also have a fun play gym/activity mat that sits in our family room floor, but he tends to cry within five minutes of being on that thing. I’m also hopeful that this changes over the next month. He does love tummy time and that’s a good place to do tummy time.

But as for the favorites? Here they are!

Kissy Kissy Convertible Gown

I love gowns in general for newborns. I especially love them at night. And I tend to keep my babies in gowns at night for six months just to help with the ease of diaper changing. These convertible gowns by Kissy Kissy don’t have to go over their heads. It’s easy to get their arms through the arm hole, and they can snap up like a gown or switch to a playsuit with legs. It’s basically like two outfits in one.


Three cheers for baby wearing! I probably use the Ergo four or five times a week. I have worn him in the movies. I wear him while I cook supper. I wear him to take walks with the big boys and I wear him to the big boys’ soccer and baseball games. And I know this awesome product isn’t just for teeny babies and I’ll get much more use out of it over the next year.

Puj Bathtub

This is one of our new purchases for James Walker and it was a good one. This super simple design for a baby bathtub is easy to store. It’s small. It fits right in the bathroom sink so you don’t have to bend over or handle a slippery newborn. I just love it. It may be my favorite thing of all the favorite things. And James Walker loves his bath. He sits totally content in this thing for 20 minutes while warm water runs over his belly.

Snugabunny Bouncer

This is an oldie but goodie. It was a favorite with the other babies, too. And James Walker loves it just as much. It has the perfect shape for hugging and cradling a tiny baby. It vibrates. It bounces. It’s soft. It comes in most handy when I take it into the bathroom while I shower and dry my hair. James Walker starts off awake and soon dozes off while I get ready. Love this thing!

Wubbanub Pacifier

Oh, the hugeness of the Wubbanub. I used to think these things were so silly looking before I had babies, but I love that it helps a newborn keep the pacifier in his mouth. Big fan of the Wubbanub. And it’s nearly impossible to lose it like we do with other pacifiers.

Swaddle Designs Blanket

This has been my favorite thing since Hudson was born. There is no better blanket for doing a good, tight swaddle. (Follow Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block swaddle method for a good swaddle technique.) My babies love being swaddled and I love that this blanket keeps them warm, keeps the swaddle in place, and it’s a nice tight swaddle. James Walker will soon be too big for these blankets and we’ll either drop the swaddle or move to the Woombie or Swaddle Me, but this is what I love for newborns!

So, those are my favorites. And this is just about all we ever use on a day-to-day basis. Would you add anything to the list?

Classroom Valentines from Minted

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I started thinking early about what kinds of Valentines the boys would bring to school for their classmates. In the past we’ve done big printable Valentines, we’ve gone to Target to pick out Valentines, and we’ve done treat bags. My kids are still at the age where they get into it no matter what kinds of Valentines they give to friends.

This year, I wanted to keep it simple for me since I’m pregnant, so I sat down with the boys and we picked out some classroom Valentines from Minted. I love that the designs are adorable, we can personalize them, and they’re shipped directly to our door.

Classroom Valentines

The designs are really really cute and classic and I love that we could personalize them. Hayes picked out a rocket ship design and Hudson picked out an alien design. When they arrived at our house, the boys were so excited to see their names already on them, but they still have space to write their friends’ names on them.


The Valentines are printed on amazing quality Minted paper, and are the typical small size that you see for classroom Valentines. (They are too small to be mailed.)


I just love Hayes’s little face on the rocket ship! And some of the more girly designs are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’m tempted to get some and pass them out to all my friends, too!

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What's in my beach bag?

We are on the Gulf coast this week with my family and extended family. We’re celebrating Hudson’s birthday this week and just having a great time with cousins on the beach and in the pool.

I thought this would be the best time to share what’s in my beach bag this year. And I’d love to know what’s in yours!

Erin_beach bag (1)

Hayden Reis Diddy Bag- I have a new beach bag this year and it’s this Hayden Reis Diddy bag. I love that it’s made out of sailcloth and can be totally hosed off and wiped out. And it holds four beach towels plus everything you see here. I love that it’s cute and big enough to carry my stuff and the boys’ stuff!

Sunscreen– My two favorites are both by Neutrogena. I love their sunscreens. My cousin is a dermatologist and she’s been with us on our trip this week, and she recommended these two sunscreens to us. The Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby
is what I use on our faces, necks, and shoulders, and the Neutrogena Beach Defense is what I use on arms, legs, and backs.

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control – This is my favorite detangler and it helps me to comb through my curly, tangly hair after I get in the pool or the ocean. And I love that it helps protect my hair from sun damage.

Mophie case for iPhone– I never leave home without my Mophie and I absolutely have to have back-up battery power at the beach. My battery just drains when we’re at the beach.

Aladdin Mason Tumbler– I love these so much and have one with me almost every day. And they’re perfect for the beach or pool.

Beach cover up– I am obsessed with finding the perfect cover up because I practically live in cover ups during the summer. This summer I love my Kelly’s Kids cover up. It’s long enough to wear to the store if you have to make a run before going to the pool, and it’s loose fitting and super flattering.

Beach Read– I finished Emily Giffin’s The One & Only this week and now I’m on to Panic by Lauren Oliver. But every beach bag must have a great book.

Hayden Reis accessory bags– I absolutely adore all of these smaller bags. I use one as a wet bag for wet swimsuits, swimshirts, etc., I use another bag as a dry bag for spare clothes, clean diapers, and sunglass case. I have the wristlet that I use for my cell phone, keys, and credit card. And then I have a sunscreen bag to keep leaky sunscreen separate. I also love the mesh bag for collecting shells. The boys have loved this on the trip.

Not pictured:

Four big towels

Goldfish, fruit snacks, and drinks for the boys

The boys’ water toys

Spare clothes, diapers, and everything we need to survive a day away from home

What’s in your beach bag?

summer clothes for boys!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in emails and blog comments is, “Where do you shop for your boys?”

I have to admit that when I first found out that I was expecting a boy when I was pregnant with Hudson, I didn’t really know where to start. I’ve written before about shopping for a baby boy, which is really oh so much fun! You can read that post here. Most of my choices for baby boys have stayed the same over the last four years. (Four years! How did that happen?)

So I just thought I’d share some of my favorite brands and places to shop for my little guys. Now that Hayes is a full blown toddler (wearing a size 2T and 3T) and Hudson is a preschooler, my shopping choices have changed a little bit.

The most wonderful thing about when boys start to wear separates in the summer (as opposed to John Johns and bubbles), is that they can wear them for at least two seasons. Hudson is even wearing some clothes this summer that I bought for him when he turned 2! (When they lose that baby belly, the shirts can be worn longer and the shorts start below the knee and end up slightly above the knee, which I think is so cute!)

boys swimwear


For swimwear, I have found some really cute things. Hayes wears Hudson’s hand-me-downs, of course. But Hudson has some suits this year from Vineyard Vines, Ragsland, and Shrimp & Grits Kids. I also found a pair of matching swim trunks from Zulily that I purchased with credits. Another great brand is Funtasia Too! They usually have really cute appliqué tees that go with the swim trunks.

I prefer shorter trunks for little boys, as opposed to board shorts or trunks that come past the knee. Just my personal preference.

kelly's kids boys


Another one of my absolute favorite resources for shopping for my boys is Kelly’s Kids. I wore Kelly’s Kids when I was little and my boys wear it, too. I think the quality is absolutely fantastic. It’s a little bit pricey, but like I said before, when they’re wearing separates, they can wear them for at least two summers. And then Hayes gets Hudson’s hand-me-downs.

I love these matching brother outfits! Hayes still wears John Johns and shortalls for Sundays, but I mostly keep him in separates during the week.

kelly's kids boys 2


Another couple of adorable Kelly’s Kids outfits for this summer. Those white shorts are one of my favorite things. You can cinch up the waist and let it out so they can wear it for a couple of years. And I love that I can mix and match the shorts with different color polos.

mini boden choices for boys


We just love Mini Boden. I love the big appliqué tees, the soft pullovers, the comfortable polos, and even the cute little soft shorts. (I like shorter shorts on little boys just because their legs are so short and Mini Boden does have a few options for shorter shorts for boys.)

ragsland boys

I always joke that my boys wear a little uniform of white appliqué tees and gingham seersucker shorts. I also love little smocked tee shirts. It’s says “little boy” without being too stuffy and it’s easy for them to play. Ragsland has a fantastic selection of separates and absolutely adorable clothes.

honey bee tees boy clothes

Perhaps my absolute favorite place to shop for summer play clothes for my boys is Honey Bee Tees. Darby’s blog, Fly Through Our Window, is one of my all time favorites, and her shop is also a favorite. The t-shirts are so soft and I just love the sweet, simple designs. And that red crab hat has hardly left Hudson’s head so far this summer!

vineyard vines boys


One of my favorites for Hudson has been Vineyard Vines. It is definitely pricey, but we got him a couple of button down shirts, a couple pair of chinos, and he just alternates those for Sunday mornings. I also love pairing the button down shirt with those awesome white shorts from Kelly’s Kids. And that Vineyard Vines Shep pullover is the absolute cutest thing! Hudson loves his VV t-shirts to wear to the pool and just around the yard on Saturdays.


Other Great Resources

I also love to shop through my friend, Ashley’s shop, She She Made. She makes the most adorable custom outfits for boys and girls, but I have especially loved the separates she has done for Hayes over the last year. So cute! (She also has a Facebook page where she hosts sales and you can follow her on Instagram @sheshemade.)

Another couple of great resources for basic polos, solid tees, and solid shorts (that aren’t too long) are GAP and Old Navy. I’m really particular about pants, but every boy needs a pair of comfortable khaki shorts and just some basic tee shirts.

I go to a lot of trunk shows in the spring and fall and that’s where we get most of our boys’ clothes. My favorites are Hannah Kate, Kelly’s Kids, Shrimp & Grits Kids, Blessed Be The Name, and Orient Expressed.

So I think I’ve successfully shared my favorites for shopping for boys. I’m super thankful that we have two boys and all the boys clothes make their way through two little guys!

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