he's my sunshine

You Are My Sunshine is one of the sweetest songs in the world to me. The lyrics are so sweet and simple. It’s my favorite song to sing to Hudson when he’s not so happy and we’re rocking to sleep. If I think really hard about what I’m singing to him, I find myself in tears.

This month’s Southern Living features a home by the owners of Sugarboo Designs, Inc. Their house is beautiful and their little company is so charming. They’re based in Roswell, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. I visited their website after reading about them and found this. I’m pretty sure it has to be mine.


mom-style monday

So I decided to start doing Mom-Style Monday because 1.) I love clothes. A lot.  And 2.) I wanted you to see the different outfits that work for me in my new stay-at-home-mom job. Some days I stay in yoga pants. But if I am wearing yoga pants, I’m wearing a J.Crew. ruffle tee on top and a pair of Bernardos.

In this job, comfort is of utmost importance. When the baby is really little you’re not leaving the house much– at least I’m not. But it’s likely that you’re going to have a few visitors, so it’s important to get dressed and look as good as you possibly can. The challenge is finding the time between feeding, burping, changing, crying, and napping to squeak in enough time to make yourself look presentable.

My closet used to be organized by color and I loved that. Now my closet is organized by activity. I have my Monday-Friday outfits that range from casual at home, casual shopping, professional (now just for Todd’s work events), church, and date nights. It’s easiest for me to pull from the area with the category that fits my mood rather than sort through all of my black shirts looking for the one that’s going to work for me on that day.

Each week, I’m going to show you my favorite outfit in my online shopping cart. This week I’m focusing on pretty layers and manageable style.

Layers are crucial because, at any given moment, that precious baby boy could spit up all over my shoulder and I need to be able to take off a cardigan and be good to go without having to go home and find something else to wear. So here’s what I’m loving this week– all from J.Crew, of course.


the Jackie Cardigan

I like the Jackie Cardigan because it’s cotton and can be worn with everything. I have it in four different colors and J.Crew has the Jackie in their collection every year. It never goes out of style. For this outfit, I like it in white or navy.


the Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt

This shirt comes in four different solid colors and I already own the white one, but I love the stripe for my mom-style. It’s a little bit more casual, but has just enough flare to make a really beautiful outfit that appears to be low fuss. If I get hot, I can take off the Jackie Cardigan and if Hudson spits up on the Jackie Cardigan, I’m already wearing something beautiful underneath it with this tuxedo shirt.


Stretch Bootcut Cord

Stretch is key here. I’ve got to be able to get down on the floor and lie down, then get back up while holding a 15 pound baby. There’s lots of movement all day at the house, so I need something durable that can move with me. The Matchstick Cord is my favorite, but they’re not all that flattering on me, so I get the bootcut version. I like this color because it’s not going to show any dog hair and can be worn with lots of tops.


Colleen Rose Flats

Gorgeous. With two dogs and a baby, however, I wear my brown Danskos in the fall more than anything else. I’ve got to be able to get out with the dogs and not worry about messing up any shoes. If we are leaving the house to go shopping or to lunch, though, I would wear these Colleen Rose Flats with the above outfit.


Gilded Tulip Earrings

My hair ends up in a ponytail on most days. It’s so long and when I’m holding Hudson he always seems to wrap his little fingers around my hair and hold on tight. Ouch! So I just pull it into a loose ponytail. I cannot wear a ponytail without wearing earrings, but I can’t wear dangly earrings for obvious reasons. The shorter the better so they don’t get ripped out of my ears! I think these are adorable.

Next week I’ll show you what I look like on a day where I can’t find any time to get myself put together and show you some good options for loungewear that you wouldn’t mind your neighbor seeing you in!

my sisters are coming!

I don’t have real sisters, but Hudson definitely has two aunts that are crazy about him even though they haven’t met him yet. His Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Catherine are coming in from Dallas this weekend to meet him!


L to R: Malain, Jennifer, Catherine, and me

Catherine and Jennifer (and our other friend, Malain– with the dark hair, who is all the way over in San Diego) don’t have any sisters and we all have brothers. We were in the same pledge class in Alpha Chi Omega our freshman year.Jennifer and I lived together in college and Catherine moved out to South Carolina a year after I moved here and we lived together out here. These two girls are my heart and soul and I’m so excited to have them here. I’m not even doing anything to prepare the house because I know they don’t care.

I originally told them to just pack sweats and PJs because we’ll just hang around the house, but we’ve decided to let Todd play “babysitter” one night so we can go to dinner. I have that same feeling that I have when I know my mom is coming to visit– complete comfort. These are my soul sisters and I know they’re excited to see Hudson, but they’re also excited to just sit and catch up while watching endless episodes of Sex and the City.


An exciting and relaxing weekend is surely ahead and I’m looking forward to just spending time with my best friends. Funny enough, Todd is heading to Dallas for work on Sunday night, so I’m really excited that they’ll be here with me while he travels to their city.

Todd and I are going on a real date tonight! Old-fashioned dinner and a movie. We’re having dinner at Garibaldi’s (which is actually Garibaldi Cafe and I’ve broken my own rule of making something possessive and changing the name of a restaurant!) then going to see Inglourious Basterds– even though I want to see Taking Woodstock. Lots of thanks to his parents for keeping Hudson tonight!

Weight Watchers Wednesday is coming back tomorrow in addition to a new feature called Mom-Style Monday where I show you the most comfortable options for me to wear around the house and still look presentable while running errands with a baby in tow. Have a great weekend!


I just saw this adorable wedding photo on Lauren Clark’s blog and I’m obsessed. Enjoy!


Is wedding season over? Or are any of you still attending weddings every Saturday?

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