I just saw this adorable wedding photo on Lauren Clark’s blog and I’m obsessed. Enjoy!


Is wedding season over? Or are any of you still attending weddings every Saturday?

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  1. says

    That picture is adorable! I look like that horse because I am smiling so wide. Wedding season is thankfully over, until October. However, with 3 friends expecting around December, it’s baby shower season now.

    Any favorite ideas from any of yours?

  2. says

    My wedding is next weekend, then we have a wedding to go to each of the following weekends in September. Then a wedding in the middle of October. After that no weddings until January!

    I love that picture!

  3. says

    adorable! and no, our endless wedding season is not over yet….one more on the books in october then I hope to rest for a full year after all of this madness:)

  4. says

    Adorable picture! My wedding is the first weekend in October and then I have one in November and 3 in December! So at least for me, wedding season has just begun!

  5. says

    That picture is great! Since last weekend, I have three showers, one bachelorette party, two weddings, and my own first anniversary trip-which is wedding related in my book, in the next 5 weeks-the season is going strong in SoCal still!

  6. says

    This has been my busiest year yet for weddings. I have one this weekend and another in two weeks. We also just had some friends get engaged and we think their wedding is in November! Geesh That is the coolest picture too, I really like the bouquet. Hope you have a great weekend.

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    It’s been a crazy summer full of weddings for us. We had one two weeks ago that my husband was in, and we’re driving 4 hours down and back for a wedding tomorrow. I’m doing the reading for one of my friends. (She sang in our wedding.)

    THen we are (hopefully) free until we’re the Matron of Honor and Best Man in our best friends’ weddings in May 2010. (I’m still SO happy that our best friends are marrying each other!)

  8. says

    Unfortunately our wedding season is done 🙁 It makes me sad. But…we do have one in October that I am making a cake for! But that makes me more nervous than excited 🙂

  9. USCEmily says

    Wedding season is FINALLY over for me- hallelujah!
    Enjoy your time with Jennifer and Catherine, and tell Catherine I said hello!!

  10. says

    we have two more! my SIL’s next weekend in California and a fellow blogger’s the 12th, here in DC. i feel like we have been out of town every weekend this summer, so I am ind of excited for it to slow down soon 🙂

  11. says

    Just went to one last weekend, but blissfully, my life stage of attending weddings every weekend seems to be over. Actually, I love going to them – it’s just the recovery & travel time afterward that’s a bear.

    I just adore that photo – wonderful find!

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