James Walker’s birth announcement & Minted Giveaway


James Walker is our third baby and, admittedly, it’s been a little bit harder to be on the ball with the third baby. Remembering to pull out the big camera to take pictures of him doesn’t happen often. And other than this birth, we still haven’t pulled out the video camera for him. I ordered his baby book about a day before he was born and there’s a good chance I won’t write in it until his 10th birthday.

About a week after we got his newborn photos back, I realized that I needed to be thinking about birth announcements for him! He was already a month old, but better late than never. And, fast forward another month, and I’ve just mailed them.

Thankfully, the process of ordering the announcements was incredibly easy and addressing them was even easier. I went to Minted and picked out a beautiful design, chose my favorite photo of James Walker and my favorite family photo (on the back) and I was finished. At Christmas, I uploaded all of our address list to Minted, so I could just click a button and all of the envelopes were already addressed and had our return address on them.


I love hand-addressing an envelope, but my to-do list grows by the minute and it just wasn’t something I wanted to make the time to do. I’m still trying to finish up thank you notes. I know my limits.

The announcements arrived and I just love them. They’re on the best quality paper, it’s a beautiful design, and I even ordered a framed copy of the announcement to hang on a shelf in his room. Finishing up birth announcements has been on my list of things to do for weeks now, so I’m glad to have them in the mail and off to our dear friends and family. (I promise, friends and family, they are in the mail and you should have them in the next day or so!)


Today I’m giving away $200 to Minted! Entering is easy peasy. Just go here to enter. There are no hoops to jump through and you don’t have to join any social media channels to enter.

Enter to win $200 to Minted!

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my top 9 movie and TV moms

*This post was originally published in 2012, but in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I decided to repost it. Because who doesn’t love a little pop culture? 

I’ve been needing some pop culture in my life. And I happen to love watching some of my favorite TV shows on Nick at Nite. (When did all of the TV shows from my young adulthood end up on Nick at Nite?) And my favorite movies are constantly on TBS or TNT. So I have access to my favorite movies, TV shows, and characters a lot!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I came up with a little list of my favorite movie and TV moms.

1. Tami Taylor

As the wife of the wonderful Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights, Tami keeps Coach Taylor, their daughter Julie, and all the football players in line. She has sass, style, and so much grace. Yet she is always honest and loving. Her love for her husband comes second only to her faith. I want to be Tami Taylor when I grow up.

2. Leigh Anne Tuohy

Speaking of style… This woman is spunky and not a lot different from Tami Taylor. In The Blind Side, she fights for her family and opens her heart and her mind to welcome a boy into their family. She is kind, generous, and loving. And she loves SEC football.

3. Claire Huxtable

Claire Huxtable shows more grace than any TV mom I can think of. She’s smart. She’s a hard-working mother. She’s beautiful. She is absolutely in love with her husband and has a no-nonsense approach to parenting. I love her! I live for reruns of The Cosby Show.

4. Debra Barone

Poor Debra has a lot to put up with. On Everybody Loves Raymond, she has pushy in-laws that live across the street. Her mother-in-law is critical of everything she does. Her hilarious husband plays a lot of golf and can be very forgetful. But he sure does love Debra and she has a great sense of humor. And she is a great mom to her kids- setting a great example. So what if the house isn’t perfectly clean and she doesn’t prepare gourmet meals?

5. Carol Connelly (or Carol the Waitress)

In As Good As It Gets, Carol is a single mother who works as a waitress. She had to put up with such a rotten customer every single day. She’d go home to her sick little boy every day and spend night after night in the emergency room. She would do anything for her son. Carol found love and her son was connected with a wonderful new doctor.

6. Kate McAllister

Sure, she left her son behind on two family trips in Home Alone and Home Alone 2. That’s not so good. But she was willing to do whatever it took to find her son and get to him. And lucky for her, he was very forgiving.

7. M’Lynn Eatenton

One of the beautiful Steel Magnolias, M’Lynn’s world revolves around her daughter Shelby. She loves her and wants to protect her from anything that would harm her. M’Lynn even gives Shelby a kidney. She is strong, she is Southern, and she would die for her children if she had to.

8. Isabel Kelly and 9. Jackie Harrison

As the mom and stepmom-to-be in Stepmom, Isabel and Jackie show that they both adore Jackie’s children, but they love them in different ways. The strength of both of these women causes me to sob during this movie every single time I watch it.

What TV or movie moms would make your list? Would any of you put Regina George’s mom on your list?

“I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom.”

James Walker is 2 months old

2 months old

Dear James Walker,

You are two months old! Fastest two months of my life.

This month was a little more challenging in terms of getting you figured out. You’re a lot more alert and want to be sitting up and looking around as much as possible, which means someone needs to be holding you. But we’re breaking that habit and getting you a little more content with being awake in your bouncy seat or Mamaroo. And we still allow ourselves some sweet cuddles and holding you for naps. It’s a hard balance because I want to snuggle you as much as possible, but need you to be okay with being put down so that we can get things done around the house.


You love looking around and taking everything in, though. When Hudson walks up to you, your little face lights up. You smile and coo at him and I just know that the two of you will be great buddies with him looking after you. Your smile is just so infectious.

Last night, we were all eating supper and you were in your bouncy seat. I heard you cooing and talking to us and you so badly wanted our attention. It was the cutest thing and you did immediately get all of our attention.

You had a great two month well visit and took your shots like a champ. I managed not to cry and you only cried for a little bit. But you charmed the nurses!


You are on a 7:00-7:00 schedule now. I feed you at 7:00 p.m. after your bath, put you down for the night swaddled in your crib, and then go back in to feed you when you wake up. We’ve had a couple nights where you’ve woken up at 5:00 a.m. (hallelujah!), a few nights of 3:00 a.m., and it seems you’re regressing and now waking up at 1:00 a.m. We’re aiming to get back to that 5:00 a.m. and just staying the course. But you eat quickly in the middle of the night and go right back down to sleep. I’m super tired these days, but also so happy to see you in the middle of the night. You love talking to me in the middle of the night!

We love you, sweet boy, and we’re excited to see what the next month brings!




Weight: 14 lbs (85%)

Height: 24.5 inches (97%)

Diaper Size: 2

Clothing Size: 3-6 month

Likes: Baby Einstein Take a Long Tunes, Snugabunny Bouncy Seat, sitting up and looking around, Hudson, your crib mobile, hymns as lullabies, bright colors, sitting up

Hayes is 4 years old!

IMG_0627my favorite picture of our Hayes from the past year

Dear Hayes,

How is it possible that you are four? Up until two months ago, you were still our little baby. I still saw my tiny little toddler every time I watched you sleep and you would still let me cuddle with you. You have grown up a lot lately.

You’re becoming such a sweet big brother. You know that James Walker is so tiny and you’re so careful with him. But there are also times that you’re a little over-eager and not super careful, so we have to remind you to calm down a little and remember that James Walker is so tiny.

You love life and you are just wide open! You play with full force. You run and jump and laugh and whatever you do, you are all in. I love that about you! We all joke that when you’re grown and on your own and come home for holidays, we’ll all be arguing over who gets to sit next to you at the dinner table. You are so much fun!

You and Hudson started sharing a room around Christmas and it has gone so well. You’ve learned that bed time is bed time and you have to be quiet when the lights go out because you don’t want to keep Hudson awake. Hudson is a lot more of a rule follower than you are, so it’s been a little bit of an adjustment for you, but you’ve done so well. The lights go out and you settle down immediately and drift off to sleep.

With the change of sharing a room, though, you dropped your nap. You were not thrilled about being in your room to take a nap knowing that Hudson was not in there napping, too. You’d just get in there and cry or play or jump on the bed. So we gave up the battle and gave up the nap. But there are a couple days a week where you just drop right where you are and crash. It takes you getting very very still, but you just crash. We have a lot of funny pictures of the places where you’ve napped.

Your vocabulary is huge and your speech has come such a long way! It’s hard to even remember the day when we struggled to understand your speech. You’re so smart, too, Hayes! You don’t sit down and focus on educational things often, but you shock us all the time with what you know. You recognize words and all your letters and numbers. And it’s just something that you seem to have snuck in while you’ve been running and playing so hard.

Our sweet little Hayesie. We’ve actually had to be a lot more mindful of how often and where we call you Hayesie because your classmates were starting to call you that. And while it’s a cute nickname for now, we didn’t want it to be something that you were stuck with your whole life!

You love pancakes and waffles and French fries. But you aren’t the best eater. We know you’ll come around someday. You love ninja turtles, make believe, playing outside, baseball, riding your bike. And you can entertain yourself so well. I’ll hear you having little conversations between your toys and it’s just so cute how much you love to play.

We are so thankful for your sweet little tender heart and your loving spirit. You’re definitely the most fun person in our family and that is a trait that I know you’ll have forever!

I’m so excited to see what God does in your little life over the next year. He has big plans for you, Hayes, and we’re just so thankful for the time that we get to spend with you and watch how He guides your path.

I love you, sweet boy!




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