Hospital Bag Packing List for Mom & Baby

I finally started packing my hospital bag yesterday. It’s a good thing I haven’t gone into labor because I’ve been acting like I have all the time in the world until James Walker arrives. My due date is March 3 and I’m scheduled for a repeat c-section on March 3. Just a few more days to get things done around here.

I decided to recreate my hospital bag packing list from a few years ago to make it easier to read. Nothing has really changed. In addition to clothes for the baby and me, toiletries, and things to keep your feet warm and off the hospital floor, I include things like notebooks (for keeping track of thank you notes I may need to write) and folders (for keeping up with important documents.) I just like to be prepared. I like to bring a few pillows- especially after a c-section, so I can make sure I’m well-supported and that getting in and out of the bed is as easy as possible.

I didn’t list specific brands or links, but I do have some favorites that I’ve used over the years. But I know everyone has their favorites and their preferences. This list is just a guideline of some things that I don’t like to be without while in the hospital. I’m expecting a 3-day stay, so while the packing list may seem long, I want to be prepared for all three days.

I’m curious… what are the must-have items on your hospital packing list?

Hospital Bag Packing List

Hospital Bag Packing List

To download a printable version of the Hospital Packing List, click here.

Life Lately

Just a little catch up on our last couple of weeks around here.

Hayes was up all night coughing one night and then tested positive for the flu the next morning. And it had him down! He slept all day that first day, but the Tamiflu kicked in and he was on the mend quickly. He stayed home and away from other kids for five days and was so ready to get back to school! The Tamiflu did, however, make him have some wild behavior in the middle of the night. I’d heard that hallucinations could be a side effect of Tamiflu (which sounds terrifying!), but he would really just wake up and cry and cry and cry in the night. So we were glad when the Tamiflu was gone and the flu was gone. My doctor put me on Tamiflu, too, and thankfully, the rest of us were spared.

photo (6)

KK came to visit for a few days last week. We had some little things we needed to get done. I’ve mentioned a lot that my mom is a decorator, so she came back to help me take care of a couple of projects around here like getting the boys’ shared closet organized, painting a wall, touching up teeth marks on the crib and just playing with the boys. They were heartbroken when she left last week, but she’ll be back soon. She’s been feeling great and we’re so thankful that she’s able to visit as often as she is. Every single moment we have with her is incredibly special!

photo (7)

Hudson started baseball this weekend. He played soccer the past two springs, but he wasn’t a huge fan of soccer. He and Todd have been spending a lot of time throwing and catching on the weekends and he has been so excited to start baseball. He got some new cleats and his first pair of baseball pants. The first practice went well. He’s still a little timid, but every time he practices he gets a little more confident.

photo (8)

I’ve been going to bed every night around 9:00 or 9:30… and I’m a typical night owl. I love staying up late. We’ve been watching Celebrity Apprentice and The Bachelor on Monday nights, but I can’t stay up late enough to watch them both. I just get so restless at night. I’m sleeping okay, but waking up a few times a night to go to the bathroom. And a few times every week, I’ll move to the couch around 4:30 a.m. and watch TV and doze until the kids wake up. At my doctor appointment yesterday, it was confirmed that there’s no progress and we’ll just keep waiting. The goal is to make it to my due date and have a c-section that day. He’ll be here before we know it!


February Goals

Oh, y’all! February could very easily be “baby month.” I’ve been thinking we’d be able to hold out until my March 3 due date, but after having consistent contractions all weekend, I’m just not so sure. For now, he’s staying put, but I’ve got a lot of work to do around here to make sure we’re ready for James Walker’s arrival.

So what’s in store for February?

february goals

Pack my Hospital Bag

I need to repost my hospital packing list from a few years ago because a few things have changed. But after a weekend of contractions, I’ve decided that the bag needs to be packed and ready to go. I’ve never gone into labor before and we’ll have a scheduled repeat c-section, but if I’m in labor I won’t want to be packing my bag in those moments.

Get a Jumpstart on Influence Conference Projects

I haven’t announced this on my blog yet, but I posted it on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I am the new Events Manager for the Influence Network. I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity to serve the network that I love so much and get to work alongside such amazing women. And I’ll also be using my college and graduate degrees! It’s a big undertaking and I’m thrilled about it. I want to get a head start on a few different projects before James Walker arrives so I’m not as worried about it after he arrives.

Host One Family for Supper

We’ll take a few weeks off from hosting dinners after James Walker arrives, so I want to be sure to fill our home with friends once more before his arrival.

Have a Consistent Prayer Time

Our Sunday school class has committed to pray together for the month of February. We’ve each committed to a time slot and my time slot is 6:00 a.m. So, I don’t have a set amount of time that I “have” to pray, but at 6:00 a.m. I am praying for our church, our class, our family, missions, friends, etc. And then when I finish, I am texting the next person that has committed to pray at 7:00 a.m. The first few days were a little more distracted than I expected to be, but I’m excited to see what happens at the end of the month and how this habit makes an impact on our prayer lives.

Go on a Valentine’s Day Date with Todd

We have plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with another couple. I know I’ll feel huge and not much like going out, but I want to have one last date night before the little man arrives. And if he arrives before Valentine’s Day, we’ll do a date night at home!

With the addition of the Influence Network position and getting ready for James Walker’s arrival, I have really cut back on a lot of other things. I’ve slowly started pulling away and even quit a couple of things that I’ve been involved with for a few years.  Hudson and Hayes are starting t-ball and soccer this month and I know that life won’t be slowing down a ton when our third baby arrives. We’ve got to maintain some normalcy for the big boys. So I don’t really know what to expect as far as a normal every day schedule goes. We’re just thrilled that he’s almost here and I just cannot believe that it could actually happen this month!

What are your goals for February?



Celebrating James Walker

celebrating James Walker

As soon as we found out we were having our third baby, my dear friend Megan started talking to me about throwing a party to celebrate. I didn’t want to do a baby shower because we have plenty of baby stuff and clothes and just don’t need a thing. Over the years I’ve been careful not to get rid of anything because I just kind of knew we’d have another baby.

But I did want to have a fun night with my friends! So Megan, Andrea, and Ainsley hosted a sweet dinner and time of prayer for James Walker and me. We had a delicious meal and laughed and laughed and then they prayed over me.

It was so special and so humbling and just meant the absolute world to me.

I looked around the room that night. Most of the girls knew each other in some way. But I started thinking about how I’d met them all. Through preschool or our newlywed Sunday school class or through the choir at church. Or I’d kept their children at church or we volunteered together in some way. But God brought them all into my life each for a specific purpose and they’ve each loved me, loved my children, loved Todd and me as a couple. They’ve kept my kids when I’ve been in a jam. They’ve prayed for my mom. We’ve had girls nights and fun dinners and tears and celebrations.

And it was just one of those big life moments. The kind where you look around the room and are so overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to have such special people all in a room together at the same time.

When I moved to Columbia eleven years ago, I never imagined I’d meet my husband and fall in love and get married and stay here. And I never imagined that, through our church, we’d meet so many precious friends who would support us through so many life events.

We all need community. And I’ve been incredibly blessed to find such a sweet, open, welcoming community of women. Women who are always looking for more friends and new friends and people to invite. Because we all want to be known and loved, and finding those people who are always so willing to listen and invite has made my life so full.

It’s hard. It doesn’t come quickly for everyone and it doesn’t come easily for everyone. I’m an introvert and it doesn’t come easily for me. But it has been so worth it. Friday night was incredibly special, and I know that this sweet “village” of women is going to be there to love on our family as we adjust to our new normal as a family of five.

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