James Walker’s birth announcement & Minted Giveaway


James Walker is our third baby and, admittedly, it’s been a little bit harder to be on the ball with the third baby. Remembering to pull out the big camera to take pictures of him doesn’t happen often. And other than this birth, we still haven’t pulled out the video camera for him. I ordered his baby book about a day before he was born and there’s a good chance I won’t write in it until his 10th birthday.

About a week after we got his newborn photos back, I realized that I needed to be thinking about birth announcements for him! He was already a month old, but better late than never. And, fast forward another month, and I’ve just mailed them.

Thankfully, the process of ordering the announcements was incredibly easy and addressing them was even easier. I went to Minted and picked out a beautiful design, chose my favorite photo of James Walker and my favorite family photo (on the back) and I was finished. At Christmas, I uploaded all of our address list to Minted, so I could just click a button and all of the envelopes were already addressed and had our return address on them.


I love hand-addressing an envelope, but my to-do list grows by the minute and it just wasn’t something I wanted to make the time to do. I’m still trying to finish up thank you notes. I know my limits.

The announcements arrived and I just love them. They’re on the best quality paper, it’s a beautiful design, and I even ordered a framed copy of the announcement to hang on a shelf in his room. Finishing up birth announcements has been on my list of things to do for weeks now, so I’m glad to have them in the mail and off to our dear friends and family. (I promise, friends and family, they are in the mail and you should have them in the next day or so!)


Today I’m giving away $200 to Minted! Entering is easy peasy. Just go here to enter. There are no hoops to jump through and you don’t have to join any social media channels to enter.

Enter to win $200 to Minted!

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  1. says

    Sigh. I have progressively less written in each child’s baby book. And by poor child #4, I literally forgot he has one. Sigh. One day, I know I will fill it out. Sadly, it will be full of approximate dates. Ha!

  2. says

    What a sweet announcement! I’ve already got a couple designs picked out so when my baby gets here hopefully I won’t be scrabbling. I love the idea of going ahead and uploading addresses, so helpful.

  3. Kate says

    Those announcements are so beautiful! They have a really sweet hand-painted quality to them.

    Also, this post reminded me again that James Walker was 11 pounds!


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