Mother’s Day Giveaway: Tiny Tags


There are moments when I cannot believe that I have three children. Three! They’re my little people and so much of my life revolves around them. It’s just incredible.

And then when I see my mom with them and know that she loves them because they are amazing and sweet, but also because they’re a part of me? It just makes my heart ache a whole lot. Watching my mother love my children has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

With Mother’s Day quickly coming up (ladies, it’s time to start giving hints for what you might want), I wanted to do a little giveaway with a company that I’ve fallen in love with.

Tiny Tags makes the most beautiful silver and gold necklaces that celebrate the love in our lives. Tiny Tags celebrates children and they give back to children and mothers in need. Melissa created Tiny Tags and she is also a mom of three boys. I know how proud she is of her family because I feel the same way about mine. And as someone with three healthy children, she is deeply aware of life’s blessings, so she has chosen to give back as much as possible. I just love it.

Melissa wanted to give away a piece from the Open Loop Collection to one of you for Mother’s Day, in celebration of your little ones. It’s the perfect gift to give your mom or for your kiddos and husband to give you for Mother’s Day as a daily reminder of the loves in your life.

Enter code EC15 for free shipping through April 26, and enter the giveaway below!

loop name date gold


Just complete the form below to enter or click here!

Tiny Tags Mother’s Day Giveaway


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  1. Natalia says

    Hi Erin!!
    I LOVED your post (and the necklaces)! I don’t have children, but I know (watching my mom) how wonderful it is to be a mother. You have the most important job in the world!
    What is your favorite part about being a mom? 🙂

  2. says

    What an amazing giveaway! I started following them on instagram because I saw them on your feed. What beautiful and meaningful jewelry! And the picture with you, your mom, and your babies!? PRICELESS. You will cherish that forever! xoxo

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