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Hey there! So I’m trying to find a little rhythm in my days so I can have my own little routine. Some days that works and some days it just doesn’t. This morning I’ve gotten a lot done, but I’m still in pajamas and just decided that half of my to-do list probably wasn’t going to get done. But sitting down to write is good for my soul. Whether I sit down and write on this blog like I’ve done for over seven years (whoa!), or if I just write in my journal.

But things here are good. They’re different, but they’re good.

I have had a few people ask me about what it’s like to go from two to three kiddos, so I wanted to share my experience… so far. Remember that I’m only five weeks into being a mom of three, so I’m hardly an expert and I hardly know anything about what I’m in for.

James Walker is a great baby. He sleeps great for naps and he is sleeping great at night- only waking up once at night now. And he’s just a sweet little squishy love.

Hudson is almost 6 and Hayes is almost 4. I think their ages have a huge impact on what our experience is like with three kids.

Another big thing to remember is that my mom was here for three full weeks after James Walker arrived. And she was here for almost two weeks before he arrived because I was carrying around an 11 pound baby and my hips felt like they were breaking. (Thank you, KK! You saved us!)

I had heard from a few friends that going from two to three kids would be a game-changer. It would overwhelm me and just be about the hardest thing ever. So I was kind of prepared for the worst.

My experience going from one to two kids really did rock my world. If you read my blog back when Hayes was a baby, you probably remember many posts about being overwhelmed and tired and feeling like a failure. It was hard! I really struggled with knowing how to raise a 23-month-old and an infant. Two extremely needy children that I loved desperately and equally. But we did survive. Of course we did!

My experience so far going from two to three is completely different. Hudson and Hayes are at school in the mornings, so I have three full hours to bond with James Walker, take a shower, fold laundry or catch up on sleep. Hudson and Hayes aren’t all that needy. They can do a lot for themselves.

So, all in all, it’s been a good experience so far. Watching them all together is my favorite thing in the world. And the moments that James Walker is napping and I can sit and play with the big boys or read to them are so much more special to me right now because my hands are so often full with James Walker. I think it does make me appreciate all of them for who they are and what they need.

I do need to share this story, though. A few nights ago, Todd was gone during bath time and bedtime, and I was doing bed and bath by myself. Todd usually bathes the big boys, and since the baby was born, he has been putting them to bed by himself while I bathe, feed, and put James Walker to bed.

So I was on my own. I bathed the big boys, got them dressed for bed, and decided to let them stay up and watch TV until I finished up with James Walker.

They loved coming in to see James Walker getting his bath and they thought it was so funny that he uses this tiny bath tub. They were in and out of the bathroom about fifteen times before I finished up with James Walker’s bath. They were getting extremely loud and wound up, too. I asked them to just go sit and watch TV and I’d be finished in just a minute.

I finished up with James Walker’s bath, wrapped him up and came out of the bathroom to see Hudson sitting and watching TV, but couldn’t see Hayes. Hudson said he didn’t know where Hayes was. And then I heard the doorbell. It was ringing over and over and over again.

So I bolted downstairs while holding James Walker, and there was Hayes. Standing on the front porch ringing the doorbell. He was just in the bathroom less than three minutes before that! But he’d just unlocked the front door and walked out to chill on the front porch because ringing the doorbell is so funny.

I about had a heart attack. I told him all about why he can’t ever do that again. And then I sent Todd a text about how we needed special hotel locks for all of our doors because Hayes thinks it’s hilarious to walk outside and scare me to death.

So we’re definitely outnumbered. But this transition has been pretty smooth so far and this family of five thing is pretty fantastic.

(Let’s revisit this topic when James Walker is 1 and mobile and trying to learn about obedience.)


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  1. says

    I just love your updates. =) Going from 2 to 3 was probably our smoothest transition. My big boys were somewhat independent and they could play together and entertain themselves pretty well while we tended to baby brother. We were still outnumbered and still had to implement some good “zone defense”, but it was a WAY easier transition for me than going from 1 to 2. Going from 1 to 2 was craziness all the time it felt like. =) Looking back it wasn’t that crazy I was just overwhelmed. Haha. Glad y’all are adjusting well and settling in!

  2. Emily says

    Yes to hotel locks!! As a mom to three boys as well (6, 4, and 5 mo.) we found that while I was busy with the baby, the big guys would make a break for it too. Hotel locks saved us from wandering kiddos. You’re doing awesome Erin!

  3. says

    My son did the same door thing yesterday while I was making his lunch. He didn’t ring the doorbell though, he just walked out to the mailbox (!!!ek) with two of his toys and played. It was literally 2 minutes that I had my eyes off him and it scared me out of my mind. You’re doing such a good job, Erin! I only have one right now, so in my mind 3 must be hard, but you seem to be taking it all in stride 🙂

  4. says

    I love being a family of five too :). And I agree, having older ones when your third arrives makes for a smooth transition! Having my first baby and then adding another was a lot harder.

  5. says

    Reminds me of my nephew who managed to unlock the door and escape (naked mind you bc he was potty training) while my sister was in the shower. She was terrified.

    Since I’m having to go back to work we won’t have baby #2 until #1 is out of daycare and in preschool. Hopefully that will make our transition easier!

  6. Lindsey says

    I love this and am so happy you guys are adjusting well. What precious boys you have! This is a great example of how each and every family is different. When I had my 3rd my other two were 7 and 4 and very independent. My husband traveled ALL THE TIME with work so I was practically doing it all alone. I thought my oldest would be a big help but instead he saw that mom had very little time for him and didn’t love him any more (which of course was not the truth). He tried to run away from home and my heart broke into a million pieces. It was a very very very tough year BUT once my youngest hit one year old it became SO much easier. So it may very well still be smooth for you guys when James Walker is mobile.

  7. says

    Oh Hayes!! I would have had a panic attack too! We have up high locks on all of our doors and I keep them on most of the day because my kids are into trying to open doors! Sounds like you are doing amazing with the transition! Mine are 4.5, 2.5 and 1 and this week on spring break has about done me in!!! Now I am flipping out about what I will do all summer long when I have them all at home! I have always said “oh! I think homeschooling sounds like fun!” but after this week, I’ve decided I dont have the patience for it! LOL! Love seeing pics of you and your boys! Hang in there even on the crazy days! ….and remember that the iPad can be your best friend should you need back up! 😉

  8. Cate says

    My cousin who has 4 kids now said going from 1 to 2 was hard for her and 2 to 3 was easy. Her older 2 were 4.5 and 2.5 when number 3 was born. I have 2, my oldest is 5 and my youngest is 11 months. I’m sure the age gap has made the transition easy for us…only thing different is getting everybody ready and out the door when we’re headed somewhere all together 🙂

  9. says

    Get the hotel locks! Our oldest, Knox, thinks he can go wherever he likes and has not a clue that going outside by himself is dangerous (thanks for that one, Autism). So we have the hotel-style bolts above his reach AND a security system that announces “side door” or “front door” when the corresponding door opens to give us a heads-up! With three little boys, I think you deserve the peace of mind that they can’t go outside when you’re otherwise occupied! Keep up the good work!

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