April Goals

April Goals

1. Begin working on James Walker’s baby book

And, frankly, I need to update and finish Hudson’s and Hayes’s baby books, too. Oh man. I’m really far behind, but thankfully all of the information I need is in their monthly blog posts that I did when they were babies. I ordered James Walker’s book from Way Cool Designs and used the buffalo check from his nursery as the cover fabric. I also got a Joyful Beginnings Journal from Printed Ink Designs for me to keep up with daily and monthly things that James Walker is up to.

2. Create a daily schedule for me

As I’m learning how to adjust to our new normal and I’m coming out of the newborn fog, I need to get a better handle on the things that have to get done every day, the things that I want to get done every day, and what needs to happen for each kiddo every day. Just basic household management stuff, mostly, but I also need to set aside specific times each day to work on the Influence Conference and respond to emails relating to the conference. This means James Walker will need to take at least one nap in his crib every day and I can’t hold him all day like I’d like to! (Wink wink)

3. Clean out my closet

Don’t worry- I’m not going to get drastic and get rid of all of my pre-baby clothes because they don’t fit right now. But I do have a lot of clutter in my closet and a lot of things I haven’t worn in a few years, so in the spirit of nesting and Spring cleaning, I need to do a little clean out.

4. Set a date for and plan Hayes’s birthday party

My sweet boy is no longer the baby of the family and he’s about to turn 4 on May 5! So much of me wants to just do a family party for him, but he’s SO into his friends and birthdays this year that I know it would mean so much to him to have a party with his buds. We’ll likely go somewhere and do an activity he loves… I just need to set it all up.

5. Read one book

I usually just scroll through Facebook and Instagram while I’m nursing in the middle of the night, but I miss reading. And I’m finally able to concentrate on something for more than 20 minutes at a time. (Anesthesia side effects seem to rob me of my ability to focus.) So I’m ready to start reading again after a little hiatus. I’m going to start with the goal of reading one book this month. (You can click on this link to see all of my book review posts if you’re interested.)

Those are my goals for the month. How are all of you? What are your plans for April?

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  1. says

    I’m so behind on baby books for my little ones! I’m hoping to get caught up on that in April too. Enjoy getting back into a new normal & rhythm!

  2. Eve says

    I have a 5-month-old, and I read more during his first few months of life than I did in the past few years because of all the hours I’ve spent nursing-love that an e-reader that can be used one-handed in the dark:-). I read everything by Liane Moriarty and I highly recommend her. Start with The Husband’s Secret or What Alice Forgot!

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