Welcome to the new site!

Good Monday morning, friends! I’d love for y’all to click on over to my blog so you can see the new rebrand and site design.

This fun project has been in the works for about 9 months or so and I’m really pleased with the results.

About a year ago, I started thinking that I wanted to move away from Blue-Eyed Bride. We’ve been married for almost 7 years and the name just didn’t really make sense anymore. And the simplest, most obvious choice for a new name was my name. Go figure!



My dear friend Whitney English recommended Katelyn Brooke Designs to me, and between Kate and Whitney, they came up with a new design that looks exactly like what I wanted. I wanted it to feel like you were stepping into my front door to come over for coffee.


Erin Akin Carroll color code style guide


You can subscribe to the new blog in the sidebar and my old URL will automatically redirect to the new site.

I’m excited about a new look and a more focused direction. Blogging has evolved so much over the years and through that time I’ve found my voice and lost it and found it and lost it. I’m hopeful with such a beautiful new site and more focused categories, I can hone in on my voice again.

So explore! See what’s new around here and feel free to follow me on social media, where I’m most likely to update consistently.

Meanwhile, I’ve got lots of fun things to catch up on and an ever-expanding baby bump, so I have lots of updates in the works.

Thank you for reading along and for hanging in there with me!

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    Erin ~ I love your new site! My sister and I were looking at some of the blogs that I follow last night during the Super Bowl, and I was pleasantly surprised when your site came up. It is just beautiful!

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    WOW – this is gorgeous! Very calming! Beautiful colors! I look forward to many more fun posts and of course some posts on juggling three kiddos. Your hospitality post really helped me a lot!!!

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    The site looks great, girl! I hope you love it and that you feel like you have found the direction you needed and ultimately found your voice again. I love following your blog and hope to try to visit and comment more frequently. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Congratulations on your new site and new name of your blog! I love your gold logo. Well done, Erin!
    If I need to re-follow, please, let me know!

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    Hello from Disney (nap time)! I love the new look Erin. Love that the color scheme is so much like that of your house. I miss reading your blog since you’ve cut back some. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been working on a new design too. It really is like decorating a house….never ending updates.

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    Love the new blog! I just started changing mine over. I wish I had someone do it for me! Its so overwhelming! Your theme is so fresh! Great job!


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