December Goals

We don’t have any huge goals for this month. Todd, Hudson, and I are in our church’s Singing Christmas Tree this month (you can read more about that here) and Hudson and Hayes will have a school pageant. We have a Sunday school party, a cookie decorating party and just getting ready for Christmas. And I really just want to be able to sit by our tree every night. So what are the goals for the month? Nothing big. Nothing measurable.

December Goals

I want to watch all the Christmas movies.

I want to sit with my boys every night while they play Ninja Turtles and watch the movies that make us laugh and cry.

I want to eat the yummy Christmas food and drink egg nog lattes.

I want to step away from the garland and bows even when I think of one more thing I can do to decorate. (This one is hard for me. I love to decorate.)

I want Saturday mornings in pajamas with homemade pancakes and hot chocolate.

I want to make cookies with the boys and let them help. I want to ignore the mess until we’re finished and let them enjoy the process.
I want to open our home to friends and neighbors for dinner or for those moments when one of us needs a shoulder to cry on.
There will be fights and messes and real life. There will be moments of rushing and things will fall through the cracks. Recipes will fail. And I want a heart that is peaceful and joyful. And most of all, I will pray that my boys begin to understand how much their Father loves them. I want to prepare Hudson’s and Hayes’s hearts for what Christmas means and help them to begin to grasp the gift that God gave us so long ago.
What are your hopes for December?


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  1. Keisha Dawson says

    What a perfect list of December goals! I want all of these beautiful things too! This time of year is all about the memories we can make. Last night, we skipped the gym, lit a fire, cooked an easy, yummy dinner, and read a Christmas book as a family in the living room floor. I missed the gym, but it was so worth it for the sweet time with our boys.

  2. says

    You have lovely goals for December. I want the same things – especially this one… “I want to make cookies with the boys and let them help. I want to ignore the mess until we’re finished and let them enjoy the process.” Just letting go and making magic happen is my biggest hope for this season, along with lots of white space.

    Merry Christmas!

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