Birthday Trip to New York City

I turned 32 last Tuesday, and Todd and I celebrated with a quick 3-day trip to New York City. I was invited by Dr. Smith’s to represent them at the Biggest Baby Shower in NYC and talk to new moms about Dr. Smith’s. I was so excited to be invited, but because I’m pregnant and it was my birthday, I asked if Todd could come with me on this trip.

The night before we left for the trip, I was packing our suitcase and folding some laundry and feeling a little sad that I wouldn’t be with my boys on my birthday. And then they asked me to come to the kitchen where they had cupcakes and homemade cards. It was really my favorite thing about my birthday!



Some sweet friends took care of the boys and Boudreaux, and we felt so great knowing that they were in good, loving hands.

We flew out of Columbia early on November 11 and we were in NYC by 9:00 a.m. It was Veteran’s Day, so we ran into some heavy traffic because of the Veteran’s Day parade, but we also got to enjoy the parade and see most of it. We walked and walked and walked and ended up sitting on the steps at the NY Public Library to watch the parade.


We walked some more and shopped and stopped to eat lunch in Rockefeller Center. Then we took a cab to One World Trade Center to go to the 9/11 Memorial. The building was just beautiful and the memorial was incredibly moving. It still takes my breath away and stuns me that this ever even happened.


We walked back to the hotel after visiting the memorial. The city was just so beautiful on the days we were there!


We had my birthday dinner at The Simone on the Upper East Side. It was one of my all time favorite dining experiences. The restaurant was small– only 11 tables– and charming. The servers were attentive and formal, but friendly. It was very nice, but not at all stuffy. The food was absolutely perfect. Todd and I were both in heaven. I highly recommend it for your next trip to NYC.


The next day, we decided to take a cab to FAO Schwarz to grab some surprises to bring home for the boys. I go to FAO Schwarz almost every time we go to NYC because it just makes me feel so happy and like a kid. And I just love to look!


photo (3)

Then we went to Central Park to spend the day just enjoying being outside. We walked all over the park and then we made our way to Shake Shack on Columbus for lunch. It was everything we hoped it would be! Maybe the best burger ever. We walked and walked and walked and just loved seeing every day people. Moms pushing strollers. Kids on the playground. Couples meeting for lunch on their lunch break. And when I just didn’t think that James Walker and I could take anymore walking, we walked back.

IMG_2825 1

I spent that night working at the Biggest Baby Shower for Dr. Smith’s, and then Todd met me (and my friends from Dr. Smith’s) at The Cafeteria for supper. The mac n cheese was amazing!

The next morning we slept in and then had a couple of hours to get some breakfast before catching our flight back to Columbia. We ended up at Markt for French toast and berries. The food was perfection. The atmosphere was super low key. We just kind of stumbled upon it when looking for a great spot for breakfast and the food was worth it. I guess I have a lot of pictures of food. Food and selfies!

photo (4)


We took a cab to the airport and were ready to get home to see our boys. It was a fast trip and a really fun trip. I love being in New York close to the holidays, and loved a chance to get away before our newest baby boy arrives.

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  1. says

    What a fun little getaway! Good food is one of the best things about traveling. And… now, I need to find a burger and some fries that looks as amazing as those! 🙂

  2. Susy says

    I love seeing some of the places I’m so familiar with on here. My ob is right across from that Shake Shack, so I enjoyed it way too many times during my pregnancies! I’m glad you had such a fun time! It makes me homesick!

  3. Judy Soltis says

    What a fun birthday trip! Love y’all’s pictures…. you’re too cute. And the food looks delicious. I love dining in NYC.

  4. says

    Ah, this sounds perfect. All of it! I would so love a quick three-day trip to my favorite city (NYC) with my husband, and on top of that, I’d love for it to be related to blogging. So glad you two had a great time. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Keisha Dawson says

    What a magical birthday treat! From the surprise cards and cupcakes with your boys to the beautiful NYC getaway with Todd…. PERFECTION!

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