November Goals

November Goals

Decorate For Christmas

Our November schedule is already really full. With my birthday and Thanksgiving and a couple of trips, we’ll be really busy. I want to decorate our tree immediately. I know, I know. Everyone says I’ll wish I hadn’t. But I don’t want to be rushing to get it done, and I want to have time to enjoy it. So, I’d like to do it in the next couple of weeks.

Finish Christmas Shopping

Between Zulily and Rue La La, I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping. But I have a couple of small things left I want to get the boys and Todd. I want to get as much done as I can before the rush and the traffic of December hits.

Host One Family For Supper

This has been one of our goals all year. We have a big Sunday School dinner scheduled for this weekend, but I want to have a couple of friends who are new to town to our house. This has been my favorite change all year and I never imagined this would be the “resolution” that would mean the most to me.

Read Two Books

Pregnancy brain continues to make it hard to clear my mind to be able to read. But I have been reading, and I have a couple of other books I want to read in November. (Updated reading list coming up soon!)

Have A One-on-One “Date” With Each Boy

With the busyness of the upcoming season, I want to make sure that we’re not lost in all the motions of the holiday chaos. And I want to make sure that both of my children feel “seen” and heard. So I’m making a goal for Todd and I to each have a one-on-one date with each boy. And I’d love for this to be a resolution for each month for 2015. It could be harder with a new baby, but that’s also why it’s so important to me right now.

Start Working on the Nursery

Speaking of the baby, we’ll be starting getting the room ready for our little fella to take up residence here. I can’t wait to announce his little name. I’m excited about the plans for the nursery!

How about you? What are your goals for the month? When do you decorate for the holidays?

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  1. says

    I feel so connected to people who make monthly goals/lists. I’ve done for a whopping three months so far… but I love accountability if provides. I’m hoping to decorate in November also. Waiting until December just seems too late to actually enjoy it!

  2. says

    I’m with you on getting the tree up earlier… I used to strictly follow the day after Thanksgiving decorating rule, but now I like it up the week before so I don’t have to think about it after we travel for the holiday. Blessings on your goals! 🙂

  3. Keisha Dawson says

    Your goal list is one of my favorite posts each month. You’ve inspired me to do this each month, and I love looking back on my lists! My list this month contains *Decorating for Christmas (happening this Saturday) *Finish Christmas shopping and wrapping (we’re making a weekend trip to Dallas in a few weeks, hoping to get it finished up then) *Make “Blessing Mix” for the boys teachers (this is something fun and easy that the boys and I can make together) *Read two books (one motivational/self-help and one for fun) *Have a date night (we used to be so good about doing this at least once a week, but with the boys busy school and sports schedules, it hasn’t happened as often as we would like).

  4. September says

    We’re going to be out of town for ten days over thanksgiving and I was just telling my husband I want to start decorating for Christmas next week…I want to come home and be able to enjoy it, not be rushed and stressed over getting it all done. I’m almost done with shopping and whatever’s left will be done online–I want time to bake cookies and enjoy the season. This year is also complicated by an eight month old munchkin who was premature and born with severe lung issues; the goal is to make it through the season with him as healthy as possible, so I’m embracing my inner homebody and making the most of it.

  5. says

    Your goals always give me some good ideas! Love the one-on-one date idea. Now that soccer season is wrapping up the timing seems perfect to try it out. Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name!

  6. says

    I love that you invite families over for dinner so often and I am going to get back to that in the new year! So important for building community! I LOVE dates with my kids and feel like it is harder to do now that my oldest is in kindergarten. She is gone 40 hours a week and there is just not as much time. Cannot wait to find out your little guys name. So exciting!

  7. Courtney H. says

    Can’t wait for the name reveal! Can you give us a hint–are you going with another H???!!! I would put my Christmas tree up on November 1st (which coincides with the day I start listening to Christmas music!) but my husband practically forbids it. He wants Thanksgiving to be its own holiday, but I look at it like this—Thanksgiving is like the “Friday night” of the week. Pretty much the best part of the holiday season because it’s the “kickoff” to the whole holiday. In any case, the sooner you get yours up, I may be able to convince my hubby to do ours 🙂 Merry Christmas season!

    • says

      Hey Courtney! I just think that it helps me enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas more to get the tree up. I don’t skip Thanksgiving. I can still give thanks with a Christmas tree nearby 😉 ha! I just like to enjoy it for as long as possible.

      And we aren’t going with another H name. 🙂 Gotta tell family the name first and then we’ll tell everyone else.

  8. says

    I decorated this past weekend. I knew I would get some comments about getting it done so early but I truly want to focus on CHRISTmas this year, not the stuff I have to get done.
    I want to make 2 new recipes, read 2 books, and write 5 handwritten notes to mail as an encouragement.

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