31 Days of Breaking Bread: She Reads Truth Hospitality Study

Oh, friends. I am so sorry I dropped the ball on our conversation about breaking bread and how we can have imperfect hospitality and imperfect community. Hudson broke his arm on Sunday night, and Monday was spent getting him treated, and the rest of the week kind of followed suit. All is well in our household, but I’m finally coming up for air. And I promise to jump back in because after reading many of your comments, I think there are a few more important things to talk about.

But, today, I wanted to be sure you all knew about the upcoming She Reads Truth Bible study about Hospitality. It begins on October 27, and you can still order this gorgeous workbook (the cover was designed by the incredible Ashlee Proffitt) and when you order you also receive two prints from Ashlee Proffitt.

I am so excited to dive in more to what Biblical hospitality means, and I think some of you might enjoy it, too! I know that I received mine immediately, so I am pretty sure that if you order now you’ll receive it in time for the study to begin on Monday.

She Reads Truth- Hospitality

She Reads Truth- Hospitality 

This post is part of 31 Days of Breaking Bread

31 days of breaking bread

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  1. Keisha Dawson says

    I hope that Hudson is feeling so much better! His camo cast couldn’t be any cuter. Thanks so much for sharing about this study!

  2. says

    So sorry to hear about sweet Hudson. I am in the ER with my hubby as I type this as he has either dislocated or broke 3 of his fingers.

    Thank you for sharing the study! Excited to dive into it.

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