Celebrating Easter 2014

We had such a great Easter weekend. My mom stayed in town through Monday, and we went to the 8:30 and 10:00 services at church to sing in the choir.

Todd’s parents and grandmother joined us for church and lunch, and we came home to eat right after church. I got some pretty darn good (and cooperative) pictures of the boys, but no family pictures.

IMG_0457 IMG_0459

The Easter bunny visits our house while we’re at church. (Todd and I get the baskets put together before we leave for church and one of us sets it out before the kids come back in the house after church. We don’t wake up early enough to do all that before church.)

The grandparents contributed bubble machines to the Easter baskets, too.


We ate lunch and then did our Easter egg hunt right after lunch. We did it at Todd’s office because there is just tons of space to run around. The boys loved that they had all the eggs to themselves!

IMG_0493 IMG_0502 IMG_0508

IMG_0266 IMG_0258 IMG_0233

We all came home for long naps and it was just a fun, relaxing day.

On Friday and Saturday, we attended two different Easter egg hunts at friends’ homes and had the best time. We loved dying eggs with Emily, Jack and Hazel. It’s fun to just let them make a mess and wipe it up with towels. Hudson was super excited about his decorated eggs this year.

IMG_0193 IMG_0196 IMG_0214 1

The boys and I drove my mom to Atlanta to catch a plane on Monday morning. We ended up working in a trip to the Georgia Aquarium before we dropped her off, and it was such a great time. The boys were exhausted and missed naps that day, but I’m thankful for all the memories made!

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  1. says

    Your boys look adorable in their Easter outfits!! And you are a genius having the Easter bunny come during church! I wish I had thought of that.

  2. Elizabeth A says

    Lovely Easter! Do you love the Kendra Scott earrings? I see them in varying photos. Which colors do you like? Thought they might be a fun pop of color this summer!

  3. says

    All lovely! 🙂 The Easter Bunny stopping by in the morning while y’all are at church! That is brilliant! We are always so pressed for time anyway on regular Sunday mornings, and it has really bothered me the last couple years that Easter baskets BEFORE church were becoming something I dreaded….not the way I want to start my Easter Sundays! I’m sending a letter to the Easter Bunny and requesting a schedule change for basket drop-off in Dallas for next year’s Easter! So smart… HA!

  4. Carol says

    Love your house and wondering if you could share where you got your front door….exactly what I am looking for….thanks!

  5. says

    What great pictures you had a great weekend by the looks of it. I’ve been so blessed by your post the other day, thanks for commenting back & to the other commenters who felt the same as me. I feel really encouraged to open those doors up & welcome friends in. You’re welcome when in the UK! Blessings xx

  6. says

    Okay, the boys and their Easter outfits…SO STINKIN’ CUTE. And you look gorgeous as always. Love that you’re getting to spend so much time with your Mama. And lastly, Hudson looks so grown up in these pics and Hayes smile is the best on the planet.

    That is all.

    <3 your sweet family.

  7. says

    Hi Erin!

    I had the wonderful experience of meeting your mother today. I was working at my job as a sales associate and she came into shop for an upcoming event. She was such a genuinely kind person and I loved having the chance to work with her … it always makes the day go by faster when you’re working with someone as sweet and friendly as her!! We got to talking and she showed me your blog – as a blogger myself I couldn’t wait to get home and check it out!

    You have such a cute blog and I can’t wait to read it some more in the future! 🙂

    Take Care,



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