Five on Friday


I’m over on Every Day Cheer today sharing one of my favorite recipes. It’s my favorite go-to recipe and I know it by heart. You’ll love it, too!

Bow Tie Fiesta Casserole


Thank you for all of your comments on yesterday’s post. Relatedly, but on a more hilarious note, my Travoltafied name has had me giggling all week.

Travoltafied Name



My friend shared this video on Facebook and then I had to send it to my family because I was just bawling and knew they would, too. I loved my family Golden, Beaux, and love our sweet Boudreaux so much. There’s just something about a Golden. (Yes, it’s a car commercial, but that doesn’t bother me a bit because the story is so sweet.)

Chevrolet Commercial 2014 – “Maddie” from The Herd on Vimeo.


Today is grandparents’ day at school and we are looking forward to a fun day with family! Hudson has a little performance at school and we’re praying the stage fright nerves stay away from him.


I feel like summer is going to be here so soon. I can’t wait to spring forward this weekend and I’m getting out my summer calendar and dreaming of lazy days at the pool and movie nights on the couch and getting ourselves into as much fun as we can find!

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  1. says

    I love your bow tie fiesta recipe! It is a staple in our house.
    And I didn’t realize it was time change this weekend. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Kristen says

    A good time to bring up that Mascara Alert we’ve talked about many times … that commercial has me in puddles!!

  3. says

    Looooove your blog! I’m pretty new to the blog world, but I’ve been reading yours for a little while, and thought I should probably finally say hi. Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  4. Barbara says

    The Bow Tie Fiesta looks yummy.Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.I love reading your blog.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. says

    One of these days I am going to have to make bow tie fiesta. I have heard you rave about it for so long, yet always forget about it! On the to-make list!

    Looked like y’all had a great weekend in Charleston! Let’s catch up soon! xoxo

  6. bella says

    I love Bowtie Fiesta and have made your recipe several times. I always get rave reviews when I make it. I love when you post recipes on your blog!!!

  7. Joan C says

    Okay, that completely left me in tears because I had a golden when I was a little girl and I remember the day he died 🙁 Would LOVE to get my girls one some day! Best dogs ever!

  8. Jennifer Nelson says

    Just tried your fiesta bow tie pasta tonight. So delish!!! Substituted Greek yogurt for the sour cream and added the optional ingredients. It was so yummy!

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