He knows your name (even if your name is Adele Dazeem)

Idina Menzel


For those of you that haven’t heard or didn’t watch, on Sunday night, John Travolta had the privilege of introducing the incredible Idina Menzel before she performed Best Original Song nominee “Let it Go” at the Oscars.

All over the country, little girls, their mothers, and even Todd Carroll (though he’d never admit it) were all looking forward to this performance. We’ve all memorized “Let it Go” and sung it our cars and had dance parties in the kitchen at night. If it wasn’t before, Idina Menzel is now a household name.

But maybe it isn’t? John Travola completely missed her name. In fact, he actually called her something random and off the wall and something that sounded nothing like “Idina Menzel.” (Twitter accounts, Travoltalized name generators, and many parodies have come as a result.)

But there stands Idina Menzel. Stepping out onto the Oscar stage, in front of the world, and this movie star doesn’t know her name. And she nailed it her song.

She’s still Idina Menzel. She still has this powerful gift of a voice. She is still the mother to her child. She is still an award-winner and she is loved by her family. She laughs at jokes and makes jokes. She sings to her child. She is known.

We all have this desire to be known. The presence of social media in our life has amplified it. We all have a voice. We all have an audience. We want to be known and want people to know our names.

And there are many who don’t know our names. We aren’t recognized for the work we’ve done. Sometimes someone else receives the glory for the work we’ve done. We speak up and no one hears us. We have talents that we’ve stuffed away because we can’t find the time or courage to pursue them. Or we are pursuing our talents and no one notices. We want people to hear our opinion. We want to be remembered.

But God sees you. He knows your name. He remembers your talents. He gave them to you. Especially you!

Jesus called out to Saul and gave him a new name. He called out to Peter, by name. He calls me by name, and many times I completely miss Him speaking to me.

If our talents and our art and our gifts and our service are never noticed, and we are never known by others, Jesus still knows us. He wants relationship with us the way that we want relationship and community with those around us. This desire to be known is about community more than fame. And our relationship with Christ is the same way.

He knows us. We can be who we are. We don’t have to strive. We can sing our songs and write our stories and raise our children and take comfort in the fact that nothing can separate us from His love.

Someone else may get the credit for something we’ve done (Adele Dazeem) or we may spend our days doing things that no one will ever notice. But God knows. He sees us for all that we are, and all He wants is for us to know Him in return.

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  1. says

    This is so true! I have to remind myself of this at times when it seems like more work goes unnoticed by my family or children. It’s a great reminder that we ultimately work for His glory and he sees everything! 🙂

  2. says

    With all of the negative press this name flub has gotten this is certainly a refreshing take on it and most importantly what we all need to be reminded of!

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