Books I Read in February

Books I Read in February

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to read more. Fiction, non-fiction, reading through the Bible in a year. I just wanted to start reading again.

I write more when I’m reading more. I rest better when I’m reading more. And I just enjoy it. I feel connected to something and committed to finishing.

I read three books in February, and would like to share them with you. I hope that I can do this each month along the way, rather than doing a long post at the end of the year. (The books I read in 2010, 2011 and 2012)


Allegiant by Veronica Roth

This book is the third and final book in the Divergent series. I read Divergent and Insurgent way back in 2012 and have been impatiently waiting for Allegiant since then. It had been so long since i’d read the first two books that I had kind of forgotten what happened, but it wasn’t long before it all came back to me.

I enjoyed the book. It was easy to read, fast-paced, and I loved getting to know Tris and Four even better. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for an easy, entertaining read. I didn’t love it as much as The Hunger Games, but I liked it a lot.

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks books are my go-to when I need a kick start to start reading again. His books are such easy reads and I’ve read every one of them. I really liked this one.

The book tells two simultaneous love stories, the story of an elderly man and his wife and the story of a college girl and a rodeo cowboy she meets. It kind of reminds me of The Notebook with the dueling love stories and the young characters with the older characters. I appreciated that this book didn’t follow his typical formula. I liked it a lot.

Love Does by Bob Goff

Love Does is the only non-fiction book I read this month, and I will say that this book is one that I will want to read again and again and again. Bob Goff wrote a book all about living a life full of intention and whimsy, and says that if we’re paying attention, God will use ordinary people to make a difference and “do.” The book is full of entertaining stories about how Bob Goff said “yes” and the incredible opportunities that have come out of that decision to say yes. And he issues a challenge to the reader…. Every morning we get to wake up and we have the opportunity to live a life of complete engagement….a life where “love does.”

This book was just such a great reminder. Call the people you love. Don’t just offer to help someone. Show up on their doorstep with a meal and surprise them. Don’t wait for them to say yes. When you see someone that looks like they need your help or your love or to see Christ in you, don’t waste your time wondering what to say. Just love them.

Love Does gives such a beautiful, real-life picture of how we can be more like Christ. How we can show people who Jesus is.

What did you read last month? 

I’m excited about the stack of books I have sitting around here, and feeling challenged to try to read four books in March.

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  1. says

    I just finished Melanie Shankle’s “The Antelope in the Living Room” which I loved! Perfect light read for this sleep deprived mama! I also have been reading a lot of legal thrillers on my kindle- perfect entertainment at 2 AM while nursing.

    I wish I could, but I can’t get into Nicolas Sparks. Just not my thing. I think I will finally have to give the Divergent trilogy a try though!

  2. April says

    I read Kelly Corrigan’s Lift and it was a fun read. I want to read her other books too. That Love Does book sounds right up my alley.

  3. says

    I read Melanie’s book, The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory and Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Wesiberger. All were really good and made for some great afternoon reading during the baby’s naptime or in carline. I’ve already ordered Love Does per your recommendation and can’t wait to read it this month along with some others. Happy Reading!

  4. says

    I think we could be reading friends 🙂 I loved the Divergent series, love anything by Nicholas Sparks, & Love Does is on my list to read. I’ve been reading Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion series & wondering why I never picked them up before!

  5. says

    Yes, yes, yes! Reading makes everything better 🙂 I read the gospels of Luke and John this month for Bible study, Boundaries with (for?) Children book, The Night Guest, Where’d You Go Bernadette?, and The Husband’s Secret in February. Then I started Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest novel last week and am already halfway through it – so interesting. It’s a period piece, which I love.

  6. says

    I just finished Firefly Lane yesterday and honestly wouldn’t recommend it. It was an easy story to get into but I cried a lot (especially as a mother). I LOVED The Hunger Games series, but with books like that I have to know how it ends before I read it (I hate surprises). Which I’ve heard about the Divergent series and it makes me wonder if I can handle it.

  7. Marcie says

    I really enjoying seeing what other’s are reading! I read Where’d you go Bernadette, Reconstructing Amelia, and am currently reading the Kitchen House. I have enjoyed all three of them! I would recommend them all! Thanks for sharing!

  8. jenna says

    I want to pick up Love Does now! I had my wisdom teeth out and did lots of wonderful reading! A Week in Winter, i knew you when. I think the three books i read were all recommendations from Shay Shull a few months ago. I keep a pinterest reading list for when i have time.

  9. says

    Before I had kiddos, I would devour books! But, as they came along and life became busier, my reading stopped. And that was ok with me!! I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything. However, we’re getting to a point now where I CAN start reading again and that makes me happy! I haven’t finished reading any books yet, but there are about 5 different ones I’m reading at the moment. It feels good to be back at it. 🙂

  10. says

    Looks like I need to pick up a copy of Love Does, I read Pricilla Shirer God is Able last month. It was a quick read and a great remnider of God power and ability:)

  11. says

    Okay, so, I haven’t read a Nicholas Sparks book since The Notebook. Can you tell me which your favorite is? I’m curious! 🙂

    I’m currently reading Women Living Well, but mores as a devotional I do throughout the week, and a book about direct selling. Haha. Nothing too “story” like right now.

  12. says

    I was just thinking the same thing about wanting to read more! I just had a baby so I haven’t read any books other than pregnancy books and now children’s stories 😉 Look forward checking one of these out!

  13. Barbara says

    This year I have read The Bridge and Coming Home by Karen Kingsbury. I love Karen Kingsbury’s books.
    I have read a lot of her books.I don’t read that much other than doing my devotional books and reading my Bible each day. I love to knit rather than read. I am knitting prayer shawls.Enjoy your time of reading.

  14. Colleen says

    Love your blog! I found it from Everyday Cheer. I love this post, as I needed a little push to get back into reading. I’ve missed it so much. Ordering Love Does and the Nicholas Sparks books now! I’m also loving going back and reading about your thoughts on white space. This is something the Lord has been pressing upon me for awhile now! 🙂

  15. says

    I am reading Antelope in My Living Room, and I see several comments about Where’d You Go Bernadette, great book! You should check it out! Thanks for doing these, I’m always looking for good reads! Love your blog!

  16. anonymous says

    late to the party – actually read a lot in february and wanted to share. i literally JUST discovered that i can borrow ebooks from my library, so i downloaded the kindle app for my tabet and read. a bunch! i think i still prefer actual books, but you can’t beat the convenience of not having to physically return library books. they just expire and disappear. easy peasy.

    anyway, i read- “french women don’t get fat” by guiliano mireille, “diary of a stage mother’s daughter: a memoir” by melissa francis, “instant mom” by nia vardalos, “inconceivable: a medical mistake, the baby we couldn’t keep, and our choice to deliver the ultimate gift” by carolyn savage and finally “all that is better and sweet:a memoir” by ashley judd.

    i’m currently reading “reshaping it all: motivation for physical and spiritual fitness” by candace cameron bure and “what the dog saw and other adventures” by malcolm gladwell.

  17. says

    I just added all of those books to my list to read! I just finished “A Woman’s Place” by Lynn Austin and enjoyed it. A lot of Christian fiction can be cheesy but this one was good. 🙂 I’m reading “Love & Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs and I’m loving it! It’s doing so much for my marriage!

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