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This week didn’t lend itself to as much margin as I hoped.

My boys didn’t feel all that well, we rushed around, I had a meeting one night so I was away from home. But that’s just what happens. Like I said before, we aren’t just quitting everything we’ve committed to, but we’re making a conscious effort to create margin. I’m finding space for my soul to rest.

And on this Saturday, I’m looking for for that space so I can see the really good stuff.

So my goals for today?

I want to take the boys to the park without a schedule or agenda. I want to stay as long as they want to stay.

I want to take Boudreaux for a long walk, and really soak up the beauty of this October.

As I hope for every Saturday, I want to catch up on laundry folding.

I want my mind and my heart to be clear enough to notice all the sweet things happening around me.

I want to notice the things that Hudson notices, like how many clouds he sees in the sky, and the exact shape of the moon.

I want to put my phone down and forget the tendency to pick it up and check in.

I want to lay on the couch and watch You’ve Got Mail for the 100th time, and dream of sending a bouquet of sharpened pencils to a friend.

And I just want to see the good. I want my eyes open to the precious gifts God has blessed us with, and praise Him for those gifts.

What are your hopes for this Saturday?

This is Day 12 in a series called 31 Days of Creating White Space.

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  1. says

    I had a less than stellar week, rounding off yesterday with a 24 hour flu-like day. I was very tired, achy and freezing all day…when it was 70 outside. I was also irritable and short tempered with everyone.

    Today, when the kids wake up, I’m giving them both big hugs…and starting the weekend off fresh, healthy and happy.

    Tim and Graham are going to the VT vs. Pitt game this afternoon so Nick and I will likely run an errand or two….or just stay home in comfy clothes and relax. I think that is what I need 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. says

    Love this! My week was a tad crazy too and I feel like this is the first day that I can actually relax…well, once I get home! I am looking forward to getting home and soaking up the moments with the LPs and my hubs. With all the travel lately, it seems like our time together as a family has been way less than usual and I miss it! Hope the boys are feeling better and that you have a fabulous Saturday! xoxo!

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