Peter Pan Birthday Inspiration

I can hardly believe that Hayes’s second birthday is coming up. He will be two years old on May 5! How is that even possible?

Last year, we planned a big First Fiesta for him and had such a wonderful time embracing the fact that he was born on Cinco de Mayo.

Hudson will be four years old on June 5. Now that is a tough one to take. Ouch.

We threw a Green Eggs and Ham first birthday party and Sesame Street second birthday party for him, but we went to the beach as a family for his third birthday and enjoyed a quiet, low-fuss day as a family.

This year, because Hudson has such good buddies and because so many of them have siblings that are also Hayes’s buddies, we decided to go ahead and do another birthday party.

The boys have birthdays that are exactly one month apart, so we decided to do a joint birthday party for them right in the middle. So many of the same families will be there for Hudson and for Hayes, so it just made sense.

Hudson and Hayes are plain old obsessed with Peter Pan these days. They love everything about it. Tick Tock the crocodile, the pirates, the Indian braves, Peter Pan, the lost boys, John and Michael, even the mermaids and fairies. It stood out as the perfect party theme for them.

Todd’s parents graciously agreed to let us host it at their home since we don’t have our own home right now. They have a play set in their backyard and a great set up for a party.

I’ve been pinning away and I’m so excited to see it all come together!

I’ll be focusing on green, yellow, and red. We plan to have a mermaid lagoon, a secret plan to make the kids “fly,” a pirate ship, and a tee pee– all from things we already have!

The fabulous Heidi and Beverly from Sweet Birdie’s Nest have been working hard on creating adorable items for the party! They are the absolute best.

I thought I’d show some of my inspiration…

peter pan inspiration 2 peter pan party inspiration


Have you ever planned a joint birthday party? I’m planning to have each boy blow out candles separately, and have their own “happy birthday” song.

We’ll also be taking each boy out for a special family celebration on his actual birthday.

Any other tips to make it special?

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  1. says

    Our younger two daughters have birthdays just 3 weeks apart, we have done both seperate and joint parties for them in the past. We have always done seperate cakes for them and then a small get together with family on their actual b-day. It’s always worked out great. This year we are planning a joint Cowgirl themed party complete with cow girl boots and pony rides. 🙂 I love your Peter Pan theme, the lanterns and tents are too cute!

    • says

      Yes! I love these ideas. I think we’ll give them their own cakes on their birthdays with our family celebration and then have the joint party. Thank you for that suggestion! 🙂

  2. says

    We’re doing a joint bday party in 3 short weeks for our two boys. Their birthdays are 6 days apart and will always have a weekend in between, so I think they’ll be stuck with joint parties for awhile! We’re doing a sesame street theme this year, and I’m thrilled with things so far. It’s not going to be huge, but hopefully it will be fun!! I’ll make sure to post lots of pictures once the party occurs!

    • says

      That will be wonderful! We had so much fun when we did the Sesame Street theme and Hudson just went bananas over seeing all of his favorite characters! He loved it! Your kiddos will, too!

  3. says

    I love this Erin! i also really wish I could do a joint party, but my kids are spread throughout the year.

    A friend of mine has 4 boys, all born in summer and they have a huge lake bash each year.

    • says

      Maybe you could do one in the middle of the year for all of them, and still do a family party for each one throughout the year. 🙂 4 boys sounds SO fun and a huge lake bash sounds even more fun!

  4. says

    What great ideas!!! I have 4 kiddos. All 3 of my little girls have their birthdays in a 4 week period! We’ve done joint birthday parties twice. My girls think the party is more special when they get to share it with their sister. I’m planning a joint Mickey Mouse party for my two youngest little ladies this summer. They’ll be 4 and 2 also!

  5. says

    Love, love, love this theme. I totally want to throw a Peter Pan party, so I’ll be watching your details closely! I think the joint parties are so fun and special. Even though they’re not siblings, we had a joint party for Molly and Addison last year and they both thought it was super fun.

  6. says

    So cute! I love it all. I have a feeling a Peter Pan Party is probably in our future at some point. My crew LOVES it too! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, I have no doubt it will be fabulous.

  7. says

    This sounds like such a wonderful idea. I can totally see your boys dressed up as John and Michael (just so no one fights over who gets to be Peter!). Maybe that is too gimmick-y. Regardless, what a fun plan. My brother and I are four years apart and born in completely different seasons so we never had a joint party. I love the idea of the use of Peter Pan green being included. I just cannot wait to see the pictures once this fun event happens!


  8. says

    I love the Peter Pan theme, and I think the joint party idea is wonderful! Whatever you do, it will be beautiful and fun. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

  9. says

    I am SO jealous of your talent and love for throwing birthday parties! I don’t know why, but throwing parties is such a whip for me. Poor Carter! 🙂

  10. says

    I love the idea of a joint party and if my girls weren’t 7 months apart, we would sure do that! The Peter Pan theme is so fun! Amelia loves Peter Pan. And Jake and the Neverland Pirates. HA! Can’t wait to see pics. I know it will be so fun!

  11. Claire says

    So cute! My boys have birthdays 10 days apart in June, so we have done joint birthdays for the past 2 years, but separate parties for the younger son’s first birthday. It has worked out well with them because they are, for the most part, into the same things. I always make each one their own birthday cake, but we sing “happy birthday” together….and they blow their candles out together. We do, however, celebrate each boy on his own birthday.

  12. says

    I have 4 kids and two have birthdays 13 days apart and the other two have birthdays 5 days apart! Since family lives several hours away we have always combined their birthdays. They each get their own cake, and we sing to each of them, but they also open gifts separately so they can feel that it is “their” special time. I think it’s a lot of fun to have them together.

  13. says

    This just makes me happy. We have loved Peter Pan (and loved him, and loved him, and loved him some more) here in our house ever since the night you suggested we show it to the kids. I will always think of you and Peter Pan in the same thought. Ha!!!

    We’re thinking of doing a pirate ship party for Will since he’s so into pirates, and that, of course, is courtesy of Peter Pan. Can’t wait to see the pictures from this big joint shindig!!! Happy Birthday Hayes and Hudson!!!!!

  14. says

    As usual, another amazing theme in the pipeline! This will be too cute for words. I cannot wait to see how everything comes together!!

  15. says

    I love all of these different birthday inspirations that have popped up everywhere! It gives me so many ideas not only for birthdays to come but also baby showers! Thanks!

  16. Teresa says

    My boys’ birthdays are ten days apart, so we’ve done joint birthday parties since the younger one turned two. Even with the four year age difference, the boys have managed to come up with themes and party locations they could agree on (surprising, considering how much they argue about most things 🙂 ). Last year, we offered them separate parties since the older one was turning 13, and we felt that that becoming a teenager was a milestone that should be special, but he opted to continue sharing a party with his younger brother. For the past two years, they’ve played a Nerf gun game in our yard. They had to submit a plan and rules for the game to their dad and me a couple of weeks before the party. This kept it from turning into a free-for-all. The boys and their dad constructed the game props. This past year, they requested an ice cream bar, set up kind of like their favorite frozen yougurt place (32 Degree), and that was a bigger hit than the cake. I just bought a few flavors of ice cream and a bunch of toppings. We had a house full of hot, sweaty boys,but they all seemed to have fun.
    I love your theme and the plans you have made. It should turn out to be a great party.

  17. says

    That is such a neat party theme, can’t wait to see how it turns out! You always have the best party ideas Erin, when we have kids I’ll be needing to borrow your brain:)

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