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1. We are officially all set to start the building process on our house. Officially! We moved out of our house in November and moved in with Nana, and really never imagined that this is the decision we would come to, but we’re so excited! If all goes well, we’ll be in our house by September. Fingers crossed!

2. We told Hudson that we were building a house, and every single day he has asked if he can help. He wants to get bricks and tools and hammers and wood and get started. It’s so cute! I can’t wait for everything to get started so we can take him over there and he can start to understand a little bit.

3. Have you been watching The Bible on The History Channel? We’ve really enjoyed it. I know they’ve taken some creative liberties and they’ve left out some pretty big stuff, but I really like seeing so much of it come to life.

4. Hudson’s soccer season starts tomorrow. His practices are on Tuesday nights and then he has games on the weekends. I took him to buy cleats and shin guards yesterday, and he has been so excited to wear his “soccer shoes” every day since then. So many of his friends are on his team, and I know the whole thing is going to be so much fun for him.

5. The start of Daylight Savings Time is always bittersweet. I’m so excited about the longer days and being able to be outside with my boys more often. But the mornings and our schedule have just been thrown for such a loop. I know we’re not the only family struggling with this. It has been nice for our boys to sleep until 8:30 in the morning!

6. Celebrity Apprentice is back on. Todd and I love this show. We get such a kick out of these celebrities and most of the time find it to be really ridiculous, but we think the challenges are fun.

7. I started doing Pure Barre about a month ago. My schedule has been so crazy in the mornings that I haven’t been able to go consistently, but I really love it when I can go. I try to go on the mornings that both boys are in school. Have you tried it?

8. I’m planning a joint birthday party for Hudson and Hayes. Their birthdays are exactly one month apart and I just thought it would be easiest on all the attendees and on us (since we’ll be having it at Todd’s parents’ house) to just have on big party. Have you ever done a joint birthday party for siblings?

8. Don’t forget that the Build ‘Em Up link up starts tomorrow, and the topic is “Bringing Faith to Life.” I know that we are all so excited for you all to share your hearts and your experiences and link up so we can all encourage each other! (There will be a button you can grab from our blogs tomorrow morning.)

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  1. says

    That is so exciting about the house! Does Hudson have a hardhat? He definitely needs one. My parents completely gutted our house when I was 10 (we had to move out for 9-10 months), and my brother and I LOVED watching the construction, and checking things out.

    We watched the first episode of the Bible, butt I got a bad case of the giggle, especially at the Pharaoh. His primary talent seemed to be roaring! His voice just made me laugh!

    • says

      Hilarious! Yes, I got a huge case of the giggles during the first episode. And again last night watching Samson.

      Hudson doesn’t have a hard hat yet, but my mom says she’s getting one for the boys. I am so excited to watch the process!

  2. April says

    That is exciting about the house! I can’t wait to see the combined b-day party. My son’s b-day is in late July and our second child is due in August. Only problem is that this new baby will be a girl. So not sure how the combined parties will go.

  3. says

    I am obsessed with Pure Barre! I started in the Fall and although I’ve been a little inconsistent this past month, I love the way it makes me feel and I see noticeable results in my body!

    Congrats on the house!

  4. says

    My good friend’s sister-in-law owns the Purre Barre in your town. 🙂 I so wish we had one here. And congratulations on your new home!

  5. Marie says

    How exciting to begin the building process!

    Our oldest and middle (boy and girl) birthdays are 5 days apart. We have always done a joint party for them and just let them each pick out what types of decor/cake they each wanted. Now our third is a little more than a month from their birthdays so now sure how we will plan for next year.

  6. cate says

    i do barreamped (we don’t have purebarre here) when my little one is at school 3 days a week and love it. and then i try to go once over the weekend.

  7. says

    Pure Barre is amazing! I’m obsessed. I can’t afford to go with their “unlimited package” so I’m going once a week to the studio and bought 2 dvds to use at home to supplement. I swear it tones like none other!

  8. says

    My boys will be turning 1 and 3 in May six days apart so we are doing a joint birthday party on the weekend in between. We’re doing a Sesame St party and I’m super excited for it!! I just hope it is a nice day so that everyone can be outside!!

  9. Kelly H says

    I’m excited to see that you like pure barre so much. I’ve been wanting to try it but have been too chicken since they don’t offer different skill level classes. No one I know has tried it and this is the push I needed to give it a shot! Excited to read about your building process

  10. says

    I’m so thrilled for your family that you will be starting soon! You should totally have a construction/building party for the boys. It would sure fit in!

  11. says

    September! The countdown is on! I love that Hudson wants to help build…that’s too much. 🙂 Been thinking about you since our “chat” on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. We are considering building now…but you may or may not know, we’re renting. So…we’re in a good place…our own space, though temporary, and hoping to find “our” house soon!

  12. says

    My brother and I are 3 years and 3 days apart, and we always had joint birthday parties! We still enjoy blowing out our birthday candles together and joke that we never got to have our “own” birthday cake 🙂 It’s a great idea!

  13. Diane says

    How exciting that you’re going to build! It will be fun to take the boys over to the site and they can watch. Can’t wait to see the pictures during construction and of course the finished house!

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