Saturday brain dump


1. What is about the act of sighing that just makes us feel so much better? I sigh. A lot, apparently. And each time I do it, I can just feel a load lift off.

2. Sometimes I think that 3.5 is the best age ever! That we’ve turned the corner away from tantrums and fits. And then I remember that boys will be boys and kids are kids. And jealousy strikes and all of a sudden we’re in the middle of a tantrum.

3. And, goodness. Maybe it’s because Hayes is my second toddler, so there’s no point in repeating things I’ve already said. But toddlers are seriously into everything. He. Touches. Everything.

4. I saw Silver Linings Playbook today and absolutely loved it! Todd and Hudson went to the Monster Jam (monster trucks) event at the Colonial Life Arena, and Todd’s parents were kind enough to hang out with Hayes while he napped so I could go to the movie by myself. Seeing movies alone is really one of my favorite things to do. And I highly recommend seeing Silver Linings Playbook.

5. My mom and I are planning a little getaway to NYC for a few weeks from now. I just mentioned to her over Christmas how I’d love for us to go together again soon, and we were able to make it happen. All we really want to do is see a few shows, so we’re making plans. Do you all have any theater recommendations?

6. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for Felicity and I just started watching season 4 again. I could seriously watch that show over and over again.

7. And Smash returned this week! I’m so excited to see what happens with Karen, Ivy, Derek, and Julia! Do you watch Smash? I thought Jennifer Hudson was great this week! Two Idol rejects in one show? I love it. And I still don’t like Ivy. Are we supposed to like Ivy? I can’t figure it out.

8. Hayes has been so funny lately, and he says “okay” to everything. We’ll ask a question and he says “okay.” We’ll tell him that we’re going to go to RC and PC’s house and he says, “okay.” I love hearing his little voice. It was absolutely worth the wait.

9. Hudson has been really agreeable, and when we ask him to do something for us, his common response is, “Sure, I can do that!” He’s agreeable and enthusiastic. 3.5 isn’t so bad at all.

Okay, so have you seen any good movies lately? Do you watch Smash? Are you reading any good books?

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    I went to NYC with my mom and sister in December for a long “girls weekend”. We saw Wicked at the Gershwin Theater and LOVED it. It was definitely not what I expected, but in a good way. That was the only one we saw while we were in NYC but I would highly recommend it. Have fun!

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      My mom and I LOVE Wicked! We’ve both seen it a couple of times, but we very frequently sing songs from the show to each other. We’re big musical geeks. 🙂 We were thinking of seeing Newsies and Grace. It’s been so long since we were both in NYC together. Your weekend with your mom and sister sounds like so much fun!! Makes me want a sister. 🙂

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      I love her, too! I saw she’s going to be in a new scary movie. I love her, but don’t think I can watch that. We haven’t seen the Americans yet, but I think I’m going to download the first two episodes on iTunes so I can catch up. I’ve heard it’s really good!

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    My husband and I both love Smash. We watched it last night and thought it was a great season premiere. Katherine McPhee is so good!! Jennifer was great too. Debra Messing is probably my favorite character even though she doesn’t sing.

    We’re hoping to go to NYC this fall and if we do, we’d try to get tickets to Once. Have you seen the movie? It’s AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!! If you haven’t seen it, que it up on Netflix or iTunes. I promise you’ll love it. I’d also love to see Book of Mormon, though I’ve heard tickets are really hard to get.

    Did you see Les Mis in the theater? I’m not a huge fan of it on the stage and thought I wouldnt like it (B wanted to see it), but I thought the storyline was much better and easier to follow. Marius had an amazing voice!!

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      Yes! Katharine McPhee is amazing! I’m so impressed by her.

      I haven’t seen Once, but now I’m adding it to my Netflix queue! Thanks for the recommendation. And now I want to get tickets to the show.

      We would LOVE to see Book of Mormon and Newsies… and maybe Grace.

      I really, really liked Les Mis the movie. But I also love the stage production. I just think the movie was easier to follow and easier to keep up with the story and the history. I thought they did an amazing job. Yes! Marius’s voice was incredible.

      Thanks for the Once recommendation!

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        I’ll have to look up Grace. I don’t know that show.

        You’ll have to let me know what you think about Once once you see it! I hope you like it!

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    Our daughter is 3.5 and it is such and fun, relatively easy age. We have an 11-month-old son who needs eyes on him all the time. So fun, but so busy! I have been meaning to tell you how thankful I am that you posted Jesus Calling on Instagram a few weeks ago. My mom had a stroke 2 months ago, and each day the devotional is just what I need. It has been a tremendous help to me, and I hope it has been the same for you the last few weeks.

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    You HAVe TO see Once!! It was amazing….the music, the talent, the story, I cried at The end, so so so wonderful!!! I got Tickets day of at tkts, they were 30% off, which is pretty rare for a current Best Musical winner. It was a Wednesday evening show so weekends might be a tougher get.

    Also, Book Of Mormon does (or at least used to) a lottery day of show, enter at 4p and they draw at 5p outside the theater.

    Have so much fun!

  5. says

    I tend to sigh a lot too apparently. So much so that other people notice. To me, it’s just like taking a deep breath.

    I hear ya on the toddlers touching everything thing. My girls touch everything, climb on everything, pull everything out of their toy bins and any drawers/cabinets they can get into. It’s fun watching them explore but geez, can’t they tone it down? Even just a little?

    I spent 1 day in NYC on a whirlwind business trip when I was working. We saw the Producers on Broadway, 3rd row. I’d love to go back!

  6. says

    When you said that sighing makes you feel better, my first thought was that cussing always makes me feel better! HA! I dont do it all that often and I dont feel like its appropriate to ever use certain words and so when I do it seriously makes me feel better….or at least makes me giggle – then I feel better for sure! 🙂

  7. K says

    The last book I read was called The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. It reminded me in a way of Downton Abbey. It’s worth a read, although the ending was a little of a letdown. I also enjoyed a book called Still Missing. Excellent book. The hubby and I saw Silver Linings Playbook and we both enjoyed it a lot. Not to mention that ever time I hear the song my cherie amore, I’ll always think of the movie. We don’t get out to the movies very often now that we have a three month old son, but the last DVD movie we ordered was Looper which was decent (even though time travel movies have a way of confusing me). Not sure if The Heiress is still playing in NYC, but I have a friend who saw it and lived it. The guy who plays Matthew Crawley in Dowtin Abbey is one of the leads. Have a great time in NYC!

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    I’m so glad you enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook! It is one of the few Oscar noms I’ve seen, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I hope it does well! I loved everything about that movie.

    I’m so glad that Smash is back! I’m not sure if we’re supposed to like Ivy either, but I still can’t stand her. I think I’m really going to like the new characters, and can’t wait to see what direction the show takes in season 2!

  9. Jennifer says

    My MIL bought me all four seasons a few years ago and I stopped watching mid-way through Season 2. I use to LOVE this show. I need to start watching it again.

  10. Lynn G says

    We visited NYC in December and saw “The Book of Mormon” and “Once”. Neither of us really liked the BOM but we both loved “Once”. Have a wonderful time!

  11. Courtney says

    Book of Mormon is great, but to enjoy it you need to know its crass and hopefully your not easily offended. Newsies is great and Nice Work if you can get it with Matthew Broderick. If you want some restaurant recs that are budget friendly and not the typical tourist trap let me know and I’ll send you a list of my favorites.

  12. anonymous says

    i saw “side effects” when it opened on friday and was pleasantly surprised. i was also surprised to see a friend of mine (an actress who moved to NY) in it! i was on the fence about jude law, but really liked him in this movie. it was suspenseful and ultimately satisfying.

  13. Michele says

    You MUST see Newsies! I was obsessed with the movie growing up (you’re about a week younger than me) so hopefully you’ve seen the movie, but the broadway show did NOT disappoint. And all the actors come out after and take pics and sign stuff. It was AMAZING!!

  14. says

    I’ve never been to NYC-tragic, I know- but I’d LOVE to see Newsies and then a bigger production like Wicked or something…I love theatre. I hope I get to go someday when I can see several shows.

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