Lawrence Welk, dancing babies, and trumpets

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and emails yesterday. I really appreciated those of you who shared your stories of loss, as well. One of the reasons I continue to blog is because of the connections we can all make with people we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to “know.” I wasn’t sure if I would share this story on my blog or not, but I’m glad that I did, if only for the chance to connect others with similar experiences. 

I’m so thankful for God’s goodness. I trust His plan completely. My peace and hope come from Him alone, and that is such a huge source of comfort to me. 

Today, I wanted to share just a couple of funny videos that I took on my phone when we were visiting my parents after Christmas. I finally put them on You Tube and they just make me giggle.

When we were at KK and Poppie’s house, we happened to turn the TV past the Lawrence Welk Show. Hayes and Hudson love music, and Hayes is still at the fun age where he completely lacks self awareness and is willing to dance his little tail off whenever the mood strikes him.

He absolutely loved the Lawrence Welk Show. I’m sure that will be a statement he’ll be trying to live down for many years, but we loved watching him watch the show.

My dad played the trumpet for a long time, and still has his trumpet. Hudson is fascinated by instruments. So when my dad got his trumpet out for Hudson to see, Hudson was so excited to try to play it.

We were just impressed that he was able to make a sound!


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    Hey sweet Erin, I need to comment more. It’s been ages, but I follow & love your blog. After reading your last post, I just wanted to tell you I am thinking of you. =) And also, it looks like the boys might have a future in some kind of tv song/dance special? Trumpets & dancing! I’d watch it! Love, Meryl

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