the weekend of sickies

We had a really quiet weekend around here.

On Friday night, Todd and I went to dinner with some of our friends that we hadn’t seen in a really long time. We had a blast catching up over dinner. But we got a call from Todd’s dad that Hayes had gotten sick at dinner.

So we went to check on Hayes. His grandparents had gotten him cleaned up and put to bed. He was in good spirits and slept great that night.

But around midnight, we woke up to the sound of Hudson crying. And he had gotten sick, too. We spent most of the night up with Hudson trying to keep him comfortable. Changing and washing sheets and changing his clothes. Our house fell victim to the stomach bug of 2013 and I just felt so bad for the boys.

On Saturday, I worked my Clean Sweep for Junior League early that morning and then went to get some crackers and ginger ale for Hudson. He had a much better day, and neither boy got sick that day.

But they spent all day Saturday and Sunday at home, just making sure they were feeling great and not contagious before being exposed to others.

Todd and I felt pretty crummy today, and we’re praying that it doesn’t get much worse.

At some point on Friday, I completely lost my voice and it didn’t return until about mid-way through the day on Sunday. Not having a voice can be so frustrating.

But it also made me think a lot about using my words carefully. I’ve touched on this before, but when you don’t have a voice, you know you need to save your voice for when you really need it. So I did my best not to talk most of the weekend except when I absolutely had to.

And so I’m going to try to carry that with me this week, with a perfectly fine voice. I don’t want to speak too much “noise” into my family’s day, and don’t want to do it with my online relationships either.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen all of these pictures already, but these are just tidbits from our lazy weekend at home while we all recovered from the sickies.

My sweet baby just doing his best to distract himself from the sickies.

When we took this picture, he said, “Oh my gosh!” Ha! This is his “oh my gosh” face.

He loves his “Melmo” slippers.

Sweet little Hudson was so sad on Saturday. He just kept saying, “I think I’m feeling better. I don’t want to be sick anymore.” On Saturday afternoon he had a bit of a fever, but he was back to his happy self by that evening.

Hudson’s favorite bed time book is his Zonderkids Beginner’s Bible . His favorite story lately has been the story of John the Baptist. Hudson thinks he’s funny “because he eats honey and bugs.” John the Baptist was an interesting guy. I love getting to see the Bible stories through Hudson’s eyes and seeing which stories he thinks are the most interesting.

I hope you all had a great weekend. We’re looking forward to a good week and looking forward to being healthy this week!






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  1. Danielle says

    We love the Beginner’s Bible too. I had a version when I was small, and we love reading a couple stories as a family before bed.

    I hope everyone is in the mend!

  2. says

    Yay for quiet weekends, but boo for the sickies! Glad the little ones are on mend. Sadly all 4 of us are battling allergies and the poor kiddos look horrible with watery eyes and runny noses and sneezing like crazy!

  3. says

    So sorry you guys have been sick! My Mom called me today and they’ve caught “the bug” from someone and are so sick today. It’s definitely going around. We’re fighting ear infections and strep. Ugh. Come on spring! 🙂

    Great reminder about our words. Thank you for that.

    The boys are so cute…even when sick. Can’t believe how big Hayes looks in those pictures. He’s growing up.

    Have a great week!

  4. anonymous says

    i’m glad you all survived the weekend and seem to be on the mend. even sick, your little men are so snuggable. and how adorable is hayes in that puppy sweater??!! thanks for the reminder about our words. i’m working on (a) listening more than i speak and (b) asking for what i need clearly and nicely, but without all the fluff (apologies explanation, exasperation etc. etc), but i’ll tell ya – it’s HARD.

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