our weekend and a picture dump

Our weekend got started on Friday morning with a very special event at preschool.

For many, many years (in fact, a sweet girl left me a comment on Instagram that she had participated in this event when she was Hudson’s age), Hudson preschool has put on a circus for the 3 year olds.

All four of the 3 year old classes get together to perform a circus for their parents and friends. The kids get to choose what they want to be out of a clown, lion, tiger, acrobat, strong man, horseback rider, or an elephant.

The clowns opened the show by riding their bikes and performing funny little skits. They were all so cute and so silly!

Hudson chose to be a tiger. The lions and tigers came out in a row and crawled across the chairs and then “jumped” through the hoop at the end of the line.

My little ferocious tiger, Hudson, did a great job!

At the end of their little routine they all gave us their biggest “roar.” Ridiculously cute!

Hudson’s good buddy, Dolan, was a “strong man.” The circus was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’m already excited about the day that Hayes gets to participate. The preschool provided all of the costumes for the kids. So the parents just had to show up and be entertained!

On Friday night, our church had “Kids Night In.” The church provides child care for the kids while the parents go out to eat or hang out with their Sunday school classes. We had a great time with our friends at Pasta Fresca, and the boys had a great night at church with their friends.

On Saturday, we had two birthday parties to attend. The first was a super hero party for a little boy in Hudson’s class. All the little boys in the class were invited and they were encouraged to wear their super hero costumes.

Hudson wanted to be Spider Man.

The mother of the birthday boy did the best job putting on this party for the boys. It was so cute! She thought of every super hero detail. The boys had to complete an obstacle course to earn their “medal” to be able to serve and protect people.

And then they each got their own, personalized, super hero cape.

We went to Mary Elizabeth’s birthday party and played with lots of friends from Hayes’s class that night.

On Saturday night we got to Face Time with KK and Poppie while they were in Louisiana. Hayes loves Face Time. I think he thinks that we should always be able to see people when we’re talking on the phone.

We had a great morning at church on Sunday and then got the boys out so Hudson could ride his bike. He is doing so well! He pedals really well. He has a difficult time getting started again once he stops, but I’m so excited about how well he’s doing.

And Hayes just likes to ride around in his Cozy Coupe police car that Santa brought him. He mostly goes backwards and then spends his time getting in and out of the car over and over again. But, boy, he loves that car!

I have lots more pictures from Christmas and January to share, but I may just go back and do that later.

We had a really great weekend. I was so tired and felt pretty down a lot of the weekend, but my boys kept me busy and being with my family just makes me so happy. I’m so thankful for them.

I got to end the weekend with a sushi girls night with six friends. It was great to catch up with everyone!

How was your weekend?


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