{Giveaway} Day 1 of Favorite Things: RAZ Plush Nativity Set

Nina and I are both so excited to share this item with you for our first day of 12 Days of Favorite Things. Because if we had to pick a number one favorite, this would be it!

I got my boys a RAZ Plush Nativity Set last year for Christmas, and they had the best time playing with it throughout December.

This year, I got a few sets to give as gifts and I think they’re just so much fun for kids to look at and learn the story of the nativity, but they can also play with the set without damaging it.

The plush nativity set is colorful and each little nativity character is about 9 inches tall. Perfect for under the tree or even on a table top. Your kids can play with it every year and it looks cute with all of your decor! This is also a fantastic gift to give this season.

We’ll be using Rafflecopter for all of the giveaway entries for the 12 Days of Favorite Things giveaways. Once you enter the giveaway on either Blue-Eyed Bride or According to Nina, you are automatically entered for both blogs. Just follow the steps on Rafflecopter to enter! 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. says

    Erin, this is adorable! I LOVE nativities, and loved to play with them when I was little, but Dell Harper is a bit too young to play with my handmade ones. This is perfect!

  2. Susan says

    I would LOVE this for my little girl! She will be 1 a couple of days before Christmas and I need a kid-friendly nativity….this is too adorable!

    • says

      Hey ladies!

      I hope you all come back here to read my response, but I’ll have it here so everyone can see it. 🙂

      I purchased all of my RAZ Imports Nativity Sets this summer when I was at Market, so I got them in bulk and at wholesale prices. BUT… you should all just do a Google search for them. There are various online sellers that have sold them before. They may be hard to find this time of year. Be sure to check Amazon and Ebay. And if you can’t find them now, start looking again around May, June, July of 2013 when the Christmas stuff for next year rolls back out. RAZ Imports made them last year and did them again this year, so I’m sure they’ll do them again in 2013.

      Thank you all for entering!


  3. says

    Love the nativity, but I am searching high and low for the set of three Raz mesh trees you had in your Christmas post last year! Have you seen those for sale recently?

  4. Hoosiermeema says

    Unfortunately, I’m not on facebook, but I sure do hope I can still enter! I love that nativity! I collect em!

  5. Pam says

    I would love to be entered for this giveaway since I could give the Nativity to my grandchild, but i am not on Facebook, so the Rafflecopter won’t work for me.


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