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Last week, our Sunday school class went to see the musical production of The Story here in town. Amazing artists like Natalie Grant, Selah, Nichole Nordeman, and Jeremy Camp sang the beautiful songs that tell the stories of people from the Bible.

The purpose of The Story is to show us and remind us why God created people. He wanted fellowship with us. And then we failed and sinned, so He sent Jesus to live with us and walk with us. And then He died so that our sins could be forgiven, and that we could, once again, have that beautiful fellowship with God and spend eternity with Him.

In The Story, we hear the stories of Adam and Eve, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Mary, Paul, The Disciples, and many more.

And while we sat there and listened to the words of these songs and heard the stories of these people, it hit me. These characters from the Bible? Are people. They are normal, flawed, sinful people.

Their stories have been told for thousands of years and still apply to so many of our lives.

Maybe you’re incredibly insecure like Moses. Maybe you’re broken like Job, but still praise His name in the midst of your brokenness.

Or maybe you and your spouse have prayed for a baby for years like Abraham and Sarah, and you’re trying so hard to be faithful. Maybe you have the most innocent faith like Mary and don’t feel significant enough for God to use you in any way, but you know He will.

Maybe you were once hated Christians, but now you’re on fire for the Lord like Paul.

The really amazing thing is that God loves us all so much, and our stories are here to be told. He can use each of us to reach just one person.

In the spirit of giving this Christmas, our family has decided to help play a supporting role in the story of a child. We can’t adopt a child and bring them into our home, but we can sponsor a child.

Through child sponsorship with Compassion International, we’re able to help our sponsored child, Hosea, with the things that he needs and the things that he has prayed for.

Compassion International has a Christmas gift catalog where we can help pick out some of the items that Hosea has mentioned to us in his letters. Things like water, goats, protection from disease, and maybe even a gift for a mom and a new baby. And this year we may choose to sponsor another child like Hosea.

The possibility of playing just a small role in this child’s story is enough reason to do it. And, of course, there are the lasting benefits that this will have on our own children as they learn about Hosea and what it means to give to others in this way.

I hope that you and your family will consider child sponsorship this Christmas, and pray about the supporting role you may play in a child’s life.

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  1. says

    I absolutely love this post! What a wonderful night you were able to experience and what a beautiful way to tell of it’s impact and importance. As for Compassion…I can’t say enough good things about our experiences with Compassion. My husband and I get so much JOY out of the letters we get from our little boy and it’s just a treat each time that special envelope in the mail box. What a blessing for us to have him in our lives. Thanks for sharing your heart and this post!

  2. Andrea Conrad says

    Love this post!!! My family sponsors 2 children from Compassion International and it is amazing! It’s such a treat to write to them and receive letters back. It’s a great learning opportunity for us all and my kids love it!

  3. Julie says

    I just love this post. Compassion International is so amazing. They are located just up the street from were I live and my sister and law works for them. I see the impact directly when she travels with them to let people meet their sponsor children. They are full of love and joy. They are so thankful for their sponsors.

    I also have a friend who is giving her 3 year old a sponsor child for his birthday. She wanted him to be able to share a birthday with him and start working on his giving heart. I must say I can’t wait to do this with my child next year when she turns 3.

  4. says

    It’s coming here Thursday and I just found out about it but we already have plans to see the city’s Christmas tree lighting with friends. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it!

  5. says

    We just received our Compassion packet for the little boy we are sponsoring, Clemence. He is 5 and from Ghana. It was so hard to have to “pick” a child so I put in my daughter’s birth date and there he was! It had been on my heart for sometime to do something in this direction and then a girl that I knew from youth group in high school post her Compassion letter for one of her days of Thanks in November and it really stirred my heart and I knew that was the direction the Lord are pointing us in. I have a feeling that this little boy may bless our lives just as much, if not more, then we could possibly do for him. God is SO good!

  6. says

    We sponsored our first child when we paid off all of our credit card debt. We realized we were doing so well financially, and I really felt God tugging at my heart to now “pay it forward” and help someone else. Our little guy’s name is Jeff, and I love receiving the letters and drawings from him!

  7. Becky Fouts says

    Thank you for posting about Compassion!!! We sponsor 6 children, and hope to sponsor more in the future. If you have nudged anyone to listen to the Holy Spirit, and pour themselves out for the needy by sponsoring a child, your have been blessed by God to be used by Him!!!

    Love the music from The Story, can’t imagine how awesome it was to see the performance!

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