planning our nursery

When I first found out that Hudson would be a boy, I had some early plans for the nursery. I wanted it to be happy, bright, and gender neutral for the most part.

I wanted to focus on a lot of yellows, greens, some red and some blue. I found about five different fabrics and focused on decorating a nursery around those fabrics. My mom is a decorator and I felt so fortunate that she was able to help me plan and give me some great resources to find our furniture and choose colors.

We had an old antique pie safe that had been in our family for a long time. I decided to refinish it, remove the doors, and use it for storage and display shelves in the nursery. I love the way it turned out! We displayed books, frames, some keepsake gifts and a stack of folded baby blankets.

I decided to paint the walls a yummy buttery yellow. We loved the idea of painting vertical stripes on one of the walls. Fortunately, we hired a painter to do that job!

It took a long time to find the perfect rug. I searched for months and finally found one at a nice home furnishings store, but it was sold out. We happened to find it on eBay one day and we were so excited!

We ended up having the beddings and curtains custom made because I was kind of particular about what kind of “boy bedding” I wanted. We also found a comfortable glider and glider ottoman that we had recovered in fabric to match. Next to the chair, we had a small end table covered with a table cloth that matched the bedding. This was so great at bed time and middle of the night feedings. There’s a clock on that table, and a lamp and white noise machine. Instead of just a changing table, we decided to get a changing table top to go on top of a larger dresser. We needed as much storage as we could get and we also needed a changing table.

My favorite thing about the nursery is the art work that our dear family friend painted for us. She told us that she prayed for Hudson while she painted the art, and she also painted all of her prayers for him. If you look closely, you can see words like discernment, wisdom, friendship, faithfulness, etc. It makes me tear up every time I look at it.

On one of the walls, we put a picture of Todd, Boudreaux, and me from our engagement session. This is one of our favorite pictures and we wanted to have a picture of us in Hudson’s room.

When Hayes was born, we switched up the artwork so that his name is now on the wall, but everything else stayed the same. I loved being able to use all of our nursery furnishings and decor again for our second baby. Our nursery is still my favorite room in our house, and I’m so sad to leave it when we move from here. I feel like the nursery is the one room in the house where you can just decorate exactly how you want to and let your creativity flow!

How did you decorate your nursery? Did you want a bright nursery or a calm nursery? Did you have a theme?

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    I totally recognize your engagement picture! I remember back in 2007 I had bookmarked (before pinterest, obviously) this picture for a “family picture” of my husband and I with our dog, Scruffy to give to my photographer for reference!

    HOw fun!!!

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