the baby carrier

When we first registered for baby items for Hudson, I didn’t register for any kind of baby carrier. You know, the kind you wear. I had a pre-conceived notion of “baby-wearers” and I just didn’t think I was a baby-wearer.

I thought that baby-wearers went hiking and cloth diapered and breastfed in public without feeling the least bit self-conscious. And, sure, some of them do. But as the months went on and I was carrying around my 18 pound three month old, I realized that baby-wearers were geniuses.

It was around the time that I went on my second flight with Hudson by myself that I realized that the whole flying with a baby thing would be a lot easier if I could be hands-free. I could wear Hudson and carry my bags and board the flight without any problems.

It just so happened that my cousin had an extra baby carrier that you wear on the front. Hudson was a little too big for my to try a wrap or a sling at that point, so I tried the baby carrier where his little legs dangled out of the bottom. We were it on the flight home and Hudson seriously slept the whole time. It was wonderful.

After that, I’d just wear it around the house if I needed to clean or cook. Especially during the witching hour! The ability to hold him while getting other things done just made life so much easier.

And he often fell asleep while we just walked around the house.

With Hayes, I bought a really nice wrap to wear. I wish I could say I liked it as much as the other carrier. But he just got so smushed in the wrap and he and I were never comfortable. If I could sit around with him in the wrap, it would have been perfect. But trying to get lots of things done while wearing the wrap was just uncomfortable to me. Although I know a lot of moms love it.

I took Hayes to Market in Atlanta and we shopped for two days. He was only 2.5 months old, but having him in the carrier was perfect. I could stop to feed him and then I’d put him back in the carrier, and he’d nap while we got all of our shopping done.

How about you? Did you use a baby carrier? Did you love it?

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  1. says

    I’m a huge proponent of baby wearing, but you definitely need to have the right carrier. We have an Ergo carrier that I feel is worth its weight in gold– I can still carry my 25lb 21 month old around when necessary, and we are both comfortable. If you go for #3, I highly highly recommend it.

    • says

      I completely agree with Erin. I love my Ergo, and so does 26 lb toddler. We started using it when he was just a week or two old with the infant insert, and haven’t looked back. My husband as always liked it too, because it gives him some quality snuggle time with our wiggly little boy.

  2. says

    I use a wrap and a sling and I fall into all your preconceived ideas about those who wear their babies: I hike, cloth diaper and breastfeed in public.

  3. Jeannie K says

    I was like you and wasn’t sure if I was a baby wearer at first. It didn’t work well with my son, but I think it has some definite benefits for mother and child. I tried a wrap for about two hours at the mall and never again. My son and I both hated it. But I want to get a Baby Bjorn for our next baby because I’ve heard good things about them from friends. However, I’ve seen a pin on pinterest that talks about how carriers are bad for the baby’s hips. Have you heard anything about that?

  4. says

    LOVE my Ergo. I use a sling as well when they are little, but the Ergo is amazing and both my husband and I can wear it without any problems. It’s super duper easy and worth every last penny!!!

  5. says

    One of my biggest regrets is not figuring out the baby carrier when Henry was a newborn. I could have done SO MANY THINGS. Like eat with two hands!

    But, we’re babywearing pros now. He likes being snuggled up in the carrier and I like that people don’t try to touch him when we’re out and about.

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