Bubble Necklaces!

I had to share this deal with all of you real quick!

Groop Dealz is having a great sale on bib bubble necklaces for the next couple of days! I know these are every where right now — for just $19.99. They look great with everything. And this price is so good!


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  1. says

    Do you have a bubble necklace? This is a great deal! I actually just ordered one from eBay last week-I got the apple green one and can’t wait to get it! Maybe I should get another color…or two! 🙂

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing! I ordered yellow! Still $20 cheaper than the Vestique knockoff! I had the turquoise 1st generation one from J. Crew & it fell apart. Don’t recommend investing in one!

  3. says

    you cannot imagine how excited i was to see your comment yesterday! thanks for making me smile yesterday! i love these necklaces and i am going to have to purchase immediately! cheers!

  4. PSP says

    Hi Erin –

    I’ve posted this on ILYMTC too. Just wanted to make you aware of the drama behind GroopDealz and this necklace. The short story is that it seems to have been a scam. Check out their facebook – most of us haven’t gotten our necklaces and are being ignored by the company!
    Just wanted to make you aware. I’m not sure if this was a sponsored post or not but I’d think twice before promoting it in order to protect your reputation (which is fantastic!)

  5. Angela says

    Is anyone concerned? Have you checked your credit card statements to see who was charged? Who do we contact? I bought mine from the Facebook link, also…I’m such a dummy! Should have known it was a scam…

  6. PSP says

    Angela- did you pay via PayPal? If so, you may still be able to file a claim. Otherwise, I’d suggest contacting the BBB. groopdealz is aka groopville inc.

  7. Tinsley says

    I havent either. I guess Ill just have to call my credit card company bc they charged me when I originally bought the necklace about 6 weeks ago and sent me a confirmation email but I have not seen anything yet I have written the company 7 emails and tried to call them several times but the mailbox is full and no emails have been answered. If someone has some info on this please let me know. Thanks

  8. Workathomemom says

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I am a vendor and had just recently had a deal there which went well. It was my first time working with Groopdealz so I did not know how they pay their vendors. My items are already in stock and ready to be ship. After the deal ended I was awaiting to hear something back about payment. But when I did not hear back I contacted them. Groopdealz informed me that they send payment by check. I was surprised because most daily deal sites I have worked with usually pays quickly through money transfer or paypal. They said it would take 7 days to process the check and then mail out! It’s been a few days now and I still have not receive payment. I am getting emails from buyers about their orders. 🙁 I am not sure what else to do besides tell everyone who purchased the item that I am still awaiting payment. I don’t think I will sell on there again.

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