an eventful Tuesday

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. Our wonderful babysitter, Mrs. Becky, arrived at our house around 8:45. I always schedule any appointments for Tuesday mornings and always plan to run my errands at that time. Mrs. Becky is going to come every Tuesday morning this summer unless we’re out of town– and she didn’t come last week because of VBS.

Hayes had a doc band appointment in Lexington, and Hudson was going to stay at home with Mrs. Becky since he has the beginning stages of a sickness. I’m just hoping it’s not hand foot and mouth.

Hayes and I went to his appointment where he toddled around the hallway and made friends with all of the big athletes and physical therapists at the clinic. He’s still getting used to walking in shoes. He prefers to walk barefoot.

This was his very last regular appointment. Next week we’ll go back to Charlotte for his “exit” appointment. They have to do all of the big scans and photographs in Charlotte instead of at the Lexington satellite clinic. Hayes and I have both loved all of the staff and therapists with Cranial Technology. I can’t believe in one week we’ll be completely done with this process. And Hayes’s little noggin is looking so good.

I’m very thankful for the time on Tuesday mornings that Mrs. Becky is going to come this summer. The boys adore her and we feel so comfortable having her at the house. Without MDO or preschool, there are very few days when I get a little bit of time to myself to get out and run some errands. It’s amazing how many more errands I can run when it’s just me.

I either like to schedule any doctor, dentist, or hair appointments for Tuesdays or have Hayes’s appointments on Tuesdays. Today after Hayes’s appointment, I dropped him back off at home and got him settled down for a nap. Then I had a long list of things I needed to get done.

First I ran and picked up two gifts for a couple of new mothers-to-be. Then I ran to drop off my watch with the jeweler. After that, I stopped into Starbucks. I brought my computer with me and just sat at a table by myself and responded to as many emails as I could and did a little bit of blog maintenance. (I try so hard to stay off the computer in the evenings, so this time was great for me today.) Todd and I found a bunch of Starbucks gift cards this weekend in the container where we keep our mail, so I was in need of a latte!

I ended up running by the grocery store to pick up a few things and then I dropped them off at home before I ran to pick up Todd from work. Todd and I have only had lunch together about five times in the last three years. And today seemed like a great opportunity! It was so relaxing and just great to be with him in the middle of the day. What a fun surprise!

By noon, I felt like I had accomplished so much! I got home to feed the boys lunch and put them down for naps. I laid down with Hudson for about an hour and read to him until he fell asleep. It was just a nice afternoon.

We had a Holiday Market Decorations meeting tonight and then I came home to finish up some decorations for a women’s event at church tomorrow night.

It was an unusually eventful day, but I’m glad I was able to knock out so many things. And just so, so thankful for Mrs. Becky and her willingness to come every Tuesday morning when we need her.




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  1. anonymous says

    hayes is too cute! i can’t believe you only have one week left. no doubt they’re gonna miss him at Cranial Technology.

  2. says

    The new design looks great! I love days that make you feel like a rock-star mom! It’s nice to be able to get so much accomplished and I’m glad you get to have a little break on Tuesdays thanks to Mrs. Becky. Aren’t lunch dates so great?! Erik and I don’t get to do them often either because we work on opposite sides of towns or use our lunches to workout, but it is SUCH a treat when we do!

  3. says

    Weekly babysitters help you feel sane. I love having the chance to run a few errands solo. Even mundane chores like the bank and the cleaners give frazzled mothers a welcomed respite!

  4. Karen says

    My daughter has been in her band for 8 weeks and we just love the staff at Cranial Technology in Charlotte. We are sure going to miss them when Whitney is finishes. I see Shirley pictured above :). I hope you post before and after pictures of Hayes!

  5. Crewladedrinka says

    Holy cow! I can’t believe u got all that done before lunch! Bravo
    Maybe I should get sitter…
    Glad Hayes is doing so well!

  6. Kristen says

    Yay for a productive morning! 🙂 So glad you had such a nice day. And a BIG YAY for a lunch date! Charles and I have them once a week and they are so precious to me!!

  7. says

    Such a good idea to dedicate a day once a week to just regroup and get chores/etc done. Must free you up (mentally too!) for the rest of the week.

    I am trying to stay off the PC in the evenings too and get things done in the morning or during my lunch break. So far it’s EH lol.

  8. says

    That’s so awesome that Hayes is almost done with his doc band! How long was he in it total? It didn’t seem like very long. At our last appointment (two weeks ago) we were told 3 more months for Miss Tillie. 🙁 She was making good progress but seems to be slowing down with her growth.

  9. says

    First, I LOVE your new blog design!!

    Second, isn’t it amazing how much more you can get done without kiddos in tow? It’s so nice to just ride in the car in silence sometimes too. 🙂

    Love that you have help on Tuesdays…you will never regret doing that!

    Hope you guys have a great summer, friend!

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