Hudson's 3rd birthday celebration

When we set the date for our beach vacation, we wanted to have it around Hudson’s birthday. We decided that instead of a big party with his friends, we’d have a fun family party while we were all at the beach. All of the grandparents would already be there, we could do presents, cake, and lots and lots of beach and pool time.

On the morning of Hudson’s birthday, we had the table at the beach house covered in presents from Todd and me, KK and Poppie, and RC and PC. We had also gone to Publix in Mt. Pleasant the night before to pick up a bunch of balloons for him, including a Toy Story balloon.

When Hudson woke up and came into the breakfast room, we were all singing “Happy Birthday” to him. He saw all of his “people,” all of his presents and there were candles to blow out in an Eggo waffle. Big fun!

He opened his presents and got some really fun things. This is the first year we’ve really done birthday presents for him, and it was fun watching him get into it.

He got a fun Melissa & Doug sandwich set, a bubble lawn mower, a Leap Pad, a doctor’s kit, and a really fun pop up tunnel and tent that he and Hayes can play in together!

I think his favorite “present” of the day was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse card that played the theme song. He thought that was pretty great. And Hayes loved dancing along to the music.

We spent the day on the beach making sand castles and playing in the water. Todd, Poppie, and RC were all great about getting out in the ocean with Hudson to throw the football or just toss Hudson up in the air and catch him.

He was pretty exhausted when he got done playing. Exhausted and cold! This picture just makes me laugh.

During naps, I fixed bow tie fiesta because Hudson really does like it. He didn’t happen to eat it that night (surprise, surprise), but that’s the appetite of a preschooler. The day before his birthday, I ordered a dinosaur cake from Publix for him and it was just the greatest thing! This cake was pretty cheesy, but Hudson absolutely loved it. It had dinosaurs, trees, volcanos, and any other fun thing a boy that loves dinosaurs would like. Hudson flipped out and started screaming about how much he loves dinosaurs as soon as he saw the cake. And Publix cakes just taste the best!

It was a great day. A really great, low stress, fun day for all of us. And I know that our precious boy felt celebrated.

And just to prove that birthdays are not exempt from meltdowns, here is a picture from about five seconds before Hudson saw his birthday cake. Full meltdown mode.

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  1. says

    Publix cakes are the best, aren’t they? I got a custom birthday cake once from a local bakery in town and it just didn’t match up!

  2. Christina Mitchell says

    I told you we were sisters. I got that same cake for my little guy last year. Happy bday Hudson! Glad you had a blast.

  3. says

    So much fun!! Everything is adorable as usual. Glad y’all got to spend a day your time at the beach! Thankfully that day wasn’t a rainy day! It’s nothing but rain over here today. No beach time!

  4. says

    so great, we opted for a family 3rd bday too and it was so fun and stress free…the way to go for sure! we got a pretty cheesy cake from publix too, lightening and mater in all their Cars glory and you would have thought it was the greatest thing in his life…cheesy but nothing better!

  5. Jenny says

    OH MY GOODNESS, our neighbor gave my son (2 – his birthday was on Cinco de Mayo like Hayes :)) that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse card, and he carries that thing EVERYWHERE and seriously loves it so much. Who would have thought???? It was seriously his very favorite birthday gift.

    Hudson is looking so BIG BOYISH and precious (sniff sniff). What a handsome young man.

    Seriously, isn’t being a Mom to sweet little boys the best?

    Love this recap. Have a great day.

  6. Jessica says

    Love that you did a low-key, beach birthday for Hudson’s third! The big parties with the fun decor are great – and you are so talented and creative in getting them all put together perfectly, but the little family ones are just as important (and a lot less stressful!) Looks like you guys, and the birthday boy in particular, had a great time:)

  7. says

    Precious! Looks like a great family getaway and birthday weekend for Hud man. I totally got a bubble lawn mower for my 3rd birthday! I only know this because it was a big joke between my parents and my aunts and uncles to see who could get each others kids the loudest and potentially annoying gifts. I loved that thing. I’m sure they arent as loud anymore.

  8. step moMster says

    i love ALL the pics erin! pre-cake sighting meltdown, cold and tired after hours in the water AND smiling at his adorable cake. all of them are just precious. thanks for sharing them all 🙂

  9. says

    Aww, I’m sure he loved it! We have been thinking about the same thing!! We will be going very close to both the boys’ birthdays and have been debating doing a family partay there or have one here when we get back……. Super low stress (and much less money) vs. …..?? 🙂 It sounded like the whole vacay was wonderful! I’m so glad!

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