Oh yes. I’ve been bitten by the bug. The Twilight bug.

My days, when not chasing a toddler and a preschooler, have been completely consumed with reading all about Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the Cullens on my Kindle app on my iPhone.

I’ve been staying awake until 1:00 a.m. reading under the covers.

I’m eating my words here. I swore I’d never read Twilight. I’m just not “into” vampires.


So what? I’m loving it! Loving. It.

I finished New Moon today and I’m eager to get started on Eclipse.


p.s. I’m on Team Edward.

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  1. says

    Boom! You just won. It totally sucks you in right {pun intended}!!! I could seriously live in that world {and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare! Holy amazing-ness!}

    I’m on Team Edward too. But, I’m Team Jacob’s abs in the film. Eclipse is my favorite of the series.

  2. says

    I read all three of them in January. Finished them in three days too. It was a little ridiculous! And I was the same way…swore I would never read them. Now after seeing all the movies too (which are not very good by the way) I can’t wait for the fifth one to release in November. 🙂

    And I’ve downloaded the 50 Shades books but I can’t start them till I have an empty week of time.

  3. says

    hahahaha! I love it. I swore up and down too and lo and behold, KT started traveling for work so I bought into it. And LOVED every minute of it. I went looking for book two at Barnes & Noble and couldn’t find it. Oh, that’s because it was in the “teen” section or something like that. I grabbed it so fast, toted ALL of my kids to the register and checked out before anyone could see. Ha! 🙂 TEAM EDWARD all the way.

  4. says

    I had zero interest, but a gal at work kept bugging me about reading the books then gave them to me as she finished them. I was hooked quickly. I think I read the first book in 2 days – I swear I didn’t sleep at all! I was so Team Edward….I swore that I would never switch teams. That was until… Taylor L. turned 18 (right after he showed up on the big screen shirtless). Wow. That is all I have to say about that:)


  5. says

    I made fun of everyone who was reading them back in 2008, then I made the mistake of picking one up. I tore through the 1st 3. I’m saving the final book till the last movie comes out so I can finish it then go see it.

  6. says

    I really enjoyed that series, I don’t even care that I’m way too old for it haha. New Moon was my least favorite of the 4. I enjoyed all of them though.

    I’m Team Edward as well. Always have been

  7. says

    yay! another convert! it’s silly but so addicting. my husband makes fun of me but likes to watch the movies anyways 😛

  8. says

    it’s unnatural how hard it is to stop reading them once you start. and i could hardly stand the writing! and bella is a disaster! but i read them all, plus the “leaked” manuscript Midnight Sun, Edward’s version of the first few chapters of the first book (i think it’s available on her website).

    if you ask me, edward is a (sometimes ridiculous) man and jacob is a silly boy.

  9. says

    I always said I would never read them either! My sister had bought the movie Twilight when it came out (after she had read all 4 books) and I watched it with her. I started reading the book that night and was hooked!! ENJOY!!

  10. says

    If you like the Twilight books, you might try reading the Sookie Stackhouse series if you haven’t already. I think of them as kind of like “adult” twilight.
    I loved the Twilight books btw:)

  11. Crewladedrinka says

    I think there has been such a stigma around these books b/c the movies had such a crazed teen following and the first movie was very teenish( but still rob p is hot in them). I had no desire to see the movie or read the books until after I saw the 1st movie last oct and a friend encouraged me to read the books and, of course, I was hooked. It really is a great story! And really hard to tear yourself away. I may have read them um .. twice…b/c I just wasn’t ready for the story to be over! Glad u r enjoying them!

  12. says

    That’s so funny. I’ve never read them either, but just started reading the first one a few days ago!! I’m liking it so far!

  13. says

    Isn’t it crazy how easily they suck you in despite resistance and skepticism?? I loved them, and as a fellow Team Edward girl, Eclipse was definitely my favorite. The movies though- ehhh. I’ve seen them all, but they definitely don’t compare to the books.

    I recently finished the Shades trilogy and the Divergent/Insurgent books. Loved all of those. Took “Summer Rental” by Mary Kay Andrews to the beach. It was a cute, summery, quick read. Now I need to pick up something new…what did you think of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt? Any other suggestions?

  14. says

    oh I absolutely LOVED those books – I got bitten by the bug about 2 years ago and read all 4 in a row without sleeping!

  15. says

    I am taking these books to the beach with me. I love the movies and want to read the books. Have you seen the movies? I’m Team Jacob!

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