Hayes's First Fiesta: the birthday boy and friends!

Okay, I’m finally getting around to posting the remaining pictures that Rachel took from Hayes’s party. There were so many amazing pictures of Hayes, our family, and our friends! It took me forever to decide which ones to post and then there were still too many.

We were so thankful to have about 50 of our friends and family there. We invited friends with kids and friends without kids. So many of our friends have kids that are Hudson’s age or Hayes’s age. And a lot of our friends have kids both of our kids’ ages. It’s so much fun to get them all together!

At Hayes’s party, everyone just ate and the kids ran around and had a great time just running. Then Hayes devoured his cake. He defined “smash cake” that day. He absolutely loved it!

So this post is really just a picture dump, but I just have to post them for my memories. Enjoy!

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  1. Mindy says

    so fun!! and i LOVE that you gave hayes the whole cake! i’ve seen way to many people give a slice or a cupcake. i say give them cake! what an amazing party…your boys are so cute!

  2. Beth says

    LOve love love..the one of Hayes and the moustache!! He definitely liked his cake and party..you always do such an amazing job!!

  3. says

    Oh, Hayes…diving face first into your cake?! You, sweet boy, know how to party! 🙂 Seriously, the smash cake pictures were PRECIOUS!!

  4. says

    Everything turned out AMAZING!!! It looks like everyone had a fantastic time and the decorations are so cute! Loved all the photos and thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. says

    What a fun theme! The colors are awesome! And the tables looked great! Was this all in your yard or did you use a park? I always love when a baby acutally smashes their cake…it’s always a little disappointing when all they do is poke at it 😉 What a fun day!

  6. says

    What a great idea for a party! Julia’s bday is May 3, and it never even dawned on me to do this theme. You are so creative. And the babies are beautiful!

  7. Christine says

    Found your adorable party on pinterest. I read that you made the poms on the table with paper napkins…. can you give me detailed instructions? — I would like to make them for an upcoming party. What did you use as the stem? and how did you connect it so they were sad a floppy? Thanks in advance!!

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