what's on your packing list?

I feel like there needs to be a packing list that comes inside every diaper bag. When babies are teeny tiny, they need so much stuff. It’s all little-bitty stuff, but it’s still needed. And good grief, if you forget just one little thing, you have a tiny time bomb that could go off and change the course of your whole outing!

Hayes is completely unpredictable on even the smallest outing. He could go through as many as 5 diapers on a two-hour trip. Not even joking.

Hudson and Hayes both need a spare change of clothes. I have started putting a spare set for Hudson in a large plastic bag and leaving it in the car. His most common accident is spilled milk. And it’s not that uncommon for us to use Hayes’s spare clothes. I put his change of clothes in the diaper bag and usually need a new set of clothes packed in there every few days.

I pack a bottle because you just never know when you’ll need it. I also have a small formula dispenser that I keep in the bag, and I’ll just put however many servings of formula I need in the dispenser.

When Hayes was born, we received a really cute wipes container. It is covered in adorable car fabric, and I just refill it every few days or so. It doesn’t take up much space in the bag.

I try to have the diaper bag all ready to go at all times. If we’re just running errands, I’ll throw my wallet into the diaper bag with a couple of my little pouches that hold lipstick, a makeup compact, pens, etc. If we’re going to church and I need to leave the diaper bag with Hayes, I have a different plan: I pack the diaper bag for Hayes and leave it in his nursery room. I always have things for Hudson in my diaper bag, too, but when I’m dropping them off somewhere, I pack Hudson’s small little backpack with a cup and a couple of diapers and wipes to take to his nursery room. And then I pack my purse for me.

Even if we’re going on a very short outing, I just know I can’t leave the house without a diaper or two. We’ve had plenty of scenarios when I’ve either forgotten to refill the wipes container or forgotten the bottle but packed the formula. Time bomb goes off.

So what’s your strategy? Do you leave all of the essentials in the car so you know you have plenty, no matter what? What lessons in diaper bag packing have you learned? Do you pack up the entire nursery or just dash out of the house with one diaper

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  1. says

    I definitely need to keep my bag packed at all times. Once I put my son down for bed I can refill it from whatever I used that day.

    Just today We walked to the indoor pool. Got back and I’d forgotten my keys. It was past lunch time and we were getting cold. It is abt 40F here in Scotland. Luckily I had a water bottle, snacks, gloves, etc to keep us busy until my husband made it home to help! THEN, his key wouldn’t work. AH! We had to call a locksmith. But, at least we had everything we needed. The bag is important!! If it is ready to go then so are we!

  2. says

    I can’t say I’m sad to be past that stage in life. But we do still carry Andrew’s backpack with a change of clothes, wet ones, sunscreen, a hat, and a couple snacks. You never know when you’re four year old is going to be covered in milk, need to be cleaned up or off, or decide he’s starving. Actually, I guess I’m not quite past that stage. 😉

  3. Deidra says

    I love to ready your blog. Where can I find the two black/white cases from? I know they will come in handy.

  4. says

    I keep the diaper bag packed all the time with all of the necessities and I just throw my wallet in on the weekends when we run errands. It’s always packed to the gills!

  5. says

    I am a minimalist when it comes to the diaper bag. I didn’t buy a large one with the reasoning that if I had space, I would fill it. I only carried the essentials when she was very small. Now that she is over a year old, I just have a few diapers and wipes in the car in case she needs it. Otherwise, we travel very light – maybe a bag of snacks and a sippy cup in my purse.

  6. says

    I couldn’t agree more with making sure you always bring certain items, because if you don’t that will be the time you will inevitably need them. I for one have been out and forgotten to bring a change of clothes and my lil’ girl had a huge blowout and I had to wrap her in my sweatshirt. Not my most organized mother moment!

  7. says

    I don’t carry one anymore, but I always kept bendy straws in the bag (and I carry them in my purse now); some are cut a little shorter and I keep others long…seems my kids always tip cups even if they have lids.

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