what I'm loving this week!

There’s a lot of fun stuff I wanted to share with y’all, but I promise it’s all worth looking at because I saved the best for last!

1. The promise of seeing The Hunger Games this weekend! I am so excited to see Katniss, Peeta and Gale come to life. I am hoping that we can go to a theater that isn’t super crowded with screaming tweens, but it may be inevitable. You know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!
I seriously can’t watch the movie trailer without getting chills.

2. My sweet friend, Jennifer (of Life in the Green House) wrote a wonderful blog post called “Carpe or Be Carpe-ed.” I encourage all of you to read it and add Jennifer’s blog to your Reader. She’s a great writer with a beautiful heart.

3. I got my haircut this week and I’m so excited about it. I am loving it! (I know, it’s pretty vain to say one of my favorite things this week is my new haircut, but I feel so much better.) I was pretty attached to my long hair. Every time I’d get four or five inches cut off, I’d grow it right back out and then it would get unmanageably long again. And the texture is what was making it so hard to manage. My hair is so wavy and incredibly thick. So I went in this week and got six solid inches cut off and I’m really enjoying having it shorter! (And blonder!)

4. Have y’all seen the watches from Kate Spade? I’m dying over them! But, like most things, I can’t decide what color I’d want. So I’ll probably just admire them all from afar.

5. I saw this party last week on Hostess With the Mostess blog. The talented Kate Landers hosted a “Tortilly Adorable” party for her son, who has torticollis and plagiocephaly, and had just received his “helmet” to correct his head shape. It is the sweetest little party to bring awareness to these two conditions and help people understand why these babies wear the helmets and doc bands.

image via Hostess With The Mostess

6. Finally, back in July my best friend got married. Her name was Catherine Traylor and she was marrying Sean Parks. So it was the Traylor-Parks wedding. Get it? Hee hee…

(just a screen shot– click the link at the bottom to watch the video)

Anyway, they had a gorgeous ceremony in Northwest Arkansas and then had the most fun, down-home, backyard reception at her parents’ home up in the hills in Bentonville, Arkansas. They even had an airstream trailer as the backdrop for their bar to make light out of the hilarious coincidence of their names.

I wanted to show y’all their wedding video. You have to watch the whole thing. It is the most fun thing you’ll ever watch! I promise!

Pen Weddings did the videography and I just love everything they’ve done to capture the best of Catherine and Sean’s wedding day. (You may even catch a glimpse of me as the matron of honor shedding a few tears.) And y’all, Pen Weddings is the best. I am seriously impressed with all of their videos. (Click on the link below and watch the video!)

Catherine + Sean | Mildred B. Cooper Chapel Wedding Film from Sarah Pendergraft on Vimeo.

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  1. says

    I Love your new haircut!! Don’t you just love how a new haircut can totally make your day/week!! I love going to the salon!! YIKES, I still need to read The Hunger Games…I am so behind on the craze! Love your Iphone case by the way!

  2. Taylor Johnson says

    I LOVE your hair! It looks so good like that! And that video is absolutely amazing! What a fun, fun couple and that looked like a blast of a wedding!!

  3. Sarah says

    Love your hair – cut and color! I’m really excited for the Hunger Games too (and am braving the tweens Saturday).

  4. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the haircut! So you up to doing a tutorial on how you curl your hair. I am assuming you use the curl down method, since that is the one you discuss, but would you be up to doing a tutorial of your own? Would LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  5. says

    cannot wait to see the Hunger Games… although, I am the little “young lady” who lives in shoe, she has so many kids she doesn’t know what to do! Ha. I may not get to go until they leave for college.
    your hair looks darling– how do you curl it? round brush, blow dry? or curling iron? it looks great.
    loving the sweet “helmet” party– darling! and those kate spade watches, LOVE. I am partial to the white/gold and polka dot. annnnnd last but not least, THAT VIDEO is so sweet, they seem so HAPPY. You better believe I tried to press play on that screen shot at least ten times before I realized there was a link below.

  6. says

    I am SO excited about The Hunger Games that I can’t think of anything else!! I’m going with a group of my girlfriends on Tuesday. That way we won’t be braving the tween’s and teen’s. The wait is too much though, I really want to see it!! I’ve been waiting almost 4 yrs for this movie!! AH! Team Peeta forever!

    Love your hair! You look gorgeous!

  7. Allyce says

    I love your whole list, your hair looks amazing and that wedding video is the BEST I have ever seen! It makes me want to get married again and copy everything! Beautiful couple, fun video and great scene!

  8. Camille says

    Your hair looks great!

    I finally read The Hunger Games and am soooo excited for the movie. I was going to try and wait out the tweens and crowded theaters but a friend talked me into going tomorrow night. I can’t wait!!!

  9. says

    That wedding!!!! SO CUTE!! i remember you tweeting about it, but I had no idea it was in bella vista!! You were just down the road!!

    LOVE your hair. I wish my hair grew as fast as yours did! I want to cut mine, but it takes SO LONG to grow back and I know I’d be annoyed 🙁

  10. Jeana says

    Maybe a little persona, but you look great! Very fit and healthy. Maybe a future post on how you’re doing that!

  11. says

    Has your friend had a long engagement? I saw a “Traylor/Parks” engagement announcement on the Tonight Show’s “Headlines,” but it was quite some time ago. I can’t imagine there are too many unions with that name combination. 🙂

  12. morgan says

    I love your hair cut & color! Is it a dirty blonde? Please, ask your stylist what color she uses, I love it!

  13. step moMster says

    oh my goodness – so much to say. i saw the ‘hunger games’ yesterday. i was having a particularly challenging moment, during a particularly challenging day, of a particularly challenging week (my husband has been home sick every day this week and i’ve had to care for him). long story shor(ter). i snuck out of work early and on a whim decided to go to the 4pm showing of “hunger games”. it was the perfect time to see it as the theater was positively PACKED when we were walking out of the it. enjoyed it. costumes and make-up were sumptuous and are sure to get oscar nods. i want to read the books now!

    “carpe or carpe-ed” really spoke to me. dealt with me. i’m so wanting NOT to hang on to difficult moments right now. i can’t seem to stand up to them. instead, i’m just faking it through them…*doing* the right thing while my heart is breaking or seething or sad. sigh. i’m in prayer about it.

    girl, your haircut is GORGEOUS!!! you look breathtaking. i also adore your outfit – especially the color combo. you look so fresh and springy.

    tortilly adorable: what an amazing party. the pics reminded me so much of the love and creativity you poured into hudson’s first birthday party (that you recently re-posted about). ya’ll are some talented ladies and wonderful mothers.

    lastly, i’m blown away by your friend’s wedding video. it was clearly so reflective of them and of their love for each other. that videographer is amazing. i’ve never really seen anything like it. they captured the day in a way that i’ve only ever seen a really great photographer do. they didn’t just record the events of the day (which is great too), but told their story in a beautiful, way. i also loved so many details of their wedding. their sense of humor and of fun came through.

    wow – my comment was almost as long as your post. sorry!

  14. Haley says

    Love your new hair 🙂 Where did you get the cardigan and tank from?? I NEED them for my Spring (after baby) wardrobe

  15. says

    Gah! Catherine’s video is beautiful, I may have shed a tear or two myself just watching! I didn’t get a video of our wedding b/c they were so cheesy, so wish companies would’ve been doing this “back then”! 😉

  16. says

    LOVE your hair cut! Gosh, you have beautiful hair.
    And I love Jenn 🙂

    I’m so jealous that you get to see the Hunger Games!!!!! I’m trying to figure out how to make that happen…I might end up going by myself.

  17. Megan says

    That video was pretty fantastic. I don’t even know them and I got teary…looks like it was a lot of fun!

  18. says

    Erin, you’re so sweet for including me. You’re one of my biggest inspirations and you posts always mean so much, I admire your writing 😉

    That wedding was AMAZING!! They look so happy and in love and everything was just perfect.

    Hope you guys had a great weekend!

  19. Susana says

    1. Hi Erin! I love your blog though I’m not sure I’ve ever commented (found you before you were married!) 🙂
    2. That video is the best. Seriously. What a FUN couple and wedding. And I love that you couldn’t hold back tears!
    3. Please please please tell where you got that ruffley top and cardigan. I’ve been looking for that exact color combo forever…and you look fantastic!

  20. says

    wow, that video is amazing. I was crying and I don’t even know anybody. I’m totally *obsessed* with airstreams and someone sent me that pic of their “bar” last week. I love that! IT’s the most awesome thing ever…..thanks for sharing. I’m currently reading The Hunger Games….looking forward to seeing the movie, but sadly it’ll probably be when I can rent it. Your hair looks great!

  21. says

    so did you see HGames!? It’s soo good!! And, your hair looks fabulous. I am so attached to my long hair too and keep thinking maybe i should cut it off. Then I get scared. Ha. But yours looks great!

  22. Becky says

    Where’s your review of The Hunger Games? Can’t wait to hear what you thought of it. I love, love, LOVE the book and am going to see the movie on Friday.

    Your hair gets a five star review from me. I love the cut and it looks so shiny and healthy!

  23. Catherine Parks says

    Thank you so much for sharing the wedding video! I just love it and really can’t get enough of it myself! Through reading these comments, I discovered we were on Jay Leno’s Headlines! I knew a friend had sent it in, but that’s all we ever heard! I’m going to search and search through them all online until I find it! Thanks everyone for all your sweet words also, it was a great day indeed!

    I just bought the Hunger Games. I’m always late on my book reads, but that’s ok. I plan to read it while relaxing on the beach in Wailea 🙂

    OH, and your hair looks SO CUTE! I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it that short, but it looks really good and healthy.


  24. says

    Hey Erin 🙂

    Love the haircut and I noticed your iPhone case and love it! I need a new one since Ryder has beat mine up playing so much on it. Where dud you find it?

    The Kate Spade watches are great! I couldn’t choose if I had to, but I’m a pink girl so would probably go with pink. I love these items!


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