Little Man baby shower, movies, and brothers!

I’ve got a mix of a post for you today. But I wanted to do a full update.

On Saturday morning, my friends and I hosted a fun “little man” shower for our friend, Julie. Julie and Matt are having their little boy in just a few weeks and we’re so excited for them! (I left all the hostess pictures off the blog because I didn’t ask their permission if I could post it. Ha!)

Between all the six hostesses we put together a yummy brunch spread. Todd was kind enough to let us use his office (an old home) for the shower.

We had banana bread, key lime cupcakes, pistachio pineapple salad, sausage and egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, veggies and mini ham biscuits. It was a delicious brunch and I am seriously impressed with my friends’ culinary abilities.

The talented girls at Sweet Birdie’s Nest created the fun “little man” paper collection for us. Once again, the paper quality is great and the designs are adorable. And they are so easy to work with!

And my friend, Lulu McGee made the fun little tie and bow tie onesies for Baby Matthew.

My friend (and co-host) Rachel, brought the most fun game to play. I’d never played it before, but really enjoyed it! She played a CD where every song had the word “babe” or “baby” in the title. The guests had to write down the name of the song after hearing 30 seconds of the song and name the song artist. It was lots of fun!

Julie got some wonderful gifts and it was a fun morning with friends.

Todd and I are on a mission (I guess I’m on a mission and Todd is along for the ride) to see all of the Best Picture nominees before the Academy Awards.

We’ve seen The Help, War Horse, Moneyball, Midnight in Paris and we saw The Descendants this weekend. I have really loved all of the movies I’ve seen so far! We have The Tree of Life coming via Netflix this week and I’ve been warned that it’s a little bit “different.” I can’t wait to see!

I’m not hosting a party this year, but I’ll definitely have my popcorn and ballott ready on Oscar night!

Y’all, I am just so excited that my boys are starting to interact with each other. Hudson asks to sit next to Hayes in the little chair a couple of times a day. In some way, I think he knows he’s getting his picture taken, even though he refuses to look at the camera, but he likes sitting by his brother.

He also likes to get in the crib with Hayes to play just about every day. Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they fight over a toy. Hudson actually did try to hit Hayes once, but I figure that’s the first of many times that will happen. But I’m just so excited that they’re laughing together and that Hudson is talking to Hayes.

Hayes in his funny “baby legs.” (He spends most of his time in plain onesies or pajamas, so we have to warm up his little legs.)

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  1. says

    I’m on my own Oscar Mission on my blog!! I’d love to hear your opinions of all the Best Picture nominees!!! I’ve been looking for people who have seen the movies I’ve been watching so that I can discuss without spoiling! Which are your favorites so far? 🙂 I will definitely be tweeting during the show!

    Here is the link to the label on my blog for my current Oscar Mission:

  2. says

    My son is just a couple months younger than Hayes, and we too LOVE baby legs! They make it so much easier to do diaper changes, and I don’t like pants where the waistbands seem to be digging into his sweet baby belly. So I’m very thankful that they’re making boyish baby legs. Your boys are precious!

  3. says

    Love brunch-time showers…they’re my fave. Cute theme as well!

    Seriously, Hayes sweet cheeks just make me want to squeeze him. That first pic of him in the hat is ADORABLE. Pretty boy.

  4. Megan says

    Erin your little boys are SO adorable! Big, beautiful brown eyes (from their Daddy, I assume) and the sweetest cheeks. They are the perfect combination of you and TC 🙂 Love the Baby legs on Hayes’ chubby little legs. They are so squeezable! Ha!

  5. says

    Oh Erin- the boys are sooooo cute!!! I can’t believe how big Hayes is getting!!! That shower looked amazing!! Julie is so blessed to have a friend like you!!

  6. says

    Cute shower! I love the Lulu onesies

    I am trying to see all of the best picture nominees too though I won’t see War Horse. Just too sad! I can’t handle it!

    I loved the scenes of the brothers in Tree of Life. They felt so real, especially the interactions between the older boy and his baby brother in the beginning. BUT the nature parts were sort of snooze worthy and odd. Interested to hear what you think of it!

  7. says

    OH my gosh! What an adorable shower! I LOVE the onsies. That’s a good idea- trying to watch the Oscar nominated movies! And your boys are really starting to look alike!

  8. carrie says

    I love how Hayes looks so sweetly @Hudson. Aidan still isn’t willing to play with Alaina. Maybe that will happen sooner than later.

  9. says

    these boys are so precious!! i just love them! love that they love each other, its the best feeling to see them begin to play with one another…way more funny then just playing with boring Mommy!

  10. says

    Hayes is SUCH a pretty baby. Seriously, a doll. Nathan & I used to try and see all the best picture nominees, and this year I’ve seen zero. Shameful. 😉

  11. says

    The shower was darling!! I love the little man theme! How stinking cute! I think I might have to order some of those onesies for Charlie! How darling! The boys just keep getting cuter and cuter! I love the way Hayes is looking at Hudson! So darling! Miss you sweet friend

  12. says

    I love little leg warmers! I wish it was warm enough around here that she could actually wear them. Addison spends most of her time in about 15 layers.

    I love that the boys are starting to interact. Siblings are SO CUTE!

  13. Melissa says

    OMG – This is the first time I’ve read a blog post and thought, “Hey, I know that person!” So excited for Julie and Matt!!!


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