Little Man baby shower, movies, and brothers!

I’ve got a mix of a post for you today. But I wanted to do a full update.

On Saturday morning, my friends and I hosted a fun “little man” shower for our friend, Julie. Julie and Matt are having their little boy in just a few weeks and we’re so excited for them! (I left all the hostess pictures off the blog because I didn’t ask their permission if I could post it. Ha!)

Between all the six hostesses we put together a yummy brunch spread. Todd was kind enough to let us use his office (an old home) for the shower.

We had banana bread, key lime cupcakes, pistachio pineapple salad, sausage and egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, veggies and mini ham biscuits. It was a delicious brunch and I am seriously impressed with my friends’ culinary abilities.

The talented girls at Sweet Birdie’s Nest created the fun “little man” paper collection for us. Once again, the paper quality is great and the designs are adorable. And they are so easy to work with!

And my friend, Lulu McGee made the fun little tie and bow tie onesies for Baby Matthew.

My friend (and co-host) Rachel, brought the most fun game to play. I’d never played it before, but really enjoyed it! She played a CD where every song had the word “babe” or “baby” in the title. The guests had to write down the name of the song after hearing 30 seconds of the song and name the song artist. It was lots of fun!

Julie got some wonderful gifts and it was a fun morning with friends.

Todd and I are on a mission (I guess I’m on a mission and Todd is along for the ride) to see all of the Best Picture nominees before the Academy Awards.

We’ve seen The Help, War Horse, Moneyball, Midnight in Paris and we saw The Descendants this weekend. I have really loved all of the movies I’ve seen so far! We have The Tree of Life coming via Netflix this week and I’ve been warned that it’s a little bit “different.” I can’t wait to see!

I’m not hosting a party this year, but I’ll definitely have my popcorn and ballott ready on Oscar night!

Y’all, I am just so excited that my boys are starting to interact with each other. Hudson asks to sit next to Hayes in the little chair a couple of times a day. In some way, I think he knows he’s getting his picture taken, even though he refuses to look at the camera, but he likes sitting by his brother.

He also likes to get in the crib with Hayes to play just about every day. Sometimes they laugh and sometimes they fight over a toy. Hudson actually did try to hit Hayes once, but I figure that’s the first of many times that will happen. But I’m just so excited that they’re laughing together and that Hudson is talking to Hayes.

Hayes in his funny “baby legs.” (He spends most of his time in plain onesies or pajamas, so we have to warm up his little legs.)

Moves Like Jagger

Last week was a tough week for Hudson. I thought that by having boys I was going to be able to avoid the arguing and bickering, but I was very wrong.

Hudson didn’t nap for three days last week. He actually did fine when he wasn’t napping. He stayed in his room and played very quietly. The lights were still out and his white noise was still playing, but he just never went to sleep. He just played and sang songs and talked to his stuffed animals.

But when 5:30 or 6:00 came around and before TC got home, he began to melt down. Crying at the drop of a hat. Screaming when he didn’t get his way or if Hayes looked at him funny.

It was clear that I had to stay consistent with enforcing nap time and that, hopefully, he would actually sleep during nap time again someday.

I discovered that to push through the tantrums in the “witching hour” every night, we had to get creative. I had to come up with a way to get his mind off of how tired and cranky he was and make him laugh.

And that’s where Adam Levine and Maroon 5 come in. (We can also thank our friends at Disney, Elizabeth Mitchell and Oh Susanna, and Bob Marley.)

But this week it was Moves Like Jagger.

We had our living room dance party and waved our hands in the air. And waved ’em like we just don’t care.

I showed Hudson my moves and he showed me his.

He has no idea who Mick Jagger is or what Jagger’s moves are.

In fact, he call him “Dragger.” He asks, “Dance to ‘Dragger’?” So we do. We listen to the song on repeat for about 20 minutes every night. And Hudson loves it!

I even taught him how to do “the swim” and he sings along while holding his nose and waving his arms in the air.

So that’s our little gimmick. It’s a distraction for all of us and it carries us over into bath time and bed time. Thank goodness for edited/toddler-appropriate versions of pop songs!

Our new night time routine includes supper, “Moves Like Dragger,” bath time, books, and bed.

*P.S. If it weren’t for Glee I wouldn’t even know about this song. Our music choices in the car are limited to Disney tunes and whatever I’m working on for children’s choir. Thank you, Glee, for helping me stay with it.

my love has come and gone?

I was looking through old blog posts last night as I tend to do every few months. It’s fun to go back to specific times and be able to remember what was going on. I used to do a better job of documenting the day to day and it’s so funny to go back and read about specific things that happened.

Last night I was reading in my archives around the months right before Hudson was born. I mentioned our anniversary trip to Savannah, but never blogged about the actual trip or posted any pictures. I think that’s mostly because I was 36 weeks pregnant on our first anniversary and I am almost positive I didn’t want to have my picture taken.

Since Etta James died last week, I’ve been humming the song “At Last” to myself a lot. Todd has always been confused by that song. He never could figure out why they sing it as the first dance song at many weddings. When I asked him why, he said, “The words say, ‘At last, my love has come and gone.’ I mean, how depressing is that for a first dance?”

I laughed and clued him in to the actual lyrics. (“My love has come along.”)

And then we laughed and remembered the night of our first wedding anniversary.

We went to eat at the Olde Pink House in Savannah. It’s one of the more popular restaurants in Savannah and they give a really good Southern dining experience.

I guess when Todd made our reservations for that night he mentioned that it was our first anniversary, as any proud groom would do!

So we got to the restaurant and we were enjoying a wonderful, quiet meal. I was large and I was hungry.

All of a sudden, Etta James’s doppleganger walks over and says, “Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Carroll. Happy anniversary.”

We thanked her for being so kind and then, without warning, she steps back and sings,

“Aaaat Laaaaaast!”

And she proceeded to sing “At Last” in its entirety at full volume to us.

We were in a very small dining room with many other patrons, who were looking on. We were all enjoying the entertainment. But I really do not like public attention and I am very easily embarrassed. My face turns bright red and is flaming hot when I know a bunch of people are looking at us.

And here we were, really enjoying her voice, but not really sure if we were supposed to look at her. Or look at each other? Or smile or cry?

So now every time I hear that song, I get this really nervous feeling as I remember that night and the really nice lady who serenaded us, but embarrassed me to death.

Blessed Be The Name

I told y’all I’d be doing a few blogging “trunk shows” in the next few weeks and this is the second one.

My friend, Catherine, is a rep for Blessed Be The Name and I wanted to help her by showing all of you what adorable clothes she is selling.

Email for information on sizing and prices!

View the Blessed Be The Name Spring/Summer Line Album Here

I love Blessed Be The Name kids clothes. They are so comfortable looking and just so classic. They’re easy and made to sustain lots of play, lots of wear, and lots of washes.

This sweet baby boy’s outfit is just calling my name for little Hayes.

I love their easy separates. Skirt, shorts and pants for girls can be easily paired with one of their adorable tops.

And there are sweet appliqu├ęs for boys. Appliqued tees are my favorite thing for Hudson to wear.

Blessed Be The Name clothes cannot be purchased online. But Catherine has put together a really great album of all of the clothes from this season’s line. She can answer all of your questions about sizing and how to order, if you’re interested.

Take a look at the album she put together so you can browse all the clothes.

Blessed Be The Name Spring/Summer Album

Email Catherine at for information on sizing and prices!

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