{Review and Giveaway} Oreck DualMax Air Purifier

Yes, y’all! It’s a giveaway! An air purifier giveaway. From Oreck!

One of you will receive this amazing, brand new air purifier!

*{photo and air purifier provided by Oreck. review and giveaway sponsored by Blue-Eyed Bride. air purifier value is $399.99. the winner’s air purifier is provided by Oreck.}

I am just a huge Oreck fan. I have used an Oreck vacuum cleaner for years and I absolutely love it. It has never ever let me down and when I buy a new vacuum someday, I plan to buy an Oreck.

So when the very nice people at Oreck contacted me about doing a review and giveaway for their new Oreck DualMax Air Purifier, I knew that I would love it because it’s an Oreck.

I was one of those people who never knew I needed or wanted an air purifier. And then my gorgeous, sleek, compact air purifier arrived on my doorstep, I tore open the box, read the directions and plugged the thing in. And I’ve never looked back. I am totally an air purifier person. We needed this! I love this!

We are a family of four and we have two dogs. There is constant traffic in our house coming from inside and outside. Dirty little toddler hands and dusty dog hair are moving from room to room constantly. And now, those things aren’t as much of an issue. This air purifier arrived just in time. Colder weather is coming and we’ll be spending more time indoors. The air inside our house is more polluted than the air outside. So we need to keep that air clean and we need to keep it moving!

After the first day, I could tell a difference. I noticed that there was far less dust in the room. We have the air purifier in our living room right now because I thought it would be the best location to put it for the review. We spend the most amount of time in that room and everyone is always in there. The air purifier sits perfectly disguised between our sofa and an end table.

The air purifier is so easy to turn on via a little button on top and it’s easy enough for even this gadget-challenged girl to clean and take apart when needed. The parts and filters are very conspicuously labeled. There’s a very handy little brush to clean the grills on either end. You don’t have to replace the filters or buy new parts. You just rinse them out under running water and then let them air dry. See? Easy enough for even me, then it’s easy enough for you!

The air purifier has a pre-filter to filter all the larger particles and pieces of dust, mold, etc. Then the air goes to the “Truman Cell filter” to get the smaller pieces before filtering the air back out into the room. I’m telling you. With all that goes on in our house, I feel so much better knowing that this thing is running constantly during the day.

It’s just so easy. It plugs into the wall, you turn it on and it starts doing its magic to make the air in your home cleaner. In addition to just having cleaner air, there is an odor eliminator that helps get rid of the smells that come with dogs and babies. You know those smells.

I filmed a little vlog and video demonstration for you all to see!

Want to win your own Oreck DualMax Air Purifier worth $399.99? Are you ready for the giveaway? Wanna know how to enter? Here’s how:

Mandatory Entry:

Visit Oreck.com and tell us one thing you learned about the DualMax Air Purifier.

For additional entries:

(Make sure you leave me separate comments for each of your additional entries. There should be one separate comment for each of your additional entry options.)

  • Sign up for Oreck’s email list by clicking on “Sign up for Email” in the top navigation bar and entering your email address.

  • Tweet about this giveaway and mention @oreck and @blueeyedbride.

Important Details and Rules: This giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY. You must be 18 years and older to enter.
No duplicate comments. There will be one winner of the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier. This giveaway will run from October 10, 2011 until October 16, 2011. Winner will have 72 hours to get back to me other wise a new winner will be selected. Please leave a way for me to notify you. Winner will be determined via drawing on random.org.  Odds of winning will be dependent upon total number of entries.

Disclosure – I was given the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier to review and keep. All opinions stated in this post are entirely my own opinion. Oreck is providing the air purifier for the winning entrant.

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  1. Cassie says

    How cool! i didn’t know it had a remote control and night light. Or that the air inside is dirtier than outside, yuck!

  2. Anne says

    I like the idea of the Helios Shield that that reduces odors from the air that passes through it. New grand baby on the way, this would be great!

  3. Alison says

    I learned that the Oreck Air Purifier has an indicator light that lets you know when it needs to be cleaned. Couldn’t be much easier than that!

  4. Susan says

    I love that there are no filters and it lets you know when it needs to be cleaned. Our entire family has allergies and some of us have asthma. This would be a wonderful product to bring into our home.

  5. Rachel Gray says

    Great giveaway! I learned that the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier has a remote which makes it seem very convenient! 🙂

  6. Tracey G says

    Wow. I did not know the air inside my home could be up to 5 times more polluted compared to the air outside. Also sounds like the machine is extremly easy to clean.

  7. Anne says

    Before your post, I never really thought about needing a purifier, but after reading about this one at Oreck, I definitely think I need one, since I have a newborn! I also love the fact that this purifier doesn’t require filters…my house would get vacuumed more often if that was filter-free as well!

  8. says

    I love the fact that a new filter never has to be bought or replaced. You simply just have to wash w/ soap and water about once a month. With my allergies, this is just what I need! 🙂

  9. says

    1) I love that it’s easily cleaned with soap and water– no replacements = no waste! ..And there’s even an indicator light to remind you to clean it!
    2) I follow Oreck on Twitter
    3) ..and on Facebook
    4) I signed up for their emails 🙂

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  10. Sommer Marie says

    I would love to win the Oreck DualMax! I like that the Truman Cell is washable rather than disposable- saving one more thing from ending up in the landfill!

  11. Tara Walker says

    I love how it not only gets rid of odors in the air but also chemical fumes & cleaning supply odors! This is such a great giveaway! I hope I win!! 🙂

  12. Catherine says

    The “no filter” sounds great! I have used different air purifiers over the years but they all needed filters. And it gets frustrating when you can’t find the correct type to replace them!

  13. says

    This is a great giveaway! I checked out Oreck.com and LOVE how the filters just need to be cleaned by running them through water – not replaced! How simple is that?

  14. says

    Wow, I always thought Oreck was an old old old machine, what a surprise once I got on their website and saw beautiful sleek machines – I loved the look and the compactness – it can fit pretty much anywhere and it is so modern looking

  15. Libby says

    Now following @Oreck on Twitter too. This would be so helpful this winter with the two little boys, germs I bring home from school, and the ductwork that needs to be replaced!!!!

  16. says

    I would LOVE an Oreck DualMax Air Purifier!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the truman cell is washable rather than having to replace expensive filters…..how convenient!!!

  17. Katie B says

    I learned that this air purifier doesn’t have a filter that you have to replace – it has a Truman Cell filter that you can just wash with soap and water. So awesome! I just found out I’m having another baby (this will be #2) and we could REALLY use this. Hope I win!! 🙂 Thanks for sponsoring this!

    katieburns (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Jenny says

    I am on my second Oreck vacuum, and I couldn’t live without it. Hoping for the chance to own this purifier. Oreck is GREAT. I also love their store here in Annapolis, MD – friendly, reasonable service!

    On their site, I learned: “That’s double the power to move the air, draw it in and capture pollen, dust, pet dander, cigarette smoke and other allergens that pass through the filter.” How awesome. My kids and husband suffer from terrible allergies – this system would really help, I think!

    Thanks for this opportunity, Erin!

  19. says

    I learned that it has an indicator light to let you know when it needs to be cleaned and that it is as quiet as the hum your refrigerator makes which is much better than my old purifier where it was a guess about the cleaning and it sounded like a generator.

  20. says

    I’m impressed that it removes odors too! And that the inside of your house is 5 times more polluted than outside air. No wonder m allergies are so bad. We really need one of these!

  21. says

    I had NO idea that new rugs gave out a certain type of gas fume….wow. We just bought a new rug for our Nursery. I also LOVE that it has a night light option!! We have 2 dogs and a baby SO we could really use this product! Thanks for educating us all on a new wonderful product!

  22. Leah says

    Signed up for email (maybe I should get my husband to also sign up so he can get the discount offers and get me a vacuum for Christmas. Yes, I’m asking for a vacuum for Christmas!)

  23. MrsK says

    WOW…we need this in my home to help with my husband’s asthma! Had no idea there was actually a real Truman Cell Filter. This is a great giveaway!

  24. Mallory says

    I didn’t realize that air purifiers actually help eliminate smells. My townhome apparently had smokers living in it before me and we’ve tried everything to get rid of the smell. Would love to see if the Oreck air purifier would help!

  25. says

    Awesome giveaway! I love that you don’t have to keep buying filters and the ‘truman cell’ filter is permanent!

    We have a baby and 2 dogs plus a mommy that suffers from lots of allergies – so this would be very helpful!

  26. says

    the truman cell never needs to be replaced and the helios shield doesn’t require any maintenance? sign me up! with two big dogs and a husband who fights allergies, this would be a perfect and very welcomed fit for our household. it is more than a chore to keep up with cleaning and the constant vacuuming and now knowing that the air inside my home may be up to 5 times more polluted than outside makes me see just how necessary this is for our family.

    ..and i just tweeted the giveaway!

  27. atout says

    So cool! My husband has been dreaming of one of these for awhile. I love that it has multiple settings so you can adjust according to what’s “going on” in the house.

  28. says

    LOVE the remote control feature! Also love that it can actually remove odors from the air! We are supposed to have a baby in the next few days (baby was due the 7th!) and this would be awesome for the nursery!

  29. Courtney says

    I didn’t know that it could help reduce pet dander and dust in our air – that would be so helpful for our allergies!

  30. momofallboys says

    I read on the website about the filtersand even that the indicator light would let you know when they needed a cleaning!

  31. Jill says

    I, too, LOVE Oreck!!! What intrigued me most about this purifier is the fact that no replacement filters are necessary…just wash the existing filter. Awesome!!!

  32. Molly Bussler says

    I love that there are no filters and it lets you know when it needs to be cleaned, this would be very nice for my baby that is coming in the spring. Thank you & good luck everyone!

  33. crewlade drinka says

    I definitely need this! I love that the filters are washable and that it removes odors and dust. This would be so great to help cut down on all the dust (and cat hair)in our open floor plan all wood floor house!

  34. Jenn says

    I love that there are no filters to replace….especially since I’m so bad about remembering to do those type of things!

  35. JenG says

    Of all the great features the air purifier has, like the washable filters, the part I like best is the 30 day trial. Especially since they will pay return shipping if you hate it!

  36. says

    If the odor-absorbing Helios Shield will take away the “old people small” in the master bedroom of our rented townhome, I will be the happiest person EVER! I so need this thing in my life…

    Additional comments coming soon! 😉

  37. Nicole says

    I think this is a GREAT giveaway.

    I like the fact that the filter simply has to be washed; the fact that I don’t have to continually purchase replacements is a definite bonus!

  38. Patti says

    I love the fact it has an indicator light to let me know when the filter needs cleaning. It also absorbs ordors and reduces dust. Would love one for our house of 5 plus a dog!

  39. Katelyn says

    thanks for hosting! I would love to win one and love that the filter doesn’t have to be replaced. That’s one of my favorite features about my vacuum cleaner.

  40. Kelly says

    OMG – the air inside my house is 5x more polluted than the air outside?? Gross. And my son and husband both have asthma, this would be an amazing thing for our house!

  41. Miranda Collier says

    I didn’t know it had multiple filters in it! It’s great, too, that they are so easy to clean. This would greatly help in making our home environment cleaner for my 2-year old son that has asthma! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Caitlin Horne says

    I learned how gross the air in my house is. I recently moved from SC to Washington and I’m pretty sure the previous inhabitants of my apartment were smokers. I need this air purifier! Thanks for sharing, Erin!

  43. Maureen says

    I signed up for Oreck email. I loved finding out that this air purifier does NOT have to replace the filters. Thats what peeked my interest. I would love an oppurtunity to win this!! Thanks Maureen

  44. Amanda says

    I visited the website and learned that Oreck’s The DualMax™ Air Purifier features two fans that produce twice as much airflow. I would LOVE this for my home!!

  45. Sarah says

    I’ve got 2 little boys too at home and love that this will keep the air cleaner for them as we will be in the house more this winter. Learned from the website there is an indicator light that lets me know when to clean it! PLEASE ERIN! 🙂

  46. Brittany McQuhae says

    I learned/ never really thought about how dirty the air was with traffic back and forth from outside , kids and animals. And you don’t have to change the filters! I would LOVE this for our home!

  47. Lauren G says

    I can’t believe the air inside is 5 times more polluted than outside! Or can be… Yuck. I have two dogs as well, would love this!

  48. Heather says

    I love that there are no filters to replace… Saves money! We have a dog, cat and 2 month old. I think I might be grossed out at what all that could pick up.

  49. says

    I love that you can just wash the filter with soap and water instead of having to replace it! So cool, would love to win for my family.

  50. Eve says

    I didn’t know that air inside my house is dirtier than out….yikes! I would love this for my allergies-it would really help with the dog hair, too!

  51. Sarah B says

    I didn’t realize that the air purifier was Energy Star certified! That is an extremely important feature in our home. We also have two cats & are planning to have kids in the near future, so this would be a fantastic thing for us!

  52. Lauren says

    I was happy to learn that the Oreck Dualmax Air Purifier is Energy Star certified. This is a big plus for our family!

  53. says

    I love the whole thing! The fact that it doesn’t have to be replaced just washed off and air dried is HUGE to me. Also the fact that the filtration system gets the dust, smoke (HUGE for me as I have severe asthma and smoke is horrible especially when we have forest fires and live in a valley it just sticks around), and all will get all the pet ickies from my dog too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. says

    You know I need this!! With all these animals and a messy toddler (and husband!), we need all the help we can get to keep things clean! I like that you don’t have to change the filter because I know I would never remember to do that!

  55. says

    I am excited to know that there is such a thing called a “Helios Shield” and it works to reduce common household odors as well as chemical fumes. I swear that is just music to my ears!!

  56. says

    1. I learned that the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier has The Helios Shield which actually de-odorizes the room. I live in an apartment which still has remnant traces of cat and smoke smell. I would LOVE to have one of these in my apartment!

  57. Cory says

    What I learned when visiting their website was you can try it out in your own home, in all those rooms, and smell the difference it can make — risk-free for 30 days.If you don’t love it, you don’t keep it. They will even pay the return shipping. 🙂

  58. Cindy Sangalli says

    I signed-up for emails AND left a feedback about something I learned about the product from your vlog. Cindy

  59. Carolyn says

    I had no idea that the air inside our house could be up to 5x dirtier than the air outside…no wonder my allergies plague me all year round!

  60. Amy O'Connor says

    I didn’t know that you didn’t have to buy new filters also that every time you close the door to your home, you’re sealing yourself in with airborne dust and allergens. Our old machine just went kaput and I have hesitatied buying another one b/c the filters were so expensive. LOVE this!

  61. says

    We need this!! With a dog and two cats, we can never keep our little old house clean…this sounds like it would be perfect! I love that it has the odor shield, too.

    “The combination of our patented Truman Cell® Technology and odor absorber filtration system captures dust, smoke, allergens, pet dander, and pollen, and reduces odors and volatile organic compounds such as chemical fumes, off-gases and aerosol vapors from the air that passes through both these filters.”

  62. charlotte says

    I love the fact that there are no filters to replace, one less thing in the landfill. I also like that it has a remote and a night light. Would love to win this great product! Would help my little one out with her asthma and allergies.

  63. Jennifer in GA says

    I NEVER thought about how the air inside is more polluted than the air outside….it makes sense, but I was shocked to learn that it can be 5X’s as polluted. YUCK!

  64. Krystal Metcalf says

    I was surprised that the inside air was dirtier than the outside air- a feature that I love about the DualMax Air purifier was that not only does it clean the air but also gets rid of the odors. Awesome!

  65. says

    Oh how I would love to win this! With 3 dogs, we could definitely use some air purifying at our house! I love that the Oreck has a washable filter and does not have to be replaced! How convenient!

  66. Jamie smith says

    I learned that the air inside your home may be 5X more polluted than the air outside your home. Gross! I would love to win this to help keep the air in my home clean. 🙂

  67. Abby says

    No airfilters to replace and an indicator light to let you know when to clean the filters…can’t get any easier!!

  68. Courtney says

    What a great product! I love how you don’t have to replace the filters (I learned that in your video:)

  69. says

    We have a purifier in our guest bedroom (AKA dogs’ room) to help purify the air that our 4 (count ’em, 4) tiny ankle biters’ dander pollutes but what I would LOVE is this Oreck’s odor control ability – I’m always fearful of that “a dog lives here” scent!

  70. Cory says

    I had no idea the air inside my house was so dirty and I love that a little light tells you when the filters need to be cleaned!

  71. Erin says

    I learned on the website that it has 3 speed settings and the lowest speed has “silence technology” so it is not very loud when its running so that is great!

  72. Jenny Rose says

    Love the remote and nightlight features as well as the filter never needing to be replaced! All the HUGE benefits that this have to offer are prompting me to ask for this for a Christmas present (funny how our lists change through the years!)! Having a severly asthmatic daughter, I think this is a need! Everything about this product sounds amazing!!!

  73. Lisa J says

    I learned that the Helios Shield helps reduce common odors in the house. I would love one of these because we live on a dirt road so if we open the windows, we get a lot of dust/dirt in the house.

  74. Melissa says

    I learned that it has a permanent Truman Cell® filter that never needs to be replaced! Great for the environment!

  75. says

    My two favorite things are the fact that it filters out pet dander (I have two hound dogs) and that you can wash the filter instead of having to buy filters to replace it. I was pretty grossed out reading about all the allergens that get sealed into your home.

  76. Sara says

    The filters are washable! Sounds so easy! I LOVE the Oreck vacum my parents have had for years, and love that you can take them to a shop and get them all cleaned like new!!

  77. Carol B says

    first of all I am a big fan of Oreck Vaccum cleaners…Reason i would love and Air Purifier- I love that it takes all the nasty stuff out of air and purifies it!

  78. Lesley says

    I learned that the air inside your house may be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside! I love that you don’t need to buy a replacement filter for the DualMax™ Air Purifier, and it comes with a remote control.

  79. says

    I learned about the air outside actually being cleaner than the air inside on the website! Also, air pollution can linger in the air for HOURS! Wow. I have a personal reason for wanting to win this air purifier. I got pregnant earlier this year and my asthma became ridiculously hard to control. After many months of suffering and trips to the hospital, at 5 and a half months, I went into pre-term labor and my daughter died. After inspecting the placenta, the doctor found out she died from an infection that began when my asthma got out of control. I couldn’t save her. We are trying to conceive again and would LOVE to reduce any asthma-induced infection that I may come into contact with. I couldn’t bare the loss of another child. Thanks for considering me!

  80. Steven Du Bois says

    The Hellios Shield is GREAT! I never knew I needed an air purifier either until I unpacked my proshield pus (the top model before the dual max)…The dirt that comes onto the filter has turned me into one that will never live in my home without an air purifier again and I absolutely trust and love Oreck for all of my home cleaning needs…my vacuum has lasted longer than any other I have ever had so far and still runs like its new. With my allergies, I wish I could aford the dualmax right now for the living room and move this smaller one into the bedroom!

  81. says

    Visited the Oreck website… LOVE, LOVE. LOVE the fact that you do not have to change the air filter (which equals you don’t have to buy one later on!) …. Love that it does 200 sq feet of room (not that any of our rooms are that large by any means!)

  82. renee says

    After visiting oreck.com I learned that with the dual air max purifier you never need to buy or replace filters, that saves you a lot of money.

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