Mommy Wardrobe Dilemma: an update

Hey, y’all!

I hope you’re all having a great week. Be sure to check out the Erin Condren giveaway and enter if you haven’t yet.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my mommy wardrobe dilemma. I was struggling to get dressed every day and struggling to find comfortable, practical and flattering pieces to fit my mommy role.

I challenged myself to take a picture in the bathroom of my outfit every day before 8:45 a.m. for one week. I have to have Hudson at school by 9:00, so we’re always out the door by 8:45 every morning. My goals were to 1.) not wear my pajamas and 2.) try to put together a real “look” every day.

So here’s how it all shook out.

As you can see, I have a bit of a uniform. I managed to only wear my white jeans twice last week. But I also wore open cardigans three times, a tunic twice, and a tunic-like blouse once. Not too bad. And on Friday, Hudson and I went to Little Gym and then when I got home, I went for a walk with both of my boys, so I’m in yoga pants and…. yep… an open cardigan.

Besides earrings, I’m not great at accessorizing in the morning. I need to work on that.

The combination of bathroom lighting and iPhone camera is just stellar.

On the way home from the beach, we stopped at the Tanger Outlet Mall outside of Charleston. Because of cranky baby boys, I only made it to the Banana Republic outlet. But I was able to find a gorgeous blouse that is appropriate for church and every day wear. I also found a few open cardigans (surprise, surprise) and a couple of more structured sweaters.

I went to Target one day last week (no, not for Missoni– I don’t “do” prints very much, so Missoni isn’t my style) and found a few great basic cardigans. Again, with the cardigans. Merona (a Target brand) also has my favorite long sleeve tee called the “Ultimate Tee.” I got a few white ones because I know I’ll be using them to layer all through the fall and winter.

The week that I took the OOTD (outfit of the day, for those of you who weren’t sure) photos, the only two new items were the cardigans from Monday and Friday. Everything else was already in my closet.

So based on what I have now, I compiled a wish list for the season. I would love a new pair of dark, flare leg, higher waisted jeans (not mom jeans, I swear). Flare leg jeans are the most flattering on me and dark denim is the most slimming.

I’ve also got a couple of basic dresses for church or for special occasions on my list.

Every year I buy all new black and brown tights. My favorite brand of tights is Hue. Nordstrom sells them and they rarely snag. But eventually they “pill” so I like to get new tights every year.

I’ve also got my eye on a couple of tunics from Boden and Ann Taylor Loft.

So, really, my wish list isn’t huge or extravagant. I really don’t need much. I was pleasantly surprised with my ability to hop on up and get everyone ready every morning. I found it helped me a lot to lay out my clothes the night before when I laid out the boys’ clothes.

Now my goal is to spice it up a little and accessorize a little bit more.

Details of my outfits for those that may be interested:

Monday: GAP Long and Lean white jeans, Banana Republic sleeveless top in navy and white stripe, Banana Republic cardigan

Tuesday: Milly top (via Gilt circa 2010), Citizens of Humanity Kelly jeans, Kate Spade earrings

Wednesday: Anthropologie white eyelet tunic, Citizens of Humanity Ingrid jeans, Handpicked earrings

Thursday: J.Crew purple cardigan, J.Crew gray ruffle tissue tee, Citizens of Humanity Kelly jeans

Friday: GAP yoga pants, Merona for Target Ultimate Tee, Banana Republic cardigan

Saturday: GAP Long and Lean white jeans, tunic purchased from cash and carry at America’s Mart in Atlanta

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  1. Amanda says

    Hey Erin. Great looks! Have you checked out the ” not your daughter’s” jeans? I think they could be exactly what you are looking for! Google them. 🙂 happy hump day!

  2. says

    Love your outfits — we share the same style. I just looked up GAP Long & Lean jeans online. Found them, but none in my size 🙁 Guess I’ll have to look back next year because now I totally want some (who cares that Labor Day has passed!)

  3. molly says

    love this! you look great, very put together! i’d say you definitely achieved your goals!! i am a new mom and have found a new love for open cardigans! i never thought to wear one with a tee and yoga pants though – i’m going to steal that! so much cuter and more together than the old sorority tees i wear with yoga pants! 🙂 right now i’m struggling with getting dressed because my baby is 1 month old, and my impatient self thinks i should be back in my regular clothes, but i’m not yet. most of my maternity stuff is spring/summer, so i’m having a hard time getting dressed in cooler weather! i know i’ll get there but i sure am impatient:)

  4. says

    Cute.. I have a 15, 11 and 8 year old and I still struggle.. Elementary school drop off I look scary!! I love your hair off of your are so petite and it looks adorable that way. I am impressed that you didn’t have your hair in a Pony the whole week.. Good Job Mommy and 2 little ones in tow!

  5. says

    I just got the BEST high-waisted jeans from LOFT… and I can’t find them anywhere anymore. I got them online for about $25 so I’m hoping they’ll come back in stock or back in another fabric/wash eventually… and I adore open cardigans. Didn’t realize how much I adored them till recently, but I do.

    And I swear you look better leaving the house with 2 little boys than I do leaving it by myself. GO YOU!

  6. says

    You look GREAT! I love Target for basics but I haven’t tried these tees you speak of, must get to Target ASAP! Also I forgot how much I love GAP long & leans!! I need to find my old ones and see if they fit now!

  7. says

    You look very cute every day. My personal fave is Thursday, and I even love the Friday yoga look. If you are looking to accessorize be sure to check out Loft for sale pieces. They usually have some really cute statement necklaces or big bracelets. I also buy lots of jewelry at Express, great sales and coupons too.

  8. says

    Another rec for the jeans–JCrew actually has a high waisted flare jean this year called “Classic Flare Jean in Jezebel Wash”…the wash is all over dark, and they are a great fit, I recommend them! They sit a bit higher, great for crawling on the floor with the little ones:)

    Love all your outfits, and the Merona tees…thanks for reminding me to go pick some up:)

  9. says

    I am highly impressed Mama! I will admit I really only get dressed like that for class or meetings during the week…otherwise it’s yoga pants and a tee! I think I need to change that…

  10. says

    JOE’S JEANS!!!! They are my absolute fave!!! they are a little higher waisted, plus i can wear a size smaller in them (always a plus). check them out! 🙂

  11. says

    LOFT had some of my favorite pants, so I am with Sarah! You look very nice and put together everyday! I have been trying to do better about this too. Although, I don’t have kids…I am a relaxed workplace. I easily fall into the rut of wearing jeans, t-shirt, and flip flops everyday. Then I feel bad because I don’t look professional. Maybe I should take pictures for a week or two and see how I do. That would be a good exercise!

  12. says

    I love this. I am a big fan of the Merona Ultimate tees also, and I was just thinking that I need to stock up for this year. I love your Anthro tunic! Also, I have to say that your legs look so skinny!

  13. says

    I think you look great! If I didn’t have to wear black pants everyday I think I would struggle to wear anything besides yoga pants. I just love them so much 🙂

  14. says

    Ok this is going to sound SO crazy, but Bed Bath and Beyond randomly sells Hue tights and leggins! They aren’t expensive anyways, but you can use your 20% coupons on them. So, the 10 Hue leggings that I LOVE are only $8 there. 🙂 And PS…I absoilutely adore tunics and cardis too…they help me hide imperfect parts of my body and I feel like they look put together. Love your last week’s wardrobe!

  15. says

    You look great! I live in Lululemon yoga pants, a tank, and a cardi when I’m home with my little man. I love cashual chic and flats.

    I also don’t care for Missoni. I prefer solids with maybe a print scarf. I don’t do prints well.

  16. says

    Good morning from Los Angeles!

    Erin, you look beautiful and well put together. Congrats on challenging yourself and meeting it head on! You always look so pretty, and as a tunic gal myself I love seeing the variety out there! The Milly is undoubtedly my favorite. What great colors! Have a wonderful day with your sweet family.



  17. says

    STOP IT! Can we talk about your skinny-ness! you look FABULOUS mama!! I mean WOW! Hott mama! You do better than me! Most mornings my hair is up and I have on minimal makeup! no es bueno! ha

  18. says

    You look darling… but more than that BRAVO for getting dressed and out the door before 9am EVERYDAY! That’s a miracle in my book. You’ve inspired me to try to do the same. I can’t promise a single day will be picture-worthy, but it’s worth a shot!!

  19. says

    Super cute! We have similar “silhouette” taste – I can’t pass up a good tunic or cardigan!

    MODG just did a “fancy mom jean” (re: higher waisted and flattering) round-up yesterday… maybe one of these will fit the bill for you! I have my post-partum eye on the Silence & Noise High Rise Flair!

  20. Megan says

    I love your Thursday and Friday outfits! You’re inspiring me to invest in a pair of high end jeans 😉 What kind of shoes do you wear with your yoga pants to make them look like part of an “outfit” rather than just yoga pants? I’d love to try yoga pants but I can never seem to make it look cute like you!

  21. Britt says

    You have great style! I love all the outfits and you so look like Blake Lively in all the pictures! I too have been updating my wardrobe since being a stay at home mom. I still want to be stylish but also comfortable. (in my corporate job I’d rock trousers and 4″ heels daily. :)). I love a dark higher waisted Jean…I actually found a great pair at the gap and another at anthro. Super flattering!

  22. says

    you are so cute and your style is fab. i am a new mommy and struggle with getting up and getting dressed. you have inspired me!! i am a new follower and love your blog! have a great day 🙂

  23. Isabel says

    I really like the citizens of humanity Amber bootcut jeans if you want something with a higher rise. They are pricey but they fit really well. Obviously it depends from person to person but judging from the jeans you already have they might be worth a try. 🙂

  24. says

    can I just say you look great! so skinny!! I love your style too Erin. I’m not a mom yet, but I’ll be so happy if I look that great stepping out the door every morning!

  25. says

    Um, you look 10 times better than I do. I’m really struggling with this “in between” weather. In the summer I can throw on a skirt and tuck in a tank and feel great, but now….ugh. You’ve given me motivation.
    P.S. stacey and clinton insist on cardigans. so, now I do too!

  26. says

    CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Friday face is my favorite, you little sassypants you! You are looking SO skinny, and your hair is looking SO PRETTY! Loved this post 🙂

  27. says

    LOVE the way you’ve paired together all of these outfits, and I LOVE that you’re still wearing your white jeans! I have gotten into an outfit planning rut lately, especially when it comes to fixing my hair and adding accessories. Thanks for the motivation! I love this idea of taking a picture every day for a week!

  28. says

    So so cute – I’m especially obsessing over your Thursday outfit!!

    GAP also makes a Long and Lean that is a bit higher waisted and flares nicely.

  29. says

    SOOOO funny that you said that about higher waisted jeans. I go to a women’s Bible Study every Wednesday morning, and this morning all of the girls in my group were complaining about their jeans. I am sick of my post baby belly hanging over the TOP OF MY JEANS!!! LOL! If you find a good jean that helps, please SHARE with us!!!

  30. says

    You look so cute Erin!!! Seriously, you know I’m not a mom and I have a “uniform” of tunics and open cardigans all the time as well. They are comfortable and look cute on everyone. I even added leggings into the mix today.

  31. says

    As a teacher I wear cardigans ALL the time. Seriously like 3 days a week. The Target Merona brand cardigan is my fav!! I just bought all new ones the other day because mine are worn and faded. I also can relate to prints. I don’t “do” prints either. Maybe on shoes and every once in a while I’ll wear a stripped or printed cardigan, but that’s about it!

    Happy shopping!

  32. says

    you are so cute i could melt!

    i think lightweight scarves are the best way to accessorize in the fall! old navy has inexpensive ones in tons of patterns, and target has several too. you can look up several ways to knot them and they add flair to solid t-shirts without having an extra layer like a cardigan when it’s a little warm. also i like to try a cheap fun colored lip gloss or a new eye shadow color to change things up every once in a while and make an outfit feel new. lastly, i love the hair tutorials heather does over at thespohrsaremultiplying for adding interest without buying anything new.

  33. Megan says

    Love the outfits, if you have an iPhone you could instagram your outfits each day using the #fasiondiaries group. It’s super fun!

  34. says

    SO cute! I LOVE the Thursday outfit! I love the sassy face you are making on Friday’s picture.
    I pretty much live in open cardigans… really any type of cardigan. I was just at LOFT this past weekend, and there are some super cute tops there right now that are flattering and don’t hug your midline… snagged a couple of those… along with a couple open cardigans. 🙂 ha!

  35. says

    You look so cute every day! I’ve been challenging myself to get a little dressed up every day too. I only have a recently turned one year old but it’s still hard to find time to get ready. But I feel SO much better when I do. One thing about the jeans – I typically get Citizens but when I was in Nordstrom the other day I fell in love with the Paige Skyline Bootcut. They are what they call their “classic rise” and they were perfect – no muffin top and great for crawling around and bending over five million times a day. Jeans are tough though – what works great for one person is terrible for another. Just thought I’d share!

  36. Stephanie says

    Joe’s have a new higher-waisted, dark, bootcut jean called Visionaire (the wash is called Stephanie, part of the reason I tried them on!). They are awesome! I got mine at Nordstrom.

  37. says

    looking great, I can barely get myself out the door in the mornings…I can only imagine you + 2 little boys.

    one thing that helped me get accessory ideas was when my sister was a rep for Premier Jewelry, they’d show ideas and i saw one time that there are videos on youtube of how to do some of their looks!

  38. says

    I love your style! I am a cardigan girl myself, and my first instinct is to grab one when I get up in the morning. I am trying to get away from that and branch out, per se! Ha!

  39. says

    I have always thought you look so cute in all your pictures. How in the world do you keep your white jeans looking great? I would think with 2 kiddos they would get all kinds of stuff all over them. I have an 8 month old and another on the way, so I’m trying to decide if that will be a feasible option for me once I’m back to pre-prego size.

  40. says

    I really like this OOTD series you’re doing! I’m a (25 weeks pregnant) Kindergarten teacher and I’ve always needed to get up early, get dressed in something cute, and make sure its something I can move in….and I’ve tried to hit all these marks, but I don’t always manage it.

    I really adore the outfits you picked (especially the Tuesday blouse!) and I think you are doing great so far! I’ll be in the same position once the baby comes and I become a SAHM 🙂

  41. CMC says

    Erin- please help with the tunic situation! I love the ones you wear, and I always look online and in stores, but never seem to find any… Do you think you could post some links with “Erin-approved” tunics – so I can copy your style? I have a 17-month old and all my weight is still in my tummy.. I can’t wear anything that is fitted… and I’m slim everywhere else… Just can’t seem to lose the tummy, and I don’t want to wear spanx everyday… So, share some links!

  42. says

    Hey! I know I’m about a week late commenting, but check out eShakti for tunics. The one I tweeted yesterday is from there and they have SO many cute ones. I’m itching to order more!

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