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Y’all, the Pinterest embed feature is about to make me lose my mind. I was so excited about this post and then I had to go in and manually link all of these pins and it just looks better when the embed feature is working. And I can’t remember the last time it was working. Oh well.

I’m linking up again for Pinnable Me Friday and this week I was inspired by all kinds of hospitality ideas for new neighbors, neighbor Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, and taking meals for new babies or bereavement.

It’s so funny that I was getting so frustrated with Pinterest in trying to make my post perfect. Twice this week I read the famous story about when Jesus visited Mary and Martha at their home. I am such a Martha. I always run around frantically making sure that everything looks great and is beautiful and “just right.” And then there’s Mary. Mary was sitting at Jesus’s feet and listening to him. And Martha is fuming mad because her sister has left her to do all the work. I want to be more like Mary. Mary is the one that truly “gets it.” {Luke 10:38-42}

So anyway, because I came across that story twice this week, I was inspired to pin some hospitality related pins.

The first I found was this great scripture on a canvas that reminds us to always be ready. Have your door open and be willing to invite someone in. Even if you just fix a sandwich!


Then I started looking for neighbor gifts to take around for various holidays. Or maybe gifts that Hudson can pass out to friends at school.

I love this simple Halloween jars with ribbon and trail mix in Halloween colors. So easy and so thoughtful.


Even though I can’t stand the taste of marshmallow Peeps, these Easter jars are adorable for neighbor gifts or Sunday school teacher gifts.


The link below shows all of the different things to include on this super thoughtful “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. The little tag lists babysitter names and numbers, recommendations for doctors, schools, movie theaters, spas, great hair dressers. All the things people need when they move to a new town! Inside the brown bag is a yummy baked good of your choice. So sweet!


This “Cookies for Santa” gift is great for neighbor kids or for party favors at a Christmas open house or drop-in. I have to make these this year!


These last two teacher gifts are so cute, original, easy and thoughtful! I love the end of the year gift that includes a towel, a magazine, a sweet note and some candy. What teacher wouldn’t love to receive that from their student?

The same blogger also did these jars of sharpened pencils that include a personalized decal for the teacher’s classroom as a “first day of school” gift. I just love it!



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  1. says

    I hate Peeps, but I’ll take a Reese’s peanut butter egg any day! 🙂 The Dollar Tree carries cute little fall bags that are perfect for wrapping up gifts,too. I’ve ordered the little hexagonal shaped jars and filled them with my Granny’s apple butter and given that to neighbors along with a fall take out box filled with warm biscuits, too. So many great ideas out there to extend an invitation for relationship.

  2. Becky says

    I just want to point out that your blog is very hospitable, full of great ideas and pretty pictures. And you always make everyone feel very welcome, too. :0) Happy Sunday!

  3. says

    very cute ideas. a neighbor gave us something that was easy and cute for Christmas one year – a pot holder, a tube of cookie dough and a note that said something about how ‘everyone can use some extra DOUGH during the holidays; the dough came in handy for some quick Christmas baking.

  4. Debby says

    How can I follow you on Pinterest? I love that site and have found so many neat ideas. It gets time consuming sometimes, but so much fun. Love your blog !!


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