join me in a day of blogging silence for Cohen

I wanted to share something very special with all of you. Megan’s friends and some other bloggers have gotten together to ask the blogging community to have a moment of silence for Baby Cohen. I’ve posted the details below.

What: Moment of Silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.

How: Bloggers participating will post the Cohen banner (below) or simply post Cohen’s name in large letters on their blog.

Why: July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service.  The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day.  Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance.

Participating bloggers can Link Up on July 1st at Send Love To Cohen. Will you join me and help spread the word?

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  1. says

    I will certainly join you all; I have been praying for them to have peace during this tremendously difficult season in their lives.

  2. Margaret says

    Hey! I left the same comment on Megan’s blog, but I sincerely mean this to you too! I wanted to let you know I have been thinking about you since I heard about Cohen. This is obviously a terrible time for his family-I don’t read his mom’s blog, and I don’t know anything about her, and I can’t imagine the pain she is feeling. But I have been reading your blog for a long time, and I want you to know I am praying for you too. I hate hate hate it when terrible things happen to our friends. It just rips your heart out for them to go through such a tragedy. So I want you to know while everyone is grieving, Cohen’s mom is so lucky to have a friend like you and your support. I know it’s hard, and I’m just so sad about it. Try to be strong!

  3. says

    I’ll be participating in this- definitely. It’s such a small thing that we can do, to honor a life that was cut way way to short. Praying for strength for his parents, I can’t even imagine what they’re going through right now.

  4. says

    Thanks for posting this! I will definitely join in. I prayed for baby Cohen and the family from the beginning and will not stop praying now. Count me in!!

  5. says

    I just posted about this on my blog and will certainly be joining in. I have been praying for them from the start and will continue to do us.

  6. says

    Such a sweet sentiment, Erin. I think it’s the least the blogging community can do to show their support for this lovely family. I cannot even begin to imagine the hardship they must be experiencing. Faith will see them through, that of course and wonderful friends like you and your other girlfriends. Got my post ready to publish tomorrow evening. Thanks for letting us all know about this.
    God Bless!

  7. says

    Thank you so much for spreading the word about this. I have not been able to stop thinking about this sweet family and how gracious and brave Megan and Brent have been up against something no parent should ever have to go through. Because of my own health and high risk pregnancy last year, I was inspired to start the Stella & Dot fundraiser for baby Cohen. I am donating some of my profits directly to them, so purchase some gorgeous jewelry and help out this magnificent family. You can read more about it here

  8. Krissy says

    Oh my goodness, this makes me very sad. I don’t know Megan or Cohen, but knowing that she lost a child is heartwrenching. Praying for their family.

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