how I nearly lost the tip of my finger…

When we were in Dallas, I had to make a trip to pick up all of Hudson’s necessities. I don’t like to travel with all of that stuff because it just means that we have to bring one more bag and it’s just as easy to pick it up when we get to Dallas. My mom had already picked up diapers, formula, baby food, and wipes, but I still needed a few things. So we went to Tom Thumb and I got Mylicon, baby Tylenol, Wet Ones, and a bulb syringe.

Now that he’s crawling, Hudson’s little hands are always so grubby, so as soon as we got home, I opened up the canister of Wet Ones to thread the wipes through the little toothed hole.


And what happened next sounded like this, “Help? HELP!”

My dad came running in to help me (because for all he knew I’d fallen or the baby had choked or something horrible had happened) and he saw something that looked like this…

This is NOT my finger. Image found via here. I wasn’t able to scream out in pain and whip out my Canon Rebel to capture this glorious moment at the same time.

wet ones

I am happy to know that when searching for an image for this post I was able to find exactly what I needed– proving that I’m not the only idiot on the planet.

So we carefully got my finger out of that toothed, prongy hole while I screamed out that it felt like the tip of my finger might pop off or lose all circulation. That plastic? Oh, it just feels like it could chop your finger off.

Someone else took over the Wet Ones feeding the wipe through the hole process for me. And then I saw it. The warning label.

The warning level that helps prove that I’m not the only idiot on the planet and wasn’t the first one to do this, but it also proves that I’m even more of an idiot for doing it when there’s a perfectly legible warning label on the back.


Note: This is not an attack on Wet Ones. I love Wet Ones. This is an attack on me and my inability to see a dangerous situation disguised as a Wet Ones canister.

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  1. says

    They likely had to put that on the label becasue someone DID lose their finger and sued them. Glad you didn’t lose a finger; it would’ve been embarassing telling that story for the rest of your life!

  2. says

    lol! oh NO! that is terrible. i’m glad you weren’t home alone!

    one time a few years ago, sean and i had ordered chinese take out. we’re opening up all the little packages and next thing you know, i’m screaming, “HELP!” the staple to the spring roll wrapper went straight through my finger! it was so painful and it just didn’t make any sense how an already closed staple STILL stuck in my finger. sean had to pull it out…ouch!

  3. says

    This too has happened to me. On more than one occasion. You’d think I would have learned my lesson. I should mention though that this has happened to me while opening the big containers of cleaning wipes, not the small wet wipe containers, and it resulted in blood loss. My poor finger! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Whitehill says

    I am a lurker but I have to comment and tell you I DID THIS TOO! A few years ago I was getting bug wipes out for my daughter…I was crying by the time I got my finger out. That junk HURT. BAD. I felt silly though, like a chinese finger trap thing or something. Glad you are OK. I enjoy your blog and your precious family! 🙂

  5. says

    haha, the same thing happened to me! I never noticed the label, though I did {eventually} figure out that lifting the lid is much easier than having the tip of your finger pinched off! Glad you made it out in one piece 😉

  6. says

    I did this, too, although not with Wet Ones. I teach HS and keep bleach wipes in my desk. I opened a new bottle and went to throw it through the hole and caught my finger… right in the middle of my students taking a test. I was nearly in tears I was in so much pain!
    Glad I know I am not the only one!!

  7. says

    Ouch! I can’t imagine how much that hurt! I never knew those containers had a warning and have stuck my finger in them many times, I just never got stuck!

  8. says

    Hahah that is funny, well not funny for you because I’m sure it hurt (that picture looks painful, even though its not your finger) but the way you told the story was funny!

  9. says

    OMG, this totally happened to me too! I panicked and broke into an instant sweat screaming for help!! Seriously, I thought I had severed my finger!! So scary!

  10. says

    I carry wet ones everywhere these days. And I know about that hole! ha!
    Isn’t it crazy how much we have to travel with for one little kid??? You are smart to just get it there!!! I did that when we went to the beach.

  11. says

    Man, that’s intense! So glad you were able to save your finger! 🙂 I just picked up some of these and I’m thankful for the warning – yikes!

  12. says

    Girl, from the other comments and my own personal experience….you are not alone! The same stupid plastic thing is on all disinfectant wipe canisters…You’ve got me curious now as to whether there is a warning on the Lysol/Chlorox Wipe containers! Glad your finger wasn’t permanently damaged!

  13. says

    This happened to me too! But I caught myself before my finger got completely stuck. It was scary and I could imagine that it would really hurt if it got stuck any more than it did.

  14. says

    HAHAHAHA! I don’t even have a child and I’ve done this because I carry one of those in my car, being the germaphobe that I am! Still, it possibly made it more funny having done it before to read this post!

  15. says

    Wow, this happened to my boyfriend while trying to get an Off Insect repellent wipe out of the canister. His finger got stuck so badly, and the more we pulled at it, the sharp prongs would get more deeply lodged in his rugged cuticles. We’ve been dating almost 4 years, and I have never seen him in worse pain. Finally we poured vegetable oil on it and my best friend’s sister yanked it off. She was more successful at it than I was because I think she was just like, “suck it up, brace yourself, deal with it.”

    It’s crazy this has happened to other people! I’m sorry for your experience, from the looks of it, it seems terribly painful!

    -Hillary Bell, Bridal Makeup artist and Hairstylist

  16. Lee says

    This just happened to me. I actually used a cuticle scissor to carefully cut some of the prongs out from the underside and was able to get my finger out before I lost circulation or created a bloody mess. My advice — cut the prongs out completely every time you open up a new container (i.e. just leave a big open circle through which you can pull out the wipes — a little more work to rip them, but worth it).

  17. merissa says

    This happened to me as well! But to stop it from hurting, I pushed my finger into the hole more and I got very stuck! It hurts a lot! My finger was going numb and white!

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