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My friend at In No Simple Language did a great post about the 12 books that she read in 2009 and I’m going to tell you what I read in 2009 and let you in on my goals of the 12 (minimum) books I want to read in 2010. Now, remember, I have a serious problem with buying stacks of books and then buying more stacks of books before I finish the previously purchased books. One of my 30 things to accomplish before turning 30 goals is to read every unread book in my house. But this list for 2010 could change. Because we all know I’m capable of running out and buying a book and completely abandoning the others. (Hopefully all of this reading will keep me from shopping!)

2009 Books: (books marked with a * should be added to your “must read” list!)

Same Kind of Different As Me*

The Help*

My Sister’s Keeper

The Last Song (movie coming out soon and wanted to finish before then)

Dear John (ditto about the movie coming out soon)

The Lucky One*

Mercury in Retrograde

The Shack

Vision in White

2010 Books- I chose 13 books. One for every month of the year and an extra in case we go on an amazing beach vacation:

January- Firefly Lane- I’m currently reading Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and it took me a few days to get into it, but now I’m going strong!

February- Something Borrowed- Believe it or not I haven’t read a single book in Emily Giffin’s series. I’ve had them all on my shelves for a long time and I’m finally starting.

March- Something Blue

April- Baby Proof

May- Love the One You’re With

June- South of Broad- Pat Conroy. Charleston. Definitely excited.

July- The Nanny Returns- I loved The Nanny Diaries and I’m excited about the sequel.

August- The Real Real- Another book by the authors of The Nanny Diaries.

September- Bed of Roses- Nora Roberts’ second book in her wedding series.

October- Return to Sullivan’s Island

November- The Glass Castle

December- The Overnight Socialite

One to grow on- American Wife

There it is! At my friend’s recommendation, I joined Goodreads and it is so helpful!

What are you planning on reading this year? Or maybe just this month? Have you read any of my choices? What’d you think?

For those that are wondering where I find the time to read when I have a 7 month old… A handy dandy book light came with my birthday Snuggie (that has since been replaced by the Brookstone Comfy) and I read at night right before I go to sleep with my book light. I try to read at least 2 chapters. I often read more– especially if I’m really into the book.

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  1. says

    I love to read and you have a great list here. I’ve read nearly all of your 2010 selections, and you’ll enjoy them all. Firefly Lane and American Wife are two of my top 10 Favorite books of all time! Along with The Help – isn’t that just the best book? Nanny Returns and the Overnight Socialite are on my lists too for 2010 and I’ve heard they’re really good. Happy Reading!!!

  2. says

    You will LOVE Emily Giffin. LOVE.

    Baby Proof made me sob (like huge sobs) on the plane because I had visions that it could BE MY LIFE. That book talked about my biggest fear and if Emily Giffin hadn’t already written it, i would be writing a book very similar for my writing class.

    GAH. Maybe I should read it again.

    In 2009 I read over 30 books. Where do I find the time for this?? And I only can read books in book form. Not on a Kindle. Plus, I love the feeling of walking into a bookstore and I LOVE the smell of a new book.

  3. says

    I just finished The Overnight Socialite which was super fun and quick read- I actually stopped reading the Nanny Returns in favor of The Overnight Socialite. Love Emily Giffin- her characters are so well developed, especially when compared to similar books in that genre. I was a little disappointed with South of Broad, but probably because Pat Conroy is my favorite author, so maybe my expectations were too high? I have been wanting to try The Glass Castle and American Wife- I can’t wait to hear what you think.

    P.S. I possibly will be coming to Columbia for a weekend in the next few months!

  4. says

    I am reading The Help based on other twitter friend recommendations. I have read American Wife and loved it (supposedly based on Barbara Bush). I did NOT like My Sister’s Keeper, couldn’t finish it. Not because of the plot, but the writing, I just had a hard time for some reason. I’ve heard South of Broad is excellent and Firefly Lane, that it’s strange – since you’re reading now, is that true.
    I hate to add to your list, but Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter was one of my faves from 2009!
    Happy reading!

  5. says

    The Help and Same Kind of Different As Me are on my 2010 list! Just picked up SKODAM at the library this weekend 🙂

    You have some of my favorites on your list for 2010! I loved American Wife, and both the Emily Giffin books you put down are favorites of mine. And Glass Castle….so great! You have a wonderful year of reading ahead of you!

    Also, love the Goodreads plug! Isn’t it wonderful?

  6. says

    I love Emily Giffin! I have never been a big reader and I can breeze through her books! Love The One You’re With was my absolute favorite. I couldn’t finish Baby Proof, but I’m planning to give it another try!

  7. says

    I LOVE Emily Giffin’s books!! She has another book coming out in the spring, but I may have to wait a while since I usually buy my books when they’re in paperback. (Or I may just splurge and buy it the day it comes out.) I also have “The Nanny Diaries,” but have never read it. Maybe now I will? The books I have to read are by Sophie Kinsella…and a few green cleaning books I received for Christmas.

  8. Amy says

    I’m in the same boat with the Emily Giffin books- have all of them but haven’t read any. Maybe I’ll start now too. The only one I’ve read from your 2010 list is American Wife and I LOVED it! I thought it was so interesting to read and research all of the characters in it at the same time. A lot of my conservative friends who read it didn’t like it because they felt it reflected poorly on Laura Bush but I thought the character was beautifully developed and I loved her throughout the book- in all of her similarities and differences from the real Laura. Cant wait to hear what you think!

  9. says

    love it! you’ll read all the emily giffin books in about two weeks, they’re fabulous easy reads! also, the glass castle is in my top 5 favorite books, so excited for you to read it.

  10. Jessica says

    I echo all of the comments on Emily Giffin- her writing style is addictive! I just finished Nanny Returns and I enjoyed it, but it made me a bit sad as well. Definitely a good read! The Help is next in my line-up…

  11. Kelly says

    I enjoy Emily Giffin’s books…but Love the One You’re With was kind of awful. Being recently married, I was turned off. Just finished Nora Robert’s Bed of Roses and it was cute. Quick read! I also just read Never Let Me God by Kazuo Ishiguro (they’re making it into a movie as well) and really enjoyed it.

  12. says

    I love this! You’re a gal after my own heart — I’m a voracious reader too! This gave me so great ideas for the New Year. I just may have to make a plan like this to ensure that I get all of my books read! I hope that you like American Wife as much as I did. Happy Reading!

  13. says

    I read South of Broad and I love Pat Conroy, but it wasn’t one of my favorites of his…my most favorite book ever is his Beach Music. I want to read The Help this year – I’ve heard wonderful things about it. Have you read Water for Elephants? That’s a great one too!

  14. Lauren C says

    Thanks! I just added these to my Kindle wishlist. I was looking for some new reads. The Last Song was on my list but after that nothing looked inspiring. I love the Emily Griffin books, I’ve read them all.

  15. says

    I really enjoyed The Help! I’ve read the Emily Griffin books, their cute…but being a few years out from reading them I don’t remember much. Glass Castle is also a good read. On my list so far this year is : Under the Done by Stephen King, Have a litte faith by Mitch Albom (highly recommend, as I just finished it…I read it one night). Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Three cups of Tea, Burning Shadows, and When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present . I’ll read many more…but those are just what I have sitting around waiting to be read. Good luck!

  16. says

    LOVE Emily Giffin’s books! All of them! The only bad thing about her books is that I am sad after I am done because I want to read another one NOW! 🙂 I just finished Firefly Lane! Loved it as well! Read it in 3 or 4 days over a long weekend awhile back. However, I got another book from that author, Between Sisters, and I am not feeling it. Have you read any of her other books? Also loved the Glass Castle, read that a few years back. Quick read if I remember correctly.

  17. says

    Looks like a great list! You’ve inspired me to set a reading goal for myself. I’m new to goodreads too, Maggie @ Freckled Citizen got me started. I’ll send you a friend request!

    Happy new year, and happy reading!

  18. says

    Just added a couple new books to my Kindle!

    Emily Giffin’s books are cute, I love them. The Help was my favorite of 2010 and I absolutely loved The Glass Castle.

    Currently I’m reading The Good Earth for my book club and Nanny Returns for something a little lighter. I’m also working my way through the Sookie Stackhouse series, which I’m embarassed to admit. They’re completely ridiculous, but a nice escape.

  19. Amie says

    I think that having a book list for 2010 is such a great idea- I definitely need to do this because I also like to read- A LOT. I read The Help in 2 days- I really liked it and recommended it to all of my friends. I just finished reading What I thought I Knew a few days ago, so I think it is time to make my own book list for 2010.

    I have to agree with the other commenter that My Sister’s Keeper was hard for me to read. I could really relate to the storyline (I am a pediatric Cancer RN), but I think it was a hard read because of the writing style. What did you think about the book?

    I can’t wait to see what you think of Emily Griffin’s books! I thoroughly enjoyed her books!

  20. says

    I loved Firefly Lane! It was a great book, and I have been walking by the Emily Griffin books in the library/ bookstore myself and haven’t had a chance to read them either. I may add them to my list for the year. Another good website for readers (especially ones reading to or with little kids is James Patterson’s

  21. says

    I’ve read Love the One You’re With, Something Blue, and Something Borrowed. I loved them ALL. Never read Baby Proof. Let me know what you think about it! I am excited for her next book to come out. I am about to start Pillars of the Earth. I buy books ALL the time when I get a coupon in. It means I save $$$ eventually at some point.

  22. says

    Emily Giffins books are super cute…I havn’t read Love the One Your With yet but Baby Proof was awesome and the orginal two are good too. I had no idea there was going to be a Nanny Diaries sequel so thanks for the info!

  23. Amy says

    I LOVE Emily Giffin and cannot WAIT for her new book this year! Something Blue is AMAZING. I was so sad when it ended. I have read a lot of the books on your list and am currently readying Nanny Returns. Enjoy!

  24. says

    Love this post! Great website too by the way..I love finding out good reads and recommendations. OK on your list I’ve read Firefly Lane, The Glass Castle (absolutely amazing), American Wife (also really good) all the Emily Griffins, just bought Dear John, also read The Help (hello! amazing too) and Same Kind of Different. I’d keep going but I’d post a page on your wall!

    The Nora Roberts look really good. I saw them recommended on a different site, B&N maybe?? Happy Reading! I think finding time to read is a great thing, even if it’s just a couple of pages every day!

  25. Karah says

    You will love Emily Giffins books. They are great. I loved “Love the One Your With” I read it in about 2 days. Happy Reading and I can’t wait to read some of your suggestions.

  26. says

    Hey! I double checked my URL before posting this time, lol 🙂

    Anyhow, great book choices! LOVED The Last Song and Dear John, can’t wait for the movies! And I have read all of Emily Griffin’s books-they are a really fun read! I am a big Dorthea Benton Frank fan and cant wait to read Return to Sullivan’s Island (I just finished Mango Sunsets). And I just picked up Firefly Lane the other day-I can’t wait to get started reading it (which I plan to hopefully do tomorrow, as tonight is reserved for the new Bachelor 🙂 ).
    Happy Reading,

  27. says

    I just read Same Kind of Different As Me on Saturday – I bought it and decided to read the first chapter at the Starbucks in B&N, and then before I knew it I’d been there 4 hours and finished the book! 🙂
    I’m also looking forward to Nanny Returns…really liked the first book (not so much the movie though).

  28. says

    I thought the Emily Griffith books were just ok! I loved the first one but then there’s a twist when you start the second, you’ve been warned! LOL

  29. Brittany says

    We have like the exact same taste in books! I Love and have read almost all you listed…I have gotten into a reading lull and need to pick up the pace this year too! Thanks for sharing that

  30. says

    Great books!

    I’m currently reading “Dear John” with “The Nanny Returns” being the next on my list.

    I’ve read all the Emily Giffin books…. they are fun reads!

    The Nora Roberts’ wedding series is pretty good, too.

    Can’t wait for your reviews of the books!

  31. Lindsay says

    I also read My Sister’s Keeper…a good book, but not nearly as good as some of Jodi Picoult’s others. I’m currently obsessed with her stuff!

    To all you Emily Griffin supporters…I haven’t ever read her books – what makes them so good? I’m excited about a new author to try out!

  32. Alli says

    I loooooooooooooooooove Emily Giffin. From the comments, you can see so does everyone else! I’ve read all of her books and thought Something Borrowed was the best with Something Blue coming in a close second. I’ve read a lot of chick lit and feel that she has good plots and is a bit more witty than most writers. You’ll definitely enjoy her books.

  33. says

    I read American Wife on our vacation last summer. Family vacation, 8 days, 8 family members and a dog. I still managed to finish it in 3 days. I really enjoyed the way it was written and would definitely recommend.
    I read The Shack about a year ago. Cried, cried, cried – but loved it. Hoping I can join the book study the next time my church offers it.
    Same Kind of Different as Me and My Sister’s Keeper are on my reading list. South of Broad and the Emily Griffin books are further down the list, which means I probably won’t get to them until I find the time to get the audiobook version (I drive about 70 miles a day to/from my kids’ school, so I usually get through an audiobook pretty quickly – and I only listen to them during the solo portion of the drive).

  34. says

    I loved Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I just finished them not too long ago. I also had Dear John sitting around my house and read it for the same reason as you did. Right now I’m reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult. It’s very very good!!!

  35. says

    I LOVE Emily Giffin novels. I’m a slow reader and I read all day at work so I need something that is a fast read. I devoured each of her novels. Devoured. You will be finished with each of the Emily Giffin novels by March! I’ll be interested to hear how you like American Wife. That’s on my reading list as well.

  36. Stephanie says

    I have read your 2010 Jan-April books. You will love them! Firefly Lane is excellent and Emily is wonderful as well!!!

  37. says

    I just told Luke last night that I want to read Same Kind of Different as Me. Maybe I will go buy that tomorrow. Have you read Crazy Love? Its on my reading list, I’ve heard it will rock your world.

  38. says

    I’ve read all the Emily Giffin and you’re going to ADORE them. Check out Jane Green too if you get some extra time 🙂 You’ll fly through Emily’s because they’re such “fun” reads. Jane too!

  39. Eve says

    Something borrowed is fabulous. I’ve read it a few times. I was a bit hesitant to read Something Blue (after you read Something Borrowed I’ll tell you why-if you want to know, that is!), but did read it and liked it. Love the One you’re with was a bit of a letdown after her first two, in my opinion.

  40. liz says

    I did not like South of Broad at all, in fact I couldn’t even finish reading it. Really disappointing, since I love all of Pat Conroy’s previous books, especially Beach Music. I’ll be interested to hear what you think. The dialogue was cringe-worthy.

  41. says

    I am probably like every other woman (or teeny bopper) out there that has read the entire Twilight series this last year… and most of the shack, which got dropped right after my second baby was born. At some point this year I plan on finishing that one. I also read Fireproof (which isnt really a “read” more of a marriage self help book (but still amazing). Last night actually I started reading the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse novels (also about vampires, after which I will probably be vapired out). After that 8 book series I plan on reading more than I did last year which wasnt much, I just dont know where to start. Although your suggestions from ’09 sound like a good way to start. 🙂

  42. says

    I loved all the Emily Giffin books! Something Borrowed was my favorite. I recently read the first two books in Nora Roberts Bride Quartet and I am anxiously waiting for the third to come out in March. Those are some great choices you have. When schools out I can easily read twelve books a month… But then the housework suffers.

  43. says

    I really loved The Help- my Mom and I were discussing how much we’d love a sequel, set 10 years down the road or so! South of Broad was fantastic as well- best book I read in 2009 – which is saying a lot! If you like Pat Conroy I’d suggest reading Stuart Woods old novel “Chiefs”- really wonderful.

  44. Brenda says

    I always had the same problem with buying a ton of books and never reading them. Until last March, my husband bought me an Amazon Kindle. I don’t know what the difference is but I now finish all of the books I start.

  45. says

    What a great list! I’m reading “Same Kind of Different as Me” right now in the mothers’ room at work while I pump. Sexy, right? It does give me something to look forward to three times a day, though!

    Good thing you have an extra book built in, because you will TEAR through the Emily Giffin books. If you want to borrow them, I’m happy to mail each of ’em to you! Just shoot me an email.

    Happy New Year and happy reading!

  46. says

    Oh, I’m glad you posted this, Erin! Last year, one of my resolutions was to read one book a month. Needless to say I only read two:( Have you read Redeeming Love? It is so awesome! I wrote down some of the books you suggested along with some from your 2010 list. I’m going to check out GoodReads. Maybe that’ll help me with my reading venture…..I watch too much television and need to read more.

  47. Ashley says

    I’m so glad you mention Goodread, I really needed something like that to keep track of what I’ve read and what I want to read!

    I’m currently reading “Eat Cake” by Jeanne Ray, for my book club. Very good so far!

  48. Paige says

    I recently finished South of Broad by Pat Conroy and it’s not in my top five list of all time favorite books. It’s so well done and nothing is better than a book set in Charleston!

  49. says

    I’ve read all of Emily Giffin’s books and they are amazing… such easy and fun reads and very girly! I’m actually tackling the same resolution (1 book a month). I’m reading Eclipse right now (gotta finish the Twilight series!) and then moving on to The Help–I see that’s a must read and I’ve only heard great things about it… others you may want to check out at Cocktails for Three and Bergdorf Blondes–my fav book!! Happy reading =)

  50. says

    I loved, loved, LOVED Same Kind of Different As Me. I am reading The Help and South of Broad soon! Great suggestions — I have never read any of Emily Giffin’s books, either, so I will be interested to see what you think!

  51. says

    I enjoyed Firefly Lane and am looking forward to reading the sequel to the Nanny Diaries. I too try to read a little before bed each night. But with a 5 month old, sometimes I’m too tired to read more than a page or two. I used to tear through books, but it’s definitely taking me a little longer now. Will link to your 2010 reading list on my blog.

  52. says

    The Glass Castle is an amazing book! So vivid, so heartbreaking, so empowering.

    I had no idea the Nanny Diaries had a sequel! I can’t wait to read it.

  53. says

    I’ve read several on your lists, and have some of them in my “to read” pile on the nightstand! Just started Nanny Returns last night! Bed of Roses was great!

  54. Chelsea says

    Dorethea Benton Frank is great!!! I haven’t read Return to Sullivan’s Island, but I have read other books by her that I loved! I started reading her stuff because we take a yearly trip to Isle of Palms and all her books are based around the Charleston area. My favorite was Plantation. Hope you enjoy!

  55. says

    Dear John used to be my favorite book by Nicholas Sparks, but has since been replaced by The Last Song– I sobbed through the last quarter. I’m reading Same Kind of Different As Me right now. Good list!

  56. Stephness says

    I love love Emily Giffin! I cannot wait for her new one!

    As for Nanny Returns, I read it, but did not like it at all. Usually I want to finish a book, but that one is one I wanted to stop halfway through. It is definitely not a proper ‘ending’ to Nanny’s story. Too choppy! No spoilers here, but definitely not their best work.

    Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch (i think that’s her name) is really good too!

  57. says

    I haven’t read any of Emily Griffin’s, either. I always think about it, and never do.

    But wait! I didn’t know there was a sequel to Nanny Diaries! You just made my day!!!

  58. says

    All of Emily Giffin’s are GREAT, they are similar…but so good…you will fly thru those! I read The Help in a week over Christmas and LOVED it, can’t believe that was her first book! I LOVE reading about that time period. Not gonna lie…South of Broad was not my favorite, it doesn’t even come close to Prince of Tides and Beach Music for me…but still a true Pat Conroy, his descriptions are amazing. I cried thru the end of The Last Song (on the airplane!)…all of his books are the same but I still love them! We should get some Cola. girls together to go see it when it comes out. Do you ever read Dan Brown?? I love his for mind racing type books, they are so thought provoking!

  59. says

    You are going to LOVE the Emily Giffin books and you will really love Return to Sullivan’s Island! That is my family vacation spot every year and her books hold a special place in my heart…they are all wonderful!!

  60. says

    i love when people post about books they have read/will read. i have a long long LONG book list and i love adding peoples favorites to it.

    i also have emily giffin’s series on my list. hopefully it is as wonderful as it seems!

  61. says

    At first I really did not like South of Broad but I kept going because I adore Pat C. and it grew on me! I’ve heard similar reviews from other Conroy lovers so stick with it!

    I’ve never heard of The Real Reals – I had no idea they had another book besides Citizen Girl, Nanny Diaries and Dedicated! I have the Nanny Returns on my bedstand right now and can’t wait to start!

  62. says

    I have read Return to Sullivan’s Island, South of Broad, and American Wife and I would suggest any or all of them. They were all addicting, fun books.

    Right now I am reading The Help and I hope to read Overnight Socialite at some point … I am not sure when though!

  63. Jenny says

    I have read both Glass Castle and the American Wife and enjoyed both of those. Also, add Half Broke Horses by the same author as Glass Castle. Great Books!

  64. Jenna says

    I am just now updating my reading list for 2010 and would love to add you as a friend on GoodReads but can’t figure out how to do it! Do you have a user name you could share? I tried searching for you but had no luck. Mine is jennaelisabeth. It’s be fun to link up on there! What good book choices!

  65. says

    Thanks so much for the list! I think I read this when you originally posted it then after reading the Emily Griffin’s (and loving them!) and getting your reminder that this list was on your blog my new reading list is amped up and ready for a trip to the library. Thanks again!

  66. says

    I have read Firefly Lane and really like it, but it also did take time to get into to. However, I was reading it at 2:30 in the morning as a adjusted to the time change when I studied abroad in Spain.

    I also read all the of the Emily Griffin books you listed. I got started on them as a camp counselor and loved them. Baby Proof wasn’t my favorite, and Love the One You’re With I felt “iffy” about. She has a new one coming out soon.

    I love Sparks and read The Last Song before it came out as well. I really liked the book, made me bawl. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but have heard mixed review from those to also read the book.


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