now that Thanksgiving is over…

…I can start celebrating the Christmas season. (You’ll notice that I always say Christmas instead of “the holidays” because I celebrate Christmas.)

We have been in Dallas and North Louisiana since Tuesday (hence my lack of posts) and we head back to South Carolina today. I plan to spend the day tomorrow putting up our Christmas tree and dancing around the house to my favorite Christmas sounds including, but not limited to, Amy Grant’s “A Christmas Album”– the one with Tennessee Christmas on it and Point of Grace’s Christmas album.

We will watch Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, and It’s A Wonderful Life tomorrow. Throughout the month of December, we’ll also be sure to watch Family Man, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and White Christmas.

We’ll snack on fudge and sausage balls. We’ll drink Egg Nog Lattes and Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks.

We’re doing Christmas a little bit different this year, and we’re all (my parents, my brother, Todd’s parents, Todd’s grandmother, Hudson, Todd, and I) going to spend the week of Christmas in the mountains in Tennessee. We decided to not have everyone exchange gifts– even though we’re pretty sure everyone will still get stuff for Hudson– and just focus on spending the week together and put our money toward the house we rented. Todd and I will swap a few gifts, though, and I have picked up a couple of stocking stuffers for the crowd. Santa isn’t going to forget about us completely. So the little bit of Christmas shopping that I had to do is finished!

I plan to spend the next month getting through the Junior League Holiday Market, celebrating with friends, attending a couple of Christmas parties, seeing the Rockettes, and relaxing until our fun-filled family trip to Tennessee comes around!

And while attending the fun parties, eating the great food, listening to the music and appreciating the decorations, I plan to praise my Lord for the precious gift of His son that he gave us so many years ago.

But the most important thing to me is savoring the season. I always resist celebrating too early because I don’t want to get tired of hearing the music and seeing the Christmas decorations. Now that it’s hear I just want to soak it all in. Because it will be January 2 before we know it, and it will officially be time to focus on the new year and another season. Life will speed up and Christmas will seem a world away. I’m thrilled to be able to┬ásee this year’s Christmas through my little boy’s eyes– his very first Christmas.

What are your favorite December traditions? What movies do you and your loved ones watch? What is your favorite Christmas CD?

go. see. this. movie.

The Blind Side was fantastic. And one of the best movie versions of a book for me in a long time. Todd and I both really enjoyed it.

It’s not the typical sports movie that is full of fluff and cheesy lines. This is a true story and everything from the movie is in the book. And it’s true.


I don’t take back everything I said about Sandra Bullock (in case anyone was wondering– ahem, Todd), but she did do an amazing job in this role. And this role was perfectly suited for her.


I wanted to dump my brain into this post.


  • I’m having trouble coming up with blog content lately.
  • I have lots going on, but feel like most of it is too boring to tell you all about.
  • I am so ready for Hudson’s two little bottom teeth to come on in. They’re almost there and they’re making him miserable– which can lead to pretty long days.
  • I think that cinnamon toast and hot chocolate are the perfect combination on a cold day. Yum.
  • The best part of my day is when I walk in to get Hudson out of his crib. That “good morning, Mommy” smile brings me just the right amount of happiness for the day.
  • I’m terrified of not losing these 20 pounds.
  • I’m also terrified of the next (and hopefully final) surgery that I’ll have after the end of the year.
  • I have not been the best mommy to my dogs since the baby arrived. They haven’t been the best doggies since the baby arrived, either. Hopefully we’ll find a good balance soon.
  • Even though Hudson is sleeping through the night, I still can’t seem to get rested.
  • This week I’d rather read than do anything else.
  • In grad school, I ate cheese fries every Monday night at Delaney’s with my dear friend. Shockingly, I was the thinnest I’ve ever been in my life.
  • I am just about to finish Mad Men Season 1 on DVD. Do I need another show to watch?
  • I am not a basketball fan. There. I said it.
  • I still wish I’d had a c-section.
  • I chose not to have a c-section because I was too worried about what people would think or say about me.
  • I’ll be having a c-section with the next baby. Say what you want.
  • I’m delaying the whole Christmas decorating and Christmas music listening because I don’t want to get sick of it before Christmas arrives. But I really can’t wait to get started!
  • I miss my little college town every day. There weren’t many restaurants there, but I crave something from one of those restaurants on a daily basis. And my little brother lives there now!
  • I’m jealous of people that have nieces and/or nephews. I wish Hudson had a buddy. My dearest cousin (who is the closest thing to a sister) has a baby girl and that will have to do for a while. She has given me tons of advice.
  • I wish that my best friends could see Hudson more often and watch him grow up.
  • I can’t wait for Lost and American Idol to start again.
  • I’m inspired daily by my blog friends and bloggers that I don’t have a relationship with. Thank goodness for blogs!
  • I wonder if I’ll go to my high school reunion next year.
  • If I ever got a French Bulldog, I’d name him Piglet.
  • Weight loss seems to be on my mind in some way all day long.
  • We are very blessed and I’m afraid that parts of this post sound like a pity party.
  • My goal every day is to be in a great mood at 6:30 when Todd comes home. It’s much harder than it sounds with two dogs and a baby. Hudson’s bad mood of the day comes around 5:30 and lasts until about 6:30 as he’s winding down for bed. I don’t want to project all of that onto Todd when he walks in the door. So that’s my goal.
  • I’m constantly counting down the days until the next time I get to see my parents and brother.
  • I’m so excited to have a weekend with no big plans, but some fun plans, too!

One Kings Lane Home for the Holidays and a giveaway winner!

The winner of last Monday’s $100 credit to One Kings Lane is Samantha Strah! Congratulations!

You should have already been contacted by One Kings Lane, but feel free to get in touch with me if you have any problems.

Picture 21

Alright, y’all know I love One Kings Lane. Here’s the thing. You can get so much beautiful gifty loot without breaking the bank! I purchased two Kate Spade Lenox crystal vases (that were on my wedding registry) that normally retail for $200 a piece for just under $100.

One of the best things you can give someone for Christmas is an e-gift to One Kings Lane. They’ll still have to register and become a member, but that’s easy! The e-gift cards come in amounts from $25 to $1000. And I promise that you can find something great on that site for $25.

Picture 22

Tomorrow (Friday) on One Kings Lane, they’ll be focusing on Holiday Decorating. I cannot even tell you how excited I am about these next two items. It’s a Juliska glass ornament and a Distinctive Designs wreath. Yay for Christmas decorating– at 70% off!

Picture 23Picture 24

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