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I’ve been a little M.I.A. this week, but just wanted to let you know what some of our weekly highlights were.

1. Hudson and I are feeling better. Yay. No ear infections. His congestion is nearly gone. Mine, on the other hand, is taking a while to completely disappear, but I feel fine.

2. Hudson is really enjoying food. This week we introduced squash and bananas. He’s still not so sure about the bananas, but is loving the squash. Next week we’ll start green beans. Oh boy!

3. I took a ton of clothes to our local upscale consignment shop yesterday and I’m hopeful that I’ll get some money back. I realized that there were quite a few classic items that I hadn’t worn in years and they weren’t doing me any good just sitting in my closet. Most of them don’t fit anymore– too big and too small (yes, I’ve fluctuated a lot over the past 7 years). So fingers crossed for some cash back!

4. I forgot to add a Garmin to my birthday wish list. I had been holding off on asking for one because we plan to get a new vehicle sometime soon and a GPS may be a feature that comes with the car. But it’s looking like the new vehicle won’t come for a few more months, so that Garmin may be a necessity sooner than later.

5. Have I told y’all about my awesome day planner? A couple of my favorite tweeters and I were discussing the MomAgenda this morning. I’m certainly not the first blogger to rave about this, but I just love it. There is seriously a place to write everything– and lots of space to do it in. Each day has its own page and there is even space to write your kids’ appointments and activities. If you’re not a mom, they have the MyAgenda which is equally awesome. I had a MyAgenda before I became a mom.


6. I think this is pretty. Don’t you agree? This gorgeous pink and peach Greenwich wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty last week, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. The stir sticks and the big bowl of peaches are my favorite part. So simple and so gorgeous.


7. It’s been a crazy week in the blogosphere and a lot of my favorite writers have had a rough time. I think the biggest thing to remember is that we all write our blogs for us. Not because of what someone wants us to write about and not to impress readers or haters. If blogging makes you happy and you were happy with the way you’ve always been doing it, then keep it up. For me, it’s a way to keep up with my family and track our lives, but also a place for me to vent frustrations, however significant or insignificant they may be. It is also a place that I visit every day with the guaranteed promise that I’m going to interact with some of my greatest friends. And if it’s weird or strange for your blog friends to become real life friends that’s fine. I’m okay with being weird if it means I get so many great new friends out of it.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We’re planning to drive up and look at some gorgeous scenery in North Carolina this weekend. Nope– no football. Should be a great weekend!

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  1. says

    That wedding looks absolutely perfect. The colors are so fresh and I’m pretty much obsessed with the paper products pictured. I’m so happy to hear that both you and Huds are doing better- sick baby + sick momma cannot be much fun, at all. I can’t wait to get my MomAgenda and I’m sure I’ll love it just as much as you do- you’ve got the greatest style and if it works for you, it’ll be great. šŸ™‚ Have an awesome time this weekend.

  2. says

    Ahhh, the leaves are really pretty here in the moutains in East Tennessee, so I know NC is going to be beautiful! Are you making Hudson’s baby food? I was “reading” in my latest WM catalog about making your own, and am curious about the whole process.

  3. says

    Glad you two are doing better! How cute that Hudson is getting all sorts of new food–he’s growing up! Crazy!

    And yes, that wedding is gorgeous–just perfect.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. says

    I have never seen that planner before but I love how stunning it is from the outside! I also don’t mind the price either. I’m a huge fan of Franklin Covey and have used his planners for years. I haven’t ventured away because I really haven’t found anything that compares or that I like better. Anyway, I’d be willing to give this one a shot! What do you do with them when you are done? Do you keep them on a shelf? Or just toss them? (In my opinion) They are too cute to toss!

    Cute wedding too!

    Oh and yes. You do blog for yourself so blog when you can and know that we’re patiently waiting!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Glad to hear everyone is on the mend! My children have both been sick this week (one with the flu!), and it’s tough when you just have to wait it out.
    I found out about MomAgenda through a local stationery/gift store, and I don’t know how I would be able to organize my family’s schedules without it! Now that we have school activities, dance, soccer, church commitments and more – well, it’s a lifesaver. I love technology, but I’m a pen-and-paper girl when it comes to my calendar. They are running some great deals right now – and during October they are making a donation to the Breast Cancer Alliance when you purchase a fuschia desktop MomAgenda.
    One more thing – the leaves up here are lovely right now, so I know you’ll have a great weekend!

  6. says

    I have a build in navigation but I would still take a Garmin over it. They cost so much to get one in your car and then they are only as updated as when they were made. It will cost me over $300 to get a new cd to update the maps, it’s such an expensive temporary fix.

  7. says

    We have a Garmin, and we’re in LOVE! I bought one for my husband a few years ago and it has made our traveling so much easier. I shopped around a lot to find the best price and ended up buying ours from I couldn’t find anywhere with better prices!

    Have so much fun in NC this weekend šŸ™‚ The leaves are looking so pretty right now!

  8. says

    Seriously, the momagenda is the single greatest investment I have ever made. I couldn’t live without it, and keeping all of the kids’ schedules straight, and I put Gunner as my 4th kid. šŸ™‚ Well worth the money, and I will get one every year!

  9. Eve says

    Oooo….I’d consider a Magellan instead of a Garmin for a GPS. We had a Garmin, and 11 months after we bought it and used it a few times a month….it just stopped working. It could no longer detect a satellite signal. We have *loved* the Magellan we replaced it with. Much better interface, more options…..a good way to go for GPS!

  10. says

    Definitely need to check out the Mom Agenda website, looks like a must have necessity for this busy momma! šŸ™‚ Love love love the wedding images you posted, those peaches are fun and everything looks gorgeous! Keep blogging for YOU, don’t even worry about those silly anon commentors or “haters.” šŸ™ Boo for rude people! Speaking of blogging for yourself, I have got to get back in the routine…it’s been too long!

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