mom-style monday: lounge wear edition

Let’s face it. There are days in the life of a stay-at-home-mom when you feel like you never get out of your pajamas. You’re woken up by the sound of crying at 6:00 a.m. and you fall asleep on the couch after you get your little one back to bed. You’re woken up by the sound of crying again two hours later and then your day gets started. Little one doesn’t go back to bed at that point. You find yourself stuck in your ratty high school powder puff football t-shirt (ahem, me this morning) and a random pair of white capri pajama pants.

Please don’t let anyone randomly stop by.

Please let mommy get upstairs and get a shower.

When a shower is not an option for lots of reasons,* you must be prepared with alternative outfits that still look great, but don’t require much effort.

*Hudson is not fooled by his bouncy seat. I appreciate the suggestions of putting him in his bouncy seat in the bathroom, but we’ve tried that. I know, I know. I can just let him cry for five minutes while I get my shower, but then I’m stuck with wet hair. I’ll do a “hair edition” of mom-style Monday so you know what my full hair routine is and how much time that requires. I just have to wait for him to take a solid nap before I can shower– or cook.

So here are some low-fuss, perfectly acceptable for trips to the post office or answering to the door to the nosey neighbor who just “pops by” every day.

I mentioned last fall that I’m in love with Gap’sΒ Perfect Pant. Gap doesn’t sell the Perfect Pant anymore, unfortunately. But I found some good options to replace it.

I decided to incorporate some gym clothes with the lounge wear because Hudson and I like to go on walks and I don’t want to have to change clothes AGAIN to go on the walk. Once again, layers are key. All of today’s lounge wear options are from Gap.


This is the Flare Leg Active Pant. It has just enough flare to balance out my hips, but not so much that they’re dragging around the floor and look too much like pajama pants. I like black pants because they hide flaws and look more streamlined when you go out in public. If you’re wearing black lounge pants you don’t look like you’re in pajamas. Unless you’re still wearing your slippers.


Now, this tank is a workout tank, but it has a shelf bra. Now, I can’t typically pull off the shelf bra without using a regular bra for reinforcement, but I love the empire waist on this tank and the slight flare that comes over the hips. This is great for my tummy that still hasn’t gotten back under control after stretching to ginormous proportions with a rather large baby.


I just adore this cotton hooded sweater from Gap. It is so comfy looking, it’s machine washable (you know, because of the spit up), and it’s pretty. I think anything in winter white looks pretty. It’s perfect for just hanging around the house. Put on your cute little earrings, pull your hair up into a ponytail, and you almost look like you spent 20 minutes getting ready that morning. Only you know that you could only get 5 minutes to throw it all together.

Now for the shoes. Remember that this is about lounge wear today and staying comfortable. It’s also about being able to manage your babies and your dogs– meaning you possibly have to run down the street after your Golden Retriever when he takes off after another poor SAHM as she’s strolling her baby past your house. Yes, this has happened.

You’ve got to wear shoes that allow you to move and move without breaking a heel or getting a blister.

(I do like wearing pretty flat sandals with the above options, but those aren’t great for our 3 mile treks around the neighborhood)

These are my favorite options. They’re easy to get on and off– no laces. When your baby is crying and ready to get out the door for a walk and your dog is bouncing from room to room doing the pee pee dance you’ve just got to get out the door!

I love Merrells.


The Chameleon Arc Mary Jane

Nike also has a similar option that I had in college– so comfy!


The Encore Breeze

What do you wear to stay comfy at home without staying in your pajamas all day?

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  1. says

    I love all the suggestions and I’m seriously considering ordering three GAp items online today!! So cute! Gotta have it all! Also I loved yesterdays post! Could Hudson be any more adorable?? I love his big ssmiles! Sopresh! Oh and I bet my hair routine is like yours and cate doesn’t like the bouncer either!

  2. A Walk with the Marshalls says

    I love looking put together yet feeling completely comfortable and together enough to go anywhere at the last minute. These are great options. Random question – but did you notice that your feet changed during pregnancy?? Some of my gf’s said their feet grew! Mine have!! I am really hoping I still fit in my back to work heels! I’ve stuck with flats and flip flops for the past 9 months!

  3. Lauren says

    You should check out LuLuLemon gear. They make the most fabulous yoga pants that can easily be dressed up with a cute JCrew T. They recently added a website to order from if they don’t have a store or sell their stuff near you!

  4. Becca says

    These are so cute!! I had a pair of Merrels that I got from Bloomingdales a few years ago but for some reason, I got them in black, which were terribly ugly! I need to get another pair in the color that you have shown! Is Hudson old enough for an exersaucer yet? I can’t remember at what age I bought my son’s but he did very well in that during my shower time!!

  5. says

    Luckily, we don’t have a lot of unexpected company that stops by (unless it’s our parents), so I can get away with college t-shirts and sweat capris. I love Target’s workout gear for around the house. I have a great pair of Nike capris that I can’t get enough of. Sadly, I accident got some bleach on them, so they’ve become cleaning the bathroom pants. I’m not too worried on what I look like around the house, however now that I’m a teaching in the district that I live in, I can’t go out without looking descent in case I see a parent or student! Thanks for sharing the great Gap clothes!!

  6. says

    I love the choices you picked out!! I usually wear a flowy dress (knee length- not maxi) and a pair of flip flops. This is super cute and works in summer but will have to adjust as its going to start getting colder soon!

  7. says

    Have you tried Privos? For me, they’re even comfier than Merrels. I bought one pair last year and will definitely be buying another soon!

  8. says

    great post! I always have issue’s trying to decide what to wear to pick Macy up at school. I work during the night and sleep during the day while she is away which is awesome cause I get a paycheck but to her I am a SAHM….Problem is–on a good day I get about 5 hours of sleep and wake up about 30 min before I have to pick her up. I keep asking my self Do I put on make-up for this?? How dressed up do I need to be to be seen by half the people in the county for like 10 seconds?? {haha} You gave me some great ideas THANKS!!! {p.s. Thank the Lord that I do not have to go in to the school in the mornings–I would scare the kids to death! yikes!!! LOL}

  9. Elizabeth says

    I love hoodies and that white one looks so comfy. I’m not a SAHM, but I’m still loving your outfit ideas for a wardrobe away from work.

    Oh, I meant to comment on a previous post, but I think you look great. I would’ve guessed you were a size 4 at the most. Keep up the good work.

    Hudson is adorable!

  10. says

    Great finds…thanks for posting about them! I’m definitely in need of finding some great items for before and after the birth that I can lounge around the house in and be semi-cute and comfortable!

  11. says

    if you dont have time to wash your hair, try dry shampoo. you can spray it on your hair and run a brush through your hair with the hair dryer on low heat. try CVS or Wallgreens cheaper version called “Psssssst”. BTW – love that name because thats the noise it makes when it comes out. Oh, the little things that amuse me!

  12. says

    great post. i have to keep all this in mind for the near future πŸ™‚ i have plans to shower and get ready everyday but lets be honest. that AINT gonna happen everyday-haha! hugs

  13. says

    Like Lauren said, my “go-to” loungewear is also Lululemon Athletica( The quality and fit are impossible to find anywhere else (especially in the case of their lounge pants). They have amazing work out clothes (that last forever!!) and they have really cute pieces that you can layer and have work for a casual dinner, etc. The oasis wrap top is my current fav-as I’m 36 weeks preggers, it “grows with me” but will still be useful after baby comes!! I plan on living in my lulus once he’s arrived!!

  14. says

    I saw this post last week and immediately sent a text to @bmds99 wanting to know why she hadn’t told me Gap had the super cute new sweater hoodie! She was probably trying to help me with my hoodie addiction LOL but I did manage to get to the store and pick one up in navy this week. Love it!! Thanks for posting about it, otherwise I might have missed out. πŸ™‚ That was my first visit to your site, really enjoyed it, look forward to following.

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