more wedding details

As time has passed since the big day, people have sent their pictures my way, so I wanted to share a few more.

bridesmaids waiting for pictures holding their Toss umbrellas

bridal portrait taken by Natalie the flower girl

Bridal party before the ceremony– not sure about all of these expressions, but this picture cracks me up. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing.

Jennifer, Catherine, and Jennifer with me at the reception


The cake– it was pink with gold ribbon. I can’t say that I’m loving the color, but it sure did taste good.

Guest book from

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  1. Karen says

    Hi Erin, My name is Karen and I’m from Lafayette, LA. I don’t remember how I started reading your blog but I’ve been visiting it for about the past two weeks. I think I came across it while searching for a recipe. Anyway I was looking at your wedding pictures (love them/and your dress) and I thought one of your bridesmaids was my friend Jennifer. Then I noticed it was Jennifer and Cathrine was a bridesmaid too! I’ve known them forever. Small World. Anyway I just thought that was quite a coincidence.


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