day 27 reflections

I hope this past week was a great one for you and that you were able to create some white space and margin to invest in people, the things you do very well, and spend time with the Lord.

I love a nice, restful Sunday so that I can soak up the good. But today actually won’t be all that restful. I’m giving myself some grace on this today. Three pretty big events all got scheduled on the same day, and it’s just one of those days where we will rush to each thing.

But this past week was really great. My laptop was in the shop all week, and that kept my evenings very clear. It was really refreshing to not even have the option to pick it up. That’s some major white space. It felt a lot like a void. That’s kind of sad.

white space 1


My mom came to visit for a couple of days, and we loved every last second that we had with her. We miss her and Poppie so much.

I watched my boys laugh, fight, wrestle, hug, and generally enjoy being together. There are frequent tears with these two, but I’m loving watching this friendship develop.

We had a fun morning at the zoo with Ellen and her crew.

white space 2

I had some sweet quiet time to sit and read a big stack of magazines. That happens more easily when your laptop is in the shop.

I spent a lot of time talking to sub-contractors and watching progress on the house. It’s getting closer!

The temperatures finally dropped, and we had a fun afternoon playing in the driveway and the front yard. And the boys wrestled in the leaves.

white space 3

We pulled Halloween costumes together, and carved a pumpkin together. Really, the boys watched Todd and me carve the pumpkin because it’s pretty gross. But it was fun anyway.

white space 4

I pray that this next week for you is full of His unending grace, some margin, and intentionality. I’m hoping to finish strong in the last days of Creating White Space.

This is Day 27 of 31 Days of Creating White Space


white space 9

A reader named Susan commented on my post from yesterday, and she shared this treasure with me. And I wanted to share it with all of you today.

“The world’s kingdom is not where I want to be, so I’ve run from it – desperately and without direction. God has revealed to me that it isn’t about running from the world, but it’s about running to God’s Kingdom.”

Because the white space helps me to be intentional.

Because the white space helps me to prioritize.

Because the white space removes a lot of the things that I have found to fill my time and my space instead of asking Him to fill me up.

Because the white space helps me to hear Him and what He’s saying to me because I’ve given Him the room to move.

But His Kingdom is the prize before me. The world’s kingdom is not where I want to be, but I do have purpose while I am here.

This is the time to use the white space to love on people, show them Jesus, and run to God’s Kingdom.

This is Day 26 of 31 Days of Creating White Space

white space isn't the answer

white space 9

Throughout the past three weeks of examining, purging, clearing, praying and creating margin, I have hoped.

I’ve hoped for freedom. I’ve hoped for clarity. I’ve hoped for more time in the day. I’ve hoped for more laughs and less rushing. I’ve hoped for a big moment where my dreams fall into my lap because I’m going through all of these exercises to allow room for things to happen.

And while creating all of this white space is fantastic; it clears my heart and my mind and my day, and it makes me more intentional and it allows a place for my story to stop and God’s story for me to begin, it isn’t all.

The white space is great, but it isn’t the answer.

My hope is in the cross.

White space won’t make me any better or more valuable or more productive anymore than a calendar full of yeses and a closet full of clothes will make me valuable or productive.

I can have a calendar without one ounce of breathing room, but if I have Jesus, I know that I can trust in that. Even if I didn’t pencil Him in on that day, He isn’t going to leave me.

I can have a closet full of clothes that I bought in hopes of feeling a certain way when I wear them, but they’re robbing me of white space and causing me daily anxiety. But if I have Jesus, I know that He will clothe me and cover me.

On this journey, I’ve been praying that I can release the need to hang on to the stuff, and that I can find daily freedom in walking with Him. I’ve prayed that I can trust Him to know exactly what I need and to fill all the space where I’ve made room.

Creating room for Him to move has given me the freedom to stop striving and pushing and creating more. And it has also given me so much clarity as to what is the most important. Where I want to focus my time and energy. But my eyes are on the cross as I listen for Him to tell me where to go.

He isn’t my margin. He is my body. And giving Him the room to move in me, in my family, and in my home has been a true act of worship.

This is Day 25 of 31 Days of Creating White Space 


simple thoughts & simple spaces by Paige Knudsen

*Today, friends, I am beyond honored to have the lovely, wise, beautiful Paige Knudsen guest blogging here. Paige is the talent and grace behind Simple Thoughts. She is a blogger, a mom to four beautiful girls, a very talented photographer, fellow Golden Retriever lover, and a cheerleader for many women in her life! Her blog is full of beautiful images and truth-filled words. You will love reading her blog! And today, you will be so blessed after reading her story of creating white space in her home and her life. All the images in this post were taken by Paige of her home.

Edited to add: Paige’s home is very white and very beautiful, and while this may seem daunting for moms of little ones…especially boy moms…it has actually been easier to maintain because there is less clutter. There are fewer things to break. And the slipcovers are washable! Thank you, IKEA! Little ones are welcome!

family room

I think now, more than ever, I struggle with making the effort….because it takes effort-planning-self discipline….to make margin in our lives. For some reason, when my girls were little, I figured I’d only be “on” once they came home from school. As if parenting highschoolers ( and now a couple in college) was this license to freedom and spare time!

It’s actually been a little easier for me to make margin & white space ….that quiet area….that space where my mind & eye can rest…in my home than in my actual schedule and daily life. Let’s talk about that first.

I’ll never forget the day when I walked into my cluttered, colorful home and thought enough is enough. Why didn’t someone save me? While everything was neat & tidy, it was just too much. Too much on the walls. Too much furniture. Too many frames on the tables. Too many nick nacks. Too much. I started that very day and proceeded to pack it up, give it away & garage sale it. Gone. Minimize.

diningroom summer 10

I needed to keep things on a shoe-string budget. So being the impatient person I can be, I began the slow process of painting every space in downstairs & hallways the same creamy white color. As I took the many frames & mirrors & painted signs off the walls, I realized how open and spacious and free I felt in my home. I honestly had a peaceful easy feeling for the first time ( as far as decorating goes)…and I loved it.

After I painted the spaces I only brought back in what I absolutely loved. This was far from an easy process for me because I attach meaning to everything.

I am a lover of story and history. Everything has sentimental meaning.

But my eye was on the prize of simplifying our home and creating that “white space” I longed for so for a few things, I did compromise.

Part of the compromise included making a large linen covered cork board and printing out 8×10 images that I trade out seasonally. This enabled me to keep my images in my visual space but just not so cluttery.

I did the same with my art canvases. I usually prop them on shelves instead of placing them on the wall which allows me the ease of changing them out. So once again, I can enjoy them just not at all times and all over my home.

house 2.16 006

I suppose the process of creating margin & “white space” in my schedule is quite similar to the process of creating white space in my home. Just like packing up all the clutter and well- loved this’s & that’s from my shelves, I need to do the same with my schedule.

I often times tell my daughters that choices are seldom between something clearly “good” & something clearly “not good.” But rather choosing how we spend our time or how we schedule our day is about choosing the best choice for that particular time.

I find that in my role as a mom, making margin or guarding that margin is a toughy.

studio 070


Just last week I had set apart three days where nothing work related was going to land on my mom agenda. Perhaps the only three days between now & Christmas where I didn’t have a post -it note marking an obligation.

I turned down three last minute job opportunities & even told a friend that I was unable to work at the school on one of those mornings. What that margin allowed was extra, unplanned, fun & relaxed time with my girls several times over those three days. Once you create the margin, you need to tend to it and guard it as well.

While simplifying our home has been a process that started years ago, I continue to walk into spaces & ask my self if something needs to go, or be packed up for a little while.

Same thing with my schedule. I’m growing in that area & learning to allow myself to say “no.” Learning to guard it once it’s been created. Having friends that encourage this and respond with grace to my “no, I can’t do that today. I have scheduled a little respite” or however you wish to verbalize it, has been an encouragement and blessing to me. I pray it is the same for you as well.

*Let me add the following for all the precious young mamas of toddlers. Over the years we’ve had over four styles of furniture & sets of sofas. These that are in my home now are from Ikea & are, by far, the easiest to maintain. By a long shot! All I do is throw them in my old washing machine & call it day. They are also comparatively inexpensive. While I may not have little ones, I do have several teenage girls…and that attracts several teenage friends, including large boys & football players. and we have a large dog, who is not white & does shed excessively.
Do not be afraid of a literal “white space”.
Furthermore, when my girls were younger, I wish I had embraced the simple look. Less clutter = less potential for things to be broken. A white, clutter free space, really is easy to maintain.

studio 058

I am including a little rookie style video i created when I wrote a couple posts about my journey to simplify our home. You can read them here & here

I am not a profession videographer, so I apologize in advance!

Thank you so much, Erin, for allowing me a little space to share!

white space

This post is Day 24 of 31 Days of Creating White Space

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