fun-filled family weekend

My parents were here all weekend! It was so nice to hang out and relax (sort of)! Our weekend was pretty busy and we had to squeeze in wedding conversations while my mom sewed trim onto our bedroom draperies. She’s the hardest worker I know and she didn’t stop all weekend. I picked them up at the airport on Friday and I made (with mom’s supervision) shrimp and grits for supper. It turned out to be really good! We just hung out all night and all fell asleep on the couch.

On Saturday morning, mom and I drove to West Columbia for a shower in honor of Todd and me hosted by some of Todd’s family friends– and new friends of mine. Todd met my dad and his dad at our house and they all built our storage shed in the backyard. The shower was beautiful and the brunch was fantastic! I got to see some friends of mine, meet some great ladies, and we got some truly beautiful things. Two of the best gifts of the day….

Lindsay Adams and her mother, Cathy, were two of the six hostesses of this great event. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them. They are Todd’s second family and I’m looking forward to them being my third family. They are the sweetest, most loving people and I already feel so fortunate to know them. Lindsay and her husband have a blog, too, and I love reading about her adventures in baseball land!

lindsay and me

nana, PC, me, and mom

the hostess in their aprons and oven mits!

the hostesses and me

holy panic, batman!

Someone mentioned to us tonight that the wedding is 37 days away. Just typing it gives me butterflies. I don’t want this posting to turn into a copy of my to-do list, but there is seriously some stuff to do! Todd hasn’t ordered gifts for his attendants yet. I still have to make those wands and stuff the welcome bags for the guests. I’m still waiting on the music to send out to all of the musicians and singers. I have to finalize details with our florist and get all of the wedding signage designed and printed for the buffet tables, guest book, etc.

In the mean time, I have just realized that I will only be in Columbia for two more weekends until the wedding. One of those weekends will revolve around the golf tournament that I’m planning for work. That’s right. I’ve got a huge event that I’m planning for work! Did I mention that I’ve considered quitting my job to focus on the wedding? Just kidding, Todd.

With all of the stress, I’m comforted every day when I look at Todd and think about the beautiful relationship that we’ve developed over the past few years. No matter what else happens, we’ll still be married on May 3 and will spend the rest of our lives loving each other and building each other up. I’m so proud to have found the perfect man for me and I feel so lucky that God put him in my life when he did. His plan is truly perfect and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I had taken that job in Charlotte instead of working at the law firm where I met Todd or if I had not chosen to attend graduate school at USC and never ended up in Columbia in the first place. We were both perfectly placed at that law firm in August of 2005 and everything changed. My goals, my dreams, and everything that I had expected out of my life completely changed when I met him and I knew that my place was with him.

I know that I’ll end up getting everything done for the big day, but it’s just a day. It has been extra fun finally getting to plan an event for myself, but I know that it will not compare to the event that is the rest of our lives and the little lives that we’ll bring into this world. Thanks to everyone that has supported us during this really fun engagement. I’m going to saver the next 37 days (36 days in about 10 minutes) and look forward to helping other excited brides-to-be plan their big day in order to not go through wedding planning withdrawal!

a special send-off

Our wedding reception is being held at the same hotel where Todd and I will stay on our wedding night. We’re also hosting a farewell brunch the morning after the wedding and we weren’t really sure what to do for a send off/exit because we don’t really have anywhere to go!
We also weren’t allowed to throw rose petals or bird seed and I think that bubbles are disgusting. I really wanted to use sparklers, but we’re also not allowed to do that. I saw this really cute, environmentally friendly idea to use rods and ribbon to create wands with streamers on the end. The guests will create a tunnel and wave the ribbons as we run through them.
We’re going to take a short horse and buggy ride around downtown Greenville and come back to the hotel after the coast is clear.
Now I’ve just got to start my little DIY project of creating the wands! The first picture is my favorite.

all photos from

jambalaya, crawfish pie, file gumbo

Todd’s coworker and his wife hosted a SUPER FUN crawfish boil for us on Friday night. They ordered the crawfish from Natchitoches and they were delivered (live) in a styrofoam ice chest and they did a great job with boil! It was great to hang out with everyone and eat such great food. The Mrs. not only did the boil, but she cooked crawfish etouffee and Commander’s Palace’s bread pudding.

Sorry that there aren’t any actual crawfish in any of these pictures!

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